Oct 142020

And, of course Jessica Patterson and her handlers have done nothing about these people.

On the Left is Mike Madrid – still a delegate to the CAGOP on National Television opposing President Trump. Two over from him is Steve Schmidt – architect of Arnold bankrupting the GOP and shredding the down ticket races in 2006. Jessica Patterson worked with Steve Schmidt on several campaigns – Schmidt is not a California Resident anymore.

Also Pictured is the bankrupt Rick Wilson and Reed Galen – who I met when he was attacking Conservatives in 2014 in favor of Neel Kashkari.

Three months ago, complaints were filed against Mike Madrid and Luis Alvarado and nothing has happened. In addition, Ben Avey and Cassandra Pye have also joined the public anti-trump hit parade.

The CAGOP By-Laws are clear – oppose the nominee of the GOP and you are done. In this case the above four are actively campaigning for Joe Biden. Jessica Patterson has done nothing.

It has been put to me by several people that Jessica Patterson is herself a never-trumper and it sure looks that way as long as she is tolerating these sorts of people within the ranks of the party delegates, or perhaps it is because they are all votes for her chairmanship?

Given that the party is broke – the number one selling point related to Jessica Patterson’s chairmanship has been shattered.

What we are left with is cronyism, favoritism and a brood of vultures that have picked the CAGOP clean for massive paychecks while we are on the tracks for a disaster.

But hey – you, yes you can get your very own CAGOP Membership Card!


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  One Response to “CAGOP Update: 4 CAGOP Delegates – All Jessica Patterson Supporters, Actively and Publicly Opposing President Trump In Violation of Party By Laws, Patterson Does Nothing”

  1. All Jessica cares about is purging the party of conservatives and turning us into Diet Democrats. They’ve expelled party nominees in the past. One I agree with, as he held bigoted views, but these RINOs also need to receive the same treatment.

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