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Have you heard of the Placer Rescue Mission? I had not until I read Scott’s Website and Biography. You’d swear that he was going to singlehandedly solve the homeless problem in Placer County.

According to the Secretary of State’s Website – Scott was the CFO of the Placer Rescue Mission from its’ founding (papers being filed) in 2015 through 2018. See the filings: Placer Rescue Mission – 2015 Statement of Org Placer Rescue Mission – 2018 Statement of Org

Scott Alvord has made the existence and founding of this organization a cornerstone of his campaign.

On Scott Alvord’s Watch the Attorney General and Secretary of State suspended the corporation:

See the attached showing that since 2017 the Placer Rescue Mission has been suspended for failure to pay and file.

In addition, the Secretary of State’s office also lists the Placer Rescue Mission as suspended.

Note – Scott Alvord was the CFO of the Placer Rescue Mission when the FTB, the SOS and the AG’s Office suspended them. In addition, the Placer Rescue Mission’s Website seems to have disappeared sometime in late 2019 / early 2020.

If you want to buy the domain name, it is available…

So – there are several questions to ask “Professor Alvord”. What happened and why was this non-profit suspended by the FTB and the SOS office when you were the CFO?

It appears this non-profit has never had any hard assets, ever? Was this ever a real effort or organization?

Is Mr. Alvord aware that people that donated to this “Non-Profit” may not be able to write off their donations due to it being suspended?

Why would your intrepid blogger draw any other conclusion that this organization was created in order to give in order to bolster Scott Alvord’s resume?

Why should anyone follow Scott Alvord’s advice on anything business related given his repeated pattern?

Note – we have spoken with several local electeds who have told us that the Placer Rescue Mission is dead. The discovery of this information is confirmation they were correct.

Please note that Scott Alvord is still listed as a board member of the Placer Rescue Mission. For Proof Look at the IRS Tax filings: 2016-990-Placer Rescue Mission 2018-990-Placer Rescue Mission 2019-990-Placer Rescue Mission.

The organization did not file a federal return in 2017 according to what we found. 2017 is the same year they were suspended for failing to pay fees while Scott Alvord was still the CFO. Note that the mission has filed only 990EZ forms because they have less than 50K in revenue, listing a mere 21K in assets on their 2019 return.

Can we trust Scott Alvord to run the City of Roseville given his documented and demonstrated pattern of being a disaster on all levels with money, paperwork and advice? Quite literally everything we have investigated that Scott Alvord has been a part of is a disaster.

To be continued.

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  7 Responses to “Team Alvord Roseville Police: The Paper Charity At the Center of Scott Alvord’s Carefully Crafted (and Unraveling) Biography is a Giant Nothing”

  1. I was CFO only initially upon formation. Shortly after that we got a CPA and a lot more board members. Most of your assumptions are wrong about the organization, but your goal is not to be fair and to paint as horrible a picture as you possibly can dream up. The board is updating its filings and we don’t owe you an explanation. The organization has not been silent and still has board meetings. We’re considering whether we merge or partner. The pandemic hasn’t helped. The board members are all wonderful people with a heart to help find ways to restore our residents who are unhoused.

  2. Looks like this city councilman, Scott Alvord, conducts business as an exercise in smoke and mirrors…

  3. How can the board still be meeting to talk about merging if they are suspended? It doesn’t make sense. How can Scott let so many filings not happen in so many cases for so many years. It seems like basic business is not your strong point Scott. How do you propose to help Roseville if you can’t even keep your businesses in line? Seems about the same as Garrett who you continue to promote as well. Clean your own house before trying to clean others.

  4. Mr Alford….Like I said in other info streams… You need to grow a thicker skin….and lean to shut up. If you have to explain, in politics, your dead!…..

  5. Let me guess, LaMills Garrett is a board member!?

  6. I wanted to ignore everything posted on this blog. But how can I?

    While Scott is defensive in all of his responses, he also admits a number of serious issues:
    – he signed back-dated, late campaign submissions. Is this perjury?
    – he advertising a service to clients to an organization that doesn’t really exist, but is owned by Scott. Is that fraud?
    – he is running a nonprofit and advocating for it when its suspended. Blaming it on others when hes still on the board. Is that ethical?

    Then there is the fact that after all that was revealed about Garrett, last week Scott publicly endorsed him and appears in ads for him.

    Does this man have ANY integrity at all?

  7. He has about as much integrity as LaMills Garrett. They are conmen that care more about how they “look” than what they actually accomplish. Anyone can start a charity, a business, make donations, and perform volunteer work, They don’t really complete what they start, especially if they don’t get the recognition and praise they feel is their due. Scott Alvord and LaMills Garrett are the worst types of “do-gooders” because they only care about what is good for them.

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