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Who is Scott Alvord, really?

A little review as we’ve been unraveling the image of Scott Alvord. We’ve taken a deep look in to how he has been taking credit for other people’s work to self-aggrandize. We cited two specific examples – how he took credit for road construction that had been planned for over a decade and pre-empted the announcement of the Amazon Hub coming to Roseville, blowing hundreds of hours of work and hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in a media drill.

We also dove in to his business ventures – seeing the same pattern of exaggeration and grandiosity. Research indicated that his books have sold few, if any copies.

Our first installment of the expose on Mr. Alvord can be seen here as we eviscerated his actual stances on the issues of the day when juxtaposed with his claims of being a moderate.

One of the selling points of Scott’s self-proclaimed resume’ is his business advanced development concepts, LLC. It is a web design and marketing business. It was also used as the front for publishing Scott’s books. It is deceptive, but perfectly legal way to not have to outright say that your book is self published. It would be like me using my insurance agency to publish my book.

We had a look at Advanced Development Concepts. They claim some successes on their home webpage. I thought the layout of the home webpage was quite familiar and it resembled my company’s old website from 20 years ago.

This screenshot is from his current website. It places 3rd on page one google. See Below

I thought any good web guy would have both domains direct to one spot? Check out this video for more.

I just find the old template odd for a business that is supposed to be helping other businesses be more effective on the web. Every time I take second and third looks at anything Scott Alvord, it causes more questions than it answers. Then there is this: Storevillage.com that appears to have been bankrupt or simply out of business since 2013 is cited as a success story without validation or proof (such as the post where I backed up my claim with evidence that he has sold few if any books).

There is the template with a copyright from 20 years ago.

Typically, when I tout success, I like to point to businesses still in existence and cite tangible current facts. Allow me to use Right on Daily and a Google Search of Scott Alvord as proof that the Right On Daily Blog is effective:

That’s Page one, slot 3 on Google, above his own Facebook Page. Perhaps your intrepid blogger should open up an internet marketing firm…

Your intrepid blogger Got 2.3 Million Hits on Right on Daily in 2018. That translated in to some income, but not enough for me to claim to be a successful political consultant. I’ve never held myself out as more than a political operative. in 2019, I received over 600,000 despite 2019 being an off-year. I am grateful for this, but there has been diligent effort since 2009. My Guess is I will arrive somewhere around 750,000 hits (unique IP 24 hour average) by the end of the year, possibly 800,000. That is good traffic, but I’d be lying if I presented it as anything other than a noteworthy political blog that hits target audiences.

I am not sure why Mr. Alvord has attempted to overstate his background, but it sure looks like he has. Given that he also takes credit for other people’s work – it seems that we are dealing with the all too familiar pattern that seems to repeat with people in office.

It is time for a change in Roseville City Council… to be continued…

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  5 Responses to “Team Alvord Roseville Police Update: As We Continue Unraveling His Background, Take a Look at This.”

  1. Blogger’s Note: Mr. Alvord’s “Old” Site still pops 3rd from top on Page one Google. DOH! Ever heard of redirect? Check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmrNhbw5G0g for more…

    Wow, you learned how to pull up old versions of websites including websites that were removed years ago. But that’s part of your own deception techniques. Yes, that’s pretty old and outdated but doesn’t exist anymore. Even my newer company website (not shown above because you posted some random image from a prior version of the website) is getting old but I don’t mind because it’s not my priority right now.
    Too bad you can’t pull up old rankings too since StoreVillage.com ranked in the top 5 (naturally, not paid) in most of its shopping categories for a few years and passively earned enough revenue to pay our bills many months a few decades ago. It even sponsored a little league baseball team here in Roseville. The whole website was dynamically built from a database I created, and used affiliate marketing techniques (the same thing I was trying to teach you about a few years ago when we met for lunch, remember?). Once Google’s search algorithm changed, it dropped in the rankings. Website design techniques changed too and it became an eyesore. I didn’t have the time/desire to rebuild the database and website design so I let it go, and pulled it down years ago. It doesn’t exist anymore except using “way back” techniques to pull up images of old websites from years ago, like you did above. You claiming that it’s bankrupt or out of business is, again, another example of ignorance and purposeful misleading to attempt to discredit me. It was outdated and not generating much income, so I pulled it down.

    The number if hits you keep claiming for your blog are silly numbers to anyone with a little web knowledge. Those aren’t people visiting your website, those are spiders and indexing services. I rank high on your site because I’m one of your favorite targets this year. You’re welcome. By the way, your number of unique visitors appears to be in the very low 100s, but I’m sure you already know that.

    You again brought up the Amazon thing making it sound like I blew a secret when THEY posted an Amazon Hub sign on their Foothills Blvd building for everyone to see. I gave no details other than confirming that yes, it’s an Amazon Hub. What a scandal, eh? The post is still out there.

    And the book sales comment (“few if any”) is hilarious to me. Clearly you’ve got a thing about my books. In a prior post, you even listed a book I didn’t write. Aaron, write a book yourself. It’s not that hard. I’ve helped several do it.

  2. Mr Alvord…
    There is a saying in politics….”If you have to explain, …your dead”. (something to ponder ehy?)

  3. Mr Avord:

    You say “Wow, you learned how to pull up old versions of websites including websites that were removed years ago.” and “Yes, that’s pretty old and outdated but doesn’t exist anymore.”

    But I just watched the video and tried it myself and what do you know – there it is. Your “old” website is live and came right up in google search.

    I’ll give you an C+ for SEO (after 20 years any site could float to the top), but an F for 301 Permanent Redirect Failure.

    Translation: this dude doesn’t live here anymore — he has moved and now lives over at that address. …

    This is Web Development 101

  4. Mr Avord, for someone running for political office I would recommend your responses be less antagonistic. Just a hint.

  5. Clearly, this man has poor judgment, he recruited LaMills Garrett. Enough said!

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