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Here at Right on Daily, we take our job doing candidate research seriously. This is why we have taken to demolishing LaMills Garrett and his key benefactor Scott Alvord. While Garrett’s 3 Illegitimate Children, 3 Years in Arrears on Child Support, Court Fights, Personal Conduct and extreme left wing anti-cop and anti-white rants have been easy to find, the story about Scott Alvord is more difficult to tell. It has required research, and connecting the dots.

Alvord has had years to craft an image for himself and until recently no one had really taken the time to dig below the surface. For your intrepid blogger, the first thing that caused the questions in my mind was when Scott Alvord came unscrewed on the Roseville Chamber of Commerce several years ago for not endorsing his first run for City Council – even though there were far better candidates in the race at that time.

Overall Ranking 4,328,944. Algorithm analysis websites say this translates in to less than one book a month.

Scott’s temper tantrum against the Roseville Chamber of Commerce did not happen in a vacuum.

Mr. Alvord claims to be independent, but his name and image are on a variety of candidate’s websites – including that of Massachusetts Liberal Transplant (VIA San Francisco) Brynne Kennedy. Kennedy is endorsed by a who’s who of communists including leading progressive wackjobs and NARAL. (The 4th trimester abortion group)

Alvord also donated to LaMills’ Garrett’s City Council Campaign and has invested himself heavily in Garrett. Ironically, the LLC that Scott used to publish his book (in order to conceal that it is self published in my opinion) is also the vehicle that donated $241 to LaMills Garrett (more on that soon as well).

The whole thing, Moderate Democrat, false. It is easy to find him promoting himself first while at social justice events hosted by the far left. He is a full portfolio DNC poster child, left on every social issue, supports AB32, banning gas vehicles, is a tax raiser, mask mandate lover, open borders, gun grabber and the like. “successful” business owner? Business Owner, yes? Successful – based on our research no. He is reputed to even demand his students call him professor when he teaches a business class or two at a local college.

Check out our first installment on Alvord for more.

AS we continue peeling back the onion, your intrepid blogger was approached by sources that indicated that most of the employees within the City of Roseville can’t stand Scott Alvord. The main reason is that Alvord grandstands and takes credit for other people’s work. While I have no direct proof – I believe everything I was told as it comports with everything I am learning.

This post speaks for itself. You will see dozens like these were Scott inserts himself in to development decisions that were planned years before Scott Alvord was anywhere close to City Council. Recently, a road was connected in Far West Roseville between Pleasant Grove and Blue Oaks – read Scott’s stuff and you’d swear he did it all himself. Scott is reputed to have pre-empted a press release from the City of Roseville regarding his project when he made this post in 2019.

The roads talked about in this post were planned over a decade ago before the last real estate bust in 2009. Scott had nothing to do with them, and most of the developments in West Roseville were approved and done long before he was elected to council.

If I was a long-time Roseville Employee I’d resent Scott Alvord’s self-serving approach to all of this.

Then there is the Coup d’etat: (8-13-2020)

The City of Roseville had a methodically planned out press release and media drill planned for 8-18-2020. The council, planning commission and others were told so they could participate. The pieces put in place required weeks of planning and cost the taxpayers a lot of money in overtime and staff work.

The City Staff of Roseville worked for many years to bring Amazon in to Roseville. Not Scott Alvord.

Scott Alvord could not help himself – he blew the whole thing – note his wording, he basically admits what he was doing. However, with his impending City Council Re-election he could not help himself as he saw an opportunity to promote himself and take credit for other people’s work once again.

Many of the people that work for the City of Roseville will never admit publicly that they resent Scott Alvord – so I am saving them the trouble by telling their story. Based on the accounts I have, it sure looks like they feel used and betrayed by all of Alvord’s self-promotion.

I can also tell you that I am of an informed opinion that more than one of the people listed on Alvord’s endorsement list only endorsed Mr. Alvord to keep the peace. This is not the stamp of a leader.

I am not done writing about Scott Alvord. If you are reading this stuff for the first time, you should exercise extreme caution in your decisions on whom to vote for. In the next installment, we are going to learn more about how the “Successful” Businessman-“Professor” deals with finances and rules. As in the rules don’t apply to him.

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