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I know stuff in Politics does not happen in a vacuum. This is why when Roseville Council Candidate Tracy Mendonsa’s business got attacked with a complaint filed at the same time of the start of the council campaign, I started asking questions.

Tracy Mendonsa is running for City Council against an extremely flawed candidate LaMills Garrett. Garrett is a deadbeat dad, he admitted as such.

Now for reference, the firsts 4 pages of the facebook thread is linked here. I will post more of it later should people attempt to challenge this blog. I have it all.

Open the PDF and you will notice that some of Roseville / Placer County’s top democrats come to the aid of the deadbeat dad LaMills Garrett. Those of us in politics for any length of time understand that hypocrisy reigns supreme in the party of women. This is also not happening in a vacuum, this crew of leftie moonbats are more organized than in elections past and are doing a variety of things that ANTIFA and BLM would be proud of. So much for Scott Alvord being a “pro-business” democrat and a moderate. This is his coming out party as a fire-breathing liberal. (More on Alvord’s background soon as well)

You will see that the Vice President of Wayfinder Children’s Services, Karen Alvord is here clearly endorsing and supporting the campaign of this deadbeat dad LaMills Garrett. She is joined by former Roseville Councilmember Gina Garbolino who has veered hard left since leaving office. (Garbolino’s daughter, Gayle is the anti-charter school, pro lockdown Placer County Superintendent of Public Instruction)

The group this thread is on is run by a leftist that was shilling for masks and lockdowns. It is also clear the moderators of the group are in the bag for Alvord and his entire crew. I call them Team Alvord Roseville Police, even though they want to defund the police (more on that soon).

So – got that? In court, LaMills Garrett is claiming he has no income in order to get out of paying child support. I will be obtaining the court documents shortly as they are public record and I suggest LaMills tell the rest of the truth about his situation soon. It will only get worse and not better for him as this unfolds.

Does LaMills have no income? If so, why is he talking about his work as an engineer for HP on his website? Did he get laid off? why? LaMills was asked to leave at least one local charity board that he claims in his resume because of his political activism supplanting any semblance of service to said group. (more on that soon) What kind of employee was he?

How did LaMills Garrett get 3 years behind on his child support? He left some extremely weak explanation (more on that soon, including Scott Alvord defending him sans evidence), but to get three years behind on Child Support takes participation and effort. Him lying to the court about his income suggests his failure / refusal to pay child support was willful.

LaMills Garrett fathered a child while having an affair on his ex-wife. I know a lot of you reading are of the opinion that two consenting adults can do whatever. Why get married. Why not just screw everything that gets in your way? How is violating a serious commitment a resume enhancer for City Council? How is lying to your ex-wife an indicator of your future performance as an officeholder?

LaMills Garrett is also a raging social justice warrior with a long history of anti-white and anti-law enforcement rants. (More on those soon) Where is the social justice in letting his daughter languish in poverty while skipping out on Child Support? I will be the little girl probably had to seek the assistance of Lilliput Families (now part of Wayfinder) as a result!

There are some more details about LaMills Garrett’s situation that are disturbing and I will lay those out in future posts. In the meantime, someone should ask Karen Alvord now the Vice President of Wayfinder why she is promoting a deadbeat dad three years behind on his child support for Roseville City Council.

Executive Vice President and Chief Impact Officer

Karen Alvord has served at Lilliput Families for over 30 years, and for nearly 14 as Chief Executive Officer. Through a merger between Lilliput and Wayfinder, Karen has assumed the role of Executive Vice President and Chief Impact Officer. She is a celebrated leader in the nonprofit and child welfare sectors. Karen has dedicated her career to foster care and adoption practices that assure every child’s opportunity to experience the safety of their birth family and kin whenever possible, and ultimately the stability of a lifelong family. She is a licensed clinical social worker and holds master’s degrees in business and social work. She is a current board member and past president of the California Alliance of Child and Family Services.

Karen has put herself out publicly defending LaMills Garrett and given that she is married to Scott Alvord, she has made herself fair game as well. Scott Alvord defending LaMills Garrett makes sense, Alvord recruited him to run. The lefty moonbats going berzerk all over Roseville makes sense as well. It seems to be their chosen strategy for how they intend to conduct business in the 2020 election cycle, however the rapidity with which they attacked the mother of LaMill’s Garrett’s daughter (he is 3 years behind on) did not happen in a vacuum. Nor did the attack on Tracy Mendonsa’s business.

P.S. BLM is all over the Lilliput and the Wayfinder website. They also attempted a rally on 9-8-2020 at Foothills and Junction in Roseville. Keep connecting the dots. I will.

To be continued…

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  One Response to “That Time When Roseville Councilman Scott Alvord and the Vice President of Wayfinder Children’s Services Defend a Deadbeat Dad. (LaMills Garrett)”

  1. Seriously? I see how you’re trying to lay out a “typical black man” storyline on LaMills and it feels really icky. I guess the voters get to eventually be the judge of whether his past overshadows his present, but hopefully they talk to LaMills directly and don’t take this orchestrated storyline as a fair depiction of reality.
    BTW, I didn’t “recruit him to run.” I wasn’t involved at all. Pete Constant was the one who encouraged him to run, according to both Pete and LaMills. Again, you can call me and ask these questions for fact checking. However, I see that facts are not what you’re after here. Instead, you’re creating a carefully-designed, misleading narrative that now sucks me and my wife into the story. This reminds me of my history books in school, how people would go after spouses, jobs, and reputation to force them to “get back in line.” This is why people get sick of elections. This stuff is entertaining for some but I assume it still feels icky when they realize that local candidates are real people with real feelings, real families, needed jobs, real friends/neighbors in our city. No wonder so many are afraid to raise their hand and offer to serve…but I guess that’s the goal, huh?

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