Sep 252020

I still can’t figure out why Scott and Karen Alvord hitched their wagon to that disaster LaMills Garrett. The only explanation is an ideological one as Scott denies any disdain for Tracy Mendonsa (while attacking him publicly).

You intrepid blogger decided to do some investigating and determined a few things about Scott Alvord that are well, inconsistent. I’ve learned that Alvord is not a moderate democrat, he is a left winger. This shatters the pro-business veneer he has tried to present himself with for years. Alvord is anti-trump, pro-choice, pro-sex education, supports the global warming AB32, supports open borders, has been sympathetic to rioters and defunders and is openly campaigning for a slew of left-wing democrats running for office locally. This is not a moderate democrat.

One of the things Mr. Alvord advertises is his entrepreneurial spirit. He talks a lot about the businesses he’s run and the books he’s written. Here is one book project. He raised $3700 to get it started but you will see that said book has never been written.

BTW – $25 is not 40% less than $35. (This has not been updated since 2017 so the error has been there a while and the book is still not published in 2020)

I think it is time for Scott Alvord to release his tax returns. #1 let’s see how successful his businesses are currently and #2 let’s see what was done with these donor’s money and that of other donors. It’s only fair, as Alvord has obsessively called for President Trump to release his tax returns and has been inclined to believe every leftist conspiracy theory about the President’s businesses.

In looking at another of Mr. Alvord’s books that is on Amazon: It ranks #4,328,944th.

If Mr. Alvord was as successful as he’d like you to believe – why hasn’t this book been promoted since 2017? 7 of the 8 reviews are in 2017. One is 1-2019.

Similar to LaMills Garrett being unemployed (Given that LaMills sued HP gaining a small settlement, I can’t imagine other employers are going to be itching to hire him either), it appears that Scott Alvord is also unemployed (or quite underemployed). His attempting to imply otherwise is disingenuous.

Your intrepid blogger Got 2.3 Million Hits on Right on Daily in 2018. That translated in to some income, but not enough for me to claim to be a successful political consultant. I’ve never held myself out as more than a political operative. in 2019, I received over 600,000 despite 2019 being an off-year. I am grateful for this, but there has been diligent effort since 2009.

I use this as a measuring stick for why I am calling BS on the resume of Scott Alvord. It is #FAKENEWS

Since 2009, I have dealt with dozens, if not hundreds of candidates whose resumes have very loose affiliations with the truth. It appears that Scott Alvord is not much different, and, perhaps this is one of the reasons he despises President Trump as Trump’s resume is real. The President failed at last 5 times for every venture he had that succeeded, perhaps Alvord is 1 for 10 with the restaurant he sold several years ago being the exception. Or, worse it would appear that Alvord is a never was in terms of business success.

Then there is this:

This is a screenshot from his linked in. #1 You see Advanced Development Concepts, LLC as his listed employer. A records search shows that this LLC appears to have not made a profit ever. (Speaking of releasing tax returns) Secondly, that LLC is listed as the publisher for his 4,320,000 ranking book on Amazon. This could be construed as deceptive, because it appears Alvord was trying to conceal that the book was self published.

Next is the way his education is listed – it could imply two master’s degrees. In and of itself, this is no big deal – but when coupled with the above, it shows a pattern.

I am not sure what Mr. Alvord’s credentials are to teach a class or two at William Jessup given what I am discovering.

Scott Alvord has never been challenged much on his background or who he presents himself as. You’re going to learn that he has judgement issues beyond the way he is presenting himself and his full throated support of disasters like LaMills Garrett.

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  3 Responses to “Team Alvord Roseville Police Update: Let’s Talk About the Man Himself, Scott Alvord. Left-Winger, Fabricated Background?”

  1. Aaron, wow, you’ve really pushed the BS meter this time. I’m not sure how you are able to look yourself in the mirror and feel good about yourself sometimes.
    The unfinished book is as described by me. It really is almost finished (more like 90% now). I have one full chapter left to write and one to finish editing before a final whole-book edit. It’s not formatted yet but we’re expecting it to be around 800 pages. Two of my other published books are based on chapters in this book. The money raised is still in an account waiting to be used as specified. My service to the community has made the process of finishing it delayed, but I’ve had small blocks of time every few months. It’s not what I planned but certainly not dishonest.

    Your comments about book rankings are interesting. Thanks for posting them. Now you just need to look up what those rankings mean and how many total books are in each category. Those are actually pretty good rankings with sales occurring worldwide without doing any promotions within Amazon.

    Your records search “appears to show” that my LLC didn’t make a profit? Lucky for you, you used the word “appears” because you’re very close to being hit with a lawsuit. Since first being elected in 2016, my business income has been limited because my city council service has taken away significant time. But it’s a real business with real clients and real income. I have other sources of passive income as well, but my wife is the primary breadwinner while I serve our community.

    My education “could imply two masters.” What? The Bachelors should be clear. I have a techno MBA (MBA-MCA). It’s a full Masters of Business Administration with a few extra courses that give it the Management Computer Applications distinction. Geesh, really?

    Let’s just throw garbage to the wall and see what sticks. What an irresponsible, misleading, and horrible way to treat others.

  2. ‘What an irresponsible, misleading, and horrible way to treat others.” – See also LaMills Garrett.

    Time to release those tax returns, Scott!

  3. Talk about inflating himself: I hear him all the time saying he’s a business professor. Too bad he is a part time, contract, adjunct lecturer taking away a position from a true professor at Jessup. My daughter was in his class – he makes the students call him professor – guess he likes the sound of that from the few he can make adress him that way.

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