Oct 242020

I was alerted to the twitter account of LaMills Garrett’s 25 year old son, Malique Elder. The twitter account is full of left-wing conspiracy theories. I guess in that regard LaMills instilled his values in his oldest son.

The tweet was replied to by LaMills’ Garrett’s Second Wife (who he also cheated on).

It appears that the tweet sent by LaMills’ estranged oldest son was sent in response to an email promoting LaMills for Democrat Central Committee. LaMills got hammered in that race finishing a distant 5th place. It has been put to me that the dems understood that LaMills has issues, my guess is their silence as it pertains to this blog (instead, focusing their rage on behalf of Scott Alvord and pouring money in to Neil Pople) validates that supposition.

And Karen Alvord, the executive vice president of a major Children’s charity endorsed this guy? Scott Alvord doubled down (because he is incapable of admitting a mistake) and endorsed this guy. So did the local unions who appear to think he will raid the city treasury on their behalf – principles and ethics be dammed. What a scary day for Roseville, a deadbeat dad who is now an alleged child abuser (by one of the children he abused).

I wonder what his kids would say?

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  One Response to “URGENT LAMILLS GARRETT UPDATE: 25 Year Old Son “He Beat Me Bloody With a 2×4” (Note: Scott Alvord has Publicly Endorsed This guy)”

  1. This is SO DISTURBING….Hope citizens of Roseville wake up before it is too late. Both Garrett and Alvord are a disgrace and should never hold public office EVER!!!

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