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Scott Alvord is not who he says he is. Even when he threatened to sue your intrepid blogger (yawn) he admitted that his LLC that published his book has not made a profit. I wrote that a records check appears that his business has not made a profit, Alvord threatened to sue me because he said I said it did not make an income. You’d think a business professor would know the difference. Since Scott is a socialist, perhaps profit is not a word he is allowed to say out loud.

Someone visited Right On Daily and left the following comment:

Author: No Friend of Scott (IP address: REDACTED)
Talk about inflating himself: I hear him all the time saying he’s a business professor. Too bad he is a part time, contract, adjunct lecturer taking away a position from a true professor at Jessup. My daughter was in his class – he makes the students call him professor – guess he likes the sound of that from the few he can make adress him that way.
My personality profile of Scott Alvord is that he is extremely image conscious. However, time and time again, I talk to insiders that can’t stand him. In fact some of the people he is touting as endorsements don’t even like him that much.
Scott’s Book is ranked 4,328,911 on Amazon. This means he is 3,800,000 ranking below the threshold to have sold one book a month. How many has he sold? 25? 30? It was hysterically funny to see his reply about how his category rankings of 2800th and 3400th place were pretty good. “The Ball Don’t Lie” Alvord’s book on amazon has not sold squat. This is not an indicator of success.
Perhaps Mr. Alvord can release his tax returns and prove how many books he has sold. I will lay good money they won’t show a profit from his business(es). Even LaMills Garrett is honest about his businesses when he told the judge he has no income. (While he tries to hide his assets from the mother of his 3rd illegitimate child is my best guess)
Here is another site, just in case you needed a second source to show proof of the “success” of Mr. Alvord’s Book:
Professor Alvord needs a refresher course on Income vs Profit.
Professor Alvord needs to avail himself of internet tools to learn how people can cut through BS easily. Two are provided above.
There are some critical points that are key to understanding Scott Alvord – based on my research, his resume is embellished. He has worked on crafting an image for himself that crashes to pieces when scrutiny is applied. He formed an LLC, using it to publish his book in an attempt to conceal that it is self published (It does have other operations as well). His book appears to have sold few, if any copies. He has another book that has not been finished in going on five years.
Alvord has presented himself as a moderate “Pro-Business” Democrat, yet hates President Trump, is pro-choice, on the left on social issues, supports gun control laws, supports pretty much all municipal taxes, supports open borders and of course poses for photos about racial injustice with leftist groups. I am not sure what is moderate about that. Certainly supporting the far-left and angry LaMills Garrett is not something a moderate would do.
There is more to discuss as we peel back the onion on Scott Alvord, that next installment is coming very soon and will explain a lot of the tension I am detecting below the surface all over Roseville.
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  One Response to ““Professor” Scott Alvord Update: Sold Less Than 100 Books? Is this what Success Looks Like?”

  1. ‘When a toxic person can no longer control you, they will try to control how others will see you. The misinformation will seem unfair but stay above it,  trusting that other people will eventually see through it.”

    Aaron, you are nothing more than a bully. You are cruel. You are very mean. You mix a little bit of truth with a lot of purposefully-horrible commentary. 

    You think it’s okay because “it’s politics.” It’s not okay. Yet, above all this, you claim to be a Christian. People are afraid to call out bullies because they don’t want to be targeted themselves. I feel sorry for you, Aaron. You and I have sat down multiple times and talked about life, your business, etc. You wrote a nice article about how you voted for me in 2016. Now I’m your target. We all know why. I’m not being targeted because I’m a horrible person, I’m being targeted because you and your backers are afraid of me. 

    You attacked one of my books…again?Whatever. It’s a real book and I certainly don’t pretend to live off the earnings. There are something like 50 million books for sale on Amazon. 

    I never wrote a book called, “The Ball Don’t Lie” (or anything like that) but you don’t care about truth.

    Releasing tax returns to show how many books I’ve sold is such a silly statement since there is no line item showing that. 

    Your “anonymous parent” who said I require my students to call me “professor,” is ridiculous. I’ve never required that. How silly. 

    You keep telling everyone that I’m a socialist and support open borders, and whatever else you carelessly say to harm my reputation, etc. They are scare tactics. I’m happy to meet with anyone that wants to have an adult conversation about these claims. 

    Blogger’s Note: The few times I have ever voted for a democrat I have lived to regret it. This case is no different. And yes, while we met a few times, I did not know you the way I do now.

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