Oct 162020

A new PAC has sprung up. Given the absolute hysteria over the Placer Good Government PAC, I wonder what the left in Placer County is doing now – especially those that attacked my Insurance business on line. (see also Alinsky 101 tactics) Visit my Park Family Insurance Yelp Page and see for yourself.

See the slate of endorsements here. See their Facebook Page here.

It is obvious they had a roll-out as their page is well over 3,000 likes (good job to them!). Introducing the American Council for Evangelicals

You will see that their board consists of the owner of a marketing company, the President of William Jessup University, a Local Realtor and failed Congressional Candidate (former Presidential Candidate and Placer GOP Cent Com Member) Julienne Benzel. Her bid to unseat Tom McClintock ended in March 2020.

Scott Alvord is an adjunct faculty at William Jessup University. I had called him an adjunct professor – that was wrong. Scott never corrected this even though he comments on the blog frequently confirming many of the things I am writing to be correct while trying to argue points. Adjunct faculty is the bottom rung of the food chain and there is a process you go through to become a professor. While Alvord touts his affiliation with William Jessup University – the truth is he teaches 1-2 classes a year and it is alleged by one of my sources that Scott may well have gotten his gig via his wife.

The fact that he is adjunct faculty does not Stop Scott Alvord from insisting the students of his class refer to him as professor. I’ve been told this three times now. In addition, some specific stories I learned consist of Alvord requiring a female student to come to class in the outfit she was planning on wearing to a job interview and other students relating that Alvord was discrediting their employers in the course of trying to convince them how right he was about things business.

When we wrote about how few books Scott Alvord has actually sold, we did not realize the following bombshell: Scott Alvord requires the students of his classes to purchase his book as required reading! You read that correctly. We will tie all of this stuff in, in future posts as we are unraveling the background of Scott Alvord – but suffice to say it is nearly impossible for Mr. Alvord to be doing what he is doing without people noticing or talking about it…

… and the punch line of today’s post is that an organization whose Vice President that is also the President of William Jessup University (where Scott “teaches”) has endorsed Scott Alvord’s opponent (Gary Johnson) for Roseville City Council.

That should tell you plenty.

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  3 Responses to “Team Alvord Roseville Police Update: More About “Professor Alvord” In the Classroom and Note That An Evangelical Christian Political Group Including WJU Staff Endorsed His Opponent Gary Johnson”

  1. That is such hogwash, Aaron. I have never required my students to purchase my any of my books, and they are not required reading. That is a flat lie. This is ridiculous that you keep insinuating junk like this. My class does real world projects and also has fictional team projects that meet Jessup criteria for their upper division business majors. In a previous class, I gave students various options to choose from for their fictional project. They chose to use my book as a marketing subject and they didn’t buy it or even read it to complete the project. I simply gave them a brief overview of the book and offered a copy of it in case they wanted to get more info. Your statement that they were received required to buy it is false.
    Again, I do not insist that my students call me professor. Most of WJU students are very polite and often do, but I get called Mr and Scott too.

    Gotta love the twist that I required a female student to wear an outfit for a job interview. Your wording is shady. My classes usually do a real world project for a real client. This includes interviewing the client in the classroom, to learn about their business. The whole class is required to dress as professionally as possible for that interview. These are mostly business majors and this is not inappropriate.

    William Jessup University is a quality institution. Their team is to notch. I’m not ashamed to be an adjunct and teach only a few corses a year and I am certainly not as good as many of the faculty. But I enjoy watching students learn and when the course is over, I can tell they’ve learned some new skills to make a difference later. That’s the joy of teaching.

  2. I had a Chem professor once make every student buy the books for the Chem 1A and 1B classes and labs at Chico State. He wrote them and got a kick-back on everyone that sold. You had to show him the book and purchase receipt by the 3rd lab. No other chem class in USA used the damn things so he was making money off the backs of his students….and that is always the worst type of professor. (and the books were about $200 bucks)

  3. Not sure who you are or what your motivation is. What I can say is that Scott Alvord is a gifted teacher who receives high marks from our students and is a valued part of the Jessup community. He pours into our students and their class experiences and is a great contributor to their educational experience.

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