Sep 132020

I found a man after Scott’s own heart on twitter. Here he is tagging a local business in an attempt to get them shut down / fined by OSHA, etc. This is what liberals do.

Watch Mr. Alvord’s rhetoric and his carefully chosen words. They really believe as this guy does and then ask yourself do you want lockdowns and mask mandates? If yes, vote for Scott. If no, vote for Gary Johnson, it is that simple. Roseville City Council District 5 ballots will be headed your way in a month.

People want to live their lives normally. Go to church. Go to School. Yet, Placer County is being invaded by people like these.



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  One Response to “Team Alvord Roseville Police Update: Allow Your Intrepid Blogger To Provide a Public Service, Leftist on Twitter Tries to Shut Down Pete’s in Rocklin”

  1. So, I read the story on the pending interview with Scott Alvord and his wife. Has that interview taken place yet?
    If it did, I am wondering to find out how that went.

    As for this article regarding the tweet by this dork-wad, you stated if we want masks, Yes for Scott Alvord and No for Gary Johnson. Just wondering. I look forward to a reply.

    I am enjoying your informative blog reports.

    All the best.
    John (JJRsvl) Marroquin

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