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This is the book students are required to buy for the Adjunct Faculty Course Alvord Teaches.

I do also find it illuminating that we have some glaring hypocrisy on AB5 from Mr. Alvord. It appears that his unadvanced development concepts company is reliant almost exclusively on Contract Labor. I wonder what LaMills Garrett, Gina Garbolino and the unions that are supporting Alvord would say about this?

Using independent contractors to skirt labor law? Or perhaps your intrepid blogger’s assertion about only having one team member is the correct answer.

Even more interesting as we unravel the web surrounding the Alvord biography is this about the “publishing company”:


Quoting the site: “We’re an active member of the Author Awards Program through the National Authors Council. We can help you prepare your winning application for this very cool awards program.”

Allow your intrepid blogger to translate: you write a book, create a publishing company, publish the book, create a national organization, join the organization, create a awards program, then help your authors complete a winning application…..

If you think the idea is original, think again. He must have bought this book at Walmart:


As with most everything Scott Alvord, it runs in a circle back onto itself.

Remember the revelations from your intrepid blogger about Scott’s campaign finances??? They appear to be part of a larger pattern of sloppy and unethical financial behavior that permeates his “businesses” as well:

Lets look at Advanced Business RoundTable.

According to their website (www.abroundtable.com) Scott was an original founder, gifted his ownership to his partner, then resumed leadership responsibilities in 2017. This timing matches the renaming of the group’s public Facebook page that was renamed on 10/18/2017 and the group’s private Facebook Group, with 36 members, that was renamed on Octoer 5, 2017.

A review of the Facebook page shows the business actively conducting business, hosting seminars, promoting members, inviting others to join, and collecting dues throughout this time. Note I said business. Advanced Business RoundTable is not an IRS designated nonprofit membership organization, or civic organization. According to the website, it is a for-profit business. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT, and I’ll give credit where credit is due: Scott finally found a way to make money from a networking group.

Professor Alvord should know that owning a business comes the responsibility of filing the proper paperwork. While Scott did get a business license, he failed to file a Fictitious Business Name until 1/7/2020. If January 2020 sounds familiar to you, that’s the month he finally filed several years of late campaign finance reports. Was Scott Alvord seeking to clean up messes from years of ignoring the same rules the rest of us have to live by?

Note the presence of the National Author’s Council. Again, this is proof of my assertions that the “successful businesses” are a pile of paper created by Scott Alvord to present a false image.

While I was looking at these filings, I stumbled across another failure to file by Mr. Alvord.

There are no active Fictitious Business Name filings for Scott’s highly touted Advanced Publishing Concepts, or Advanced Programming Concepts, or the National Authors Council (?) That’s right those filings expired on 11/20/2019! We do know he’s at least still in the publishing business, since he posted about it here in response to one of our blogs. In essence, Scott Alvord has been operating with an expired license for a year.

“Professor” Scott Alvord, the Business Consultant has a clear tack record of doing business without filing Fictitious Business Name statements as required by law. They are required for transparency purposes so the average person can see who is running a company. Just like those pesky campaign finance reports are required for transparency purposes so the average person can see what is being raised and spent to get politicians in office.

This sort of behavior lends credence to many stories we’ve heard about his lack of business acumen (more coming soon) and how several in the community do not hold him in high regard. I still find it absurd he is adjunct staff at William Jessup University.

Scott Alvord is not who he says he is and he is should take his own advice and fire himself.

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  9 Responses to “Scott Alvord Update: One Last Edition (How to create a publishing company on paper only), More Government Filing Issues and he said What about AB5?”

  1. It is amazing how you attempt to create a story of deceit when almost everything you wrote was false. You even contradict yourself.
    I have never required my students to buy my books and it cracks me up that you “factually” listed a book that you previously pointed out was not finished yet. Gotta love that you randomly pull up old business listing with my old address. Cherry pick your own “facts” and weave it into a tale of lies.
    It’s still funny that you’re talking about campaign reports because you’ve got more experience with FPPC violations than anyone I know. Your list of 19 or 20 “violations” (you changed your own number in past postings) are mostly not at all, as you’ll soon learn, And if there is a fine for filing forms or ammendment late, I’ll own it and pay the fine. But your future posting certainly won’t mention that you were wrong about most of the complaints YOU filed.
    You wrote several stories claiming that I didn’t have a publishing company, yet now you just contradicted yourself. Get your story straight. You probably don’t know how to look up registered publishing companies or find out what blocks of ISBN numbers it controls, but even if you did, you wouldn’t share truth. Of course my main company website explains all of that, but you want to create a fake story.
    Advanced Business Roundtable is not a nonprofit organization, and never was and never claimed to be.
    For years now I’ve watched you tarnish the reputation of good people. You’ve lied about them, seriously exaggerated facts, twisted little bits of information to make it look like there’s shady stuff happening, and you’ve hinted of indiscretions. I don’t know most of your targeted victims but because three’s sometimes a little truth woven into false stories, I always wonder if they might be a little shady. But I’ve changed my mind about this garbage, your garbage.
    You claim to be a Christian, yet what you do here is the worse kind of sin. You purposefully mislead and lie to readers in order to destroy the reputations of people. No wonder so many people struggle with our religion.
    And everyone else who reads your blog (all 100 of us) is just thankful it’s not them being targeted. No one speaks up. No one defends. No one steps in to stop the cold-blooded murder of someone’s reputation. The silence is deafening.
    You’re paid to attack. Your PAC is paying for the website and advertising of my opponent as per your filings. Clearly those who fund your PAC are turning a blind eye to your evil. Gotta love the ethics of all involved.

  2. Jane – it is not too late. You can go to the registrar’s office, tell them what happened and they will issue you a new ballot!!!!

    It just takes a drive to Auburn.


    As a Westpark resident I am very disappointed. Mostly in myself for mailing in my ballot early.

    My neighbor told me to visit this blog after I told her I voted for Scott. I thought I knew Scott. He has always been very nice to me and by all accounts a great council man. I’m impressed by his energy, compassion, and commitment.

    Over the last week I have read every one of the posts and replies on this sight. As Scott points out there is a lot of things being said, and there’s a theres a bit of truth woven in. Its that truth that bothers me. The truth that I can confirm.

    I just googled the website for Scott’s publishing company. It does say that they are active members of an awards program though the authors group and will help create a winning application. I googled the authors group. There is nothing anywhere online showing that this group exists. If what is written above is true that Scott owns the authors group that is worrisome. I tried to find how to look up the business filings, but can’t figure out where to do that properly.

    Its definitely unethical if Scott says hes a member of an organization that doesn’t exist, or if he created an organization just to sell publishing services and sell unwitting authors an award. I dont know anything about law, but this sounds a bit like fraud to me.

    I was also wondering how it can claim to be a publishing company if the only books listed are a couple that Scott wrote. I hope Scott can clarify this. If its a business, who are his customers? I see him responding to a bunch of these articles and hope he will help me understand what I dont see here.

    Its too late for me to change my vote, but I would really like to know what is going on.

  3. Scott based on what I’m reading you should take the fifth

  4. Jane, the authors group I was designing is a future project that I designed with some friends but haven’t kicked off. I am a member of other groups that are not my own. City Council has taken a lot more time than I was expecting. I’ll do more writing when I’m done serving.

  5. Alvord…you are your own worse enemy….

  6. Charlie, you’re suggesting that I just shut up and let a liar post false or very misleading information about me? Not everyone reading this junk knows the truth. His opening line is a 100% lie as are several of his statements. Is this how Christians are supposed to treat people? I serve in a nonpartisan position and I’m giving it a HUGE portion of my life to do as good a job as I can. I’ve had to cut way back on my businesses to where I can only have a few projects going at a time, yet this guy tries to tear them down without any concern for my future. Just shut up and take my beating? My father taught me to stand up to playground bullies.

  7. I, like Westpark, have been following this with interest…

  8. Scott. You seem very very angry for a public official. And why do you support LaMills Garrett when you are well aware of his background.

  9. Mr Alvord… If you going to be in politics you need to grow a much thicker skin. If you think Aaron is bad….you haven’t seen anything yet.

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