Sep 222020

Scott Alvord tries to present himself as a “Business Democrat” (More on that fallacy in a future post). However, he has had his coming out party with a slew of disasters. #1 is endorsing a communist from Massachusetts for Congress. (Alvord also endorsed a Massachusetts liberal in 2018 as well)

#2 is endorsing LaMills Garrett. This is an albatross that Alvord will spend the rest of his life trying to explain, as will his wife (who is the executive VP of an extreme left wing, yet large Children’s Charity). Gina Garbolino is a respected former Mayor of Roseville, but that good name is going to take a hit.

The only conclusion I can draw about the three of them is that it was a left-wing thing as LaMills’ opponent is a legit business owner (whose business produces a bona-fide income) that is a died in the wool Conservative. Many times in local races, making ideological endorsements backfires – especially when the endorsee is on the fringes with his beliefs.

I am investigating everything I am learning about LaMills Garrett. This is fair warning to anyone that has endorsed and/or donated to LaMills Garrett – revoke the endorsement and stop payment on the check now.

I received a comment from someone calling themselves “Charly”:
I am writing to tell you about the real LaMills Garrett
Things the public should know about LaMills Garrett:
1.    LaMills only joined the military after being expelled from college and losing his football scholarship.
2.    He was fired from Hewlett Packard and sued them for discrimination.
3.    He is a businessman in name only. He has no employees, no revenue, and no real product (I think he wrote a few articles for free).
4.    He has three illegitimate children. While in the service he was married but had two children not with his first wife as he likes to pretend but another woman who was also in the service.
5.    LaMills married a second time and had two more children. He cheated (from day one with numerous women) on this wife as well and impregnated another woman. This woman and his wife had their children months apart.
6.    He has lied to the courts about his ability to pay child support and is in arrears (Santa Clara Superior Court).
7.    He involves himself in movements, cases, churches, charities, politicians, and other people that he thinks will make him look like a leader or shine some type of positive light on him. For example, his occasionally volunteered at Loaves and Fishes (his son Jacob volunteered regularly for many years), yet Lamills never missed an opportunity to post about his “good works.”
8.    Lamills Garrett neither of his young adult sons speaks to him and the oldest has publically accused him of physical abuse.
9.    LaMills has no moral compass, he is a user and abuser that has no problem lying to anyone about anything.
10.    He is not fit to help run a city, he cannot even run a household.
To LaMills and supporters, your intrepid blogger has retained a private investigator to follow up for documents on everything alleged with regard to the above issues and we will be following up. It is going to get worse for all of you, not better.
To Scott Alvord, you blew it big time making an ideologically based endorsement (and others). LaMills is quite an albatross and adds another level of issues beyond those I have been able to ascertain.
Stay Informed!

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