Oct 162020

Then he claims the high road.

Have a look at the text message Scott sent me, why he sent it I don’t know. perhaps he was trying to cover his tracks, perhaps he was trying to make it look like he was taking the high road? He waited 3 weeks to respond and I take note he did not ask the person to pull the comment down. BTW – I have gotten yelp to take three other bogus reviews down.

There is a difference between Park Family Insurance (my day job) and Scott Alvord’s businesses. My business pays me a legitimate salary to live on and is profitable, my research with evidence shows otherwise for Mr. Alvord’s businesses.  I know that in every election people will try to attack my business. I have to contact Yelp, every election cycle to get political attacks removed from the site. (along with Facebook) This is how the left operates.

Next up is the text message Alvord sent me:

If Scott Alvord was going high – he would not have waited three weeks, nor would he have sent me an ass-covering text. I knew it was Scott’s crew three weeks ago, which gave me a free hand to nuke him.

With regard to Karen Alvord his wife – she is out publicly advocating for LaMills Garrett, a deadbeat dad who is behind on his Child Support. Garrett’s own words damn him with regard to admitting Gun crime issues and sexual assault issues. Given that Alvord is a Vice President of a children’s services agency – this is fair game. If it was just that some people may be able to argue that I overstepped, however information has come to me that Karen Alvord is reaching out to political vendors because she is upset over legitimately disclosed independent expenditures on behalf of Gary Johnson who is running against Scott Alvord. This makes her a combatant. I will be posting the proof of Karen’s antics at a future time of my choosing.

In the meantime, if I was Scott Alvord’s leftie wackjob crew, I would not be so happy right now. Scott attempted to absolve himself of guilt of complicity at their expense. cozy.

P.S. Was just informed by Yelp that they pulled the above review. Situation normal in politics…

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  2 Responses to “Scott Alvord Update: Throws Supporters Under the Bus, By Confirming Who Attacked My Business 3+ Weeks Ago on Social Media”

  1. That screen shot was taken Oct 2nd. I don’t have a “crew” out there doing things like that. When I sent it to you today, it was in response to your comment about a bad review someone gave you and how you blamed me for it. I wasn’t aware that someone actually did it, and I’d never condone such behavior. I’m sorry that someone decided to go after your business/career because of politics. Pretty childish and mean, isn’t it? I planned to send it to you earlier but figured you’d only twist it into another misleading story… and I was unfortunately right.

  2. Mr Alvord…best advice is just ‘shut up’… You are your own worst enemy!

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