Aug 062020

Since 1999, when I attended my first CAGOP Convention, people of all ideological stripes within the CAGOP’s ranks have told me that the powers that be would get rid of conventions if they had their way.

I’ve known for years that the power brokers within the CAGOP resented the amount of effort required to run proxy and delegate drills to control outcomes. While people like Jessica Patterson, David Stafford Reade, Luis Buhler and others have made thousands of dollars off of manipulating convention outcomes those paying the freight have not been happy about it.

Your intrepid blogger has made money off of CAGOP Conventions. I’ve had conversations with insiders for years, I know of which I speak.

So – the mail ballot election for Party endorsements on the Ballot Measures should concern you. It may very well be a test-run for a consultant-controlled CAGOP Officer election in 2021.

Based on Data I have seen (and thanks Senator Wilk for pointing out the most recent financial reports which I looked at 8-6-2020) it looks like the best possible outcome for the GOP is a hold in the State Senate as Moorlach and Ling Ling Chang have caught and passed their dem opponents in money, while the investment in Ochoa-Bogh has exceeded $2 Million. It was my opinion and is still my opinion that Scott Wilk will be re-elected. The other three? Not sure.

The Assembly? AD74, 76, 77 have been abandoned. Other vulnerable GOP Assembly-members look to be gaining, but the scenario of all of them winning re-election looks remote.

However, in AD-38 (R vs R) it appears that Her Majesty and the Court of Squishes can’t help themselves. Despite vulnerable Republicans everywhere, the prospect of controlling an outcome in a Republican seat is just too juicy to pass up. This fits well with the pattern of the court of squishes, as they have preferred to attack conservatives in safe seats as I have observed for years.

We are receiving more and more reports of racism by party leadership against White Males, beyond them ignoring the SD-05 nominee Jim Ridenour or Kelly Seyarto in AD-67 and dumping $1.5 Million in to SD28 to teach everyone a lesson. Those stories of the specific candidates’ experiences are sure to be told as her majesty is preparing for re-coronation.

The insider games continue as a shrinking group of control agents make more and more money. (while we lose) Do we hold CA-25 (Mike Garcia)? He sure didn’t get any favors from these people pre-primary! Does David Valadao win in CA-21? He only got mentioned in CAGOP Emails after they were rightly criticized from several angles about ignoring him. (Valadao is a white male) We’ve heard far more about Michelle Steel and Young Kim than we have about Valadao and I am not sure about their chances.

We have written several exposes on CAGOP Leadership attempting to coerce candidates and nominees, including politically lynching nominees without any due process.

Her Majesty is noted for not calling people back (such as county chairs), not accepting invitations to meetings (in person or zoom), having staff respond to undesirables, while selectively contacting people that have delegate appointments. I remember Duf Sundheim, no friend of conservatives going to several CRA Conventions and taking his lumps. People respected him for that, I still consider Duf a friend on a personal level.

The CAGOP is sending mail ballots to every delegate to vote on positions on the ballot measures. This was caused by the CAGOP’s bylaws not allowing for online meetings of the applicable committees making a mail ballot endorsement the only remedy. However, it has come back to your intrepid blogger that this is being viewed as a “dry run” for a convention by mail.

In addition, wealthy donors and consultants with clear conflicts of interests are allowed unfettered influence on the process.

There is an even more critical issue, the endorsement ballots are not secret at all. The people counting them will know who voted and how. Any CAGOP delegate that is independent of the influence of her majesty and the court of squishes can be identified and marked. As you recall, several people in the run up to the 2019 coronation of her majesty who have been long time delegates to the CAGOP were discarded as the court of squishes were counting votes and making sure delegates were pre-screened for loyalty.

They discriminated against undesirables in the RNC Delegation process, and the process was used to pay several loyal servants of the current CAGOP Regime handsomely.

Meantime – three delegates that made it through the CAGOP delegate screening process are actively campaigning against President Trump, Senator Susan Collins (the most liberal Republican, how ironic) and others. Her majesty is silent. The court of squishes are silent.

Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham has told local party leaders he refuses to be a part of any GOP communication that includes him and President Trump on the same flyer / pdf / meme etc. Her Majesty is silent. The court of squishes are silent.

Now, the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure (which includes the court of squishes, her majesty, mercenaries, swamp dwellers and consultants) will have yet another opportunity to data mine.

With an all mail ballot convention in Feb of 2021, they will be able to see how everyone voted again – thus people like Nathan Miller (Jessica Patterson called Andrew Kotyuk AD-42 nominee and told him he’d get no party support if he hired Nathan), Ted Howze (lynched without a hearing), Mike Cargile (lynched without a hearing), Kathleen Hazelton (would have been lynched had it not been for a leak of board meeting agenda to your intrepid blogger), will find solace in seeing dozens more lynchings by the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure.

Then there is the fact that a board member of the CAGOP – Deborah Wilder, (California’s Susan Collins) has stated publicly that she wants to de-charter the CRA. I am not a fan of the CRA as everyone that reads this blog knows, but that kind of bold arrogance from the left of the party is the reality of today. The CRL (California Republican League) and the CCR (California Congress of Republicans) are fraudulent shells of groups that should be merged in to the Log Cabin Republicans as they have less than 100 real members each.

The CRA is the second largest Republican Group in California behind the Women’s Federated. Wilder and the court of squishes want to de-charter them.

I am sure this means the CIR (Impact Republicans) and the CRC (Conservative Republicans), both of which are not permanently chartered like the CCR, the CRL and the CRA are sure to be targeted – if for the simple reason of eliminating the two delegates each group get to the convention in 2021. It is the opinion of this blogger that the CRA, CIR and CRC should take a look at closer cooperation as a fractured conservative movement is allowing the Court of Squishes to get even more bold with delegate assassinations, candidate lynchings and other control games to rig CAGOP outcomes. The Tea Party, the Conservative Caucus – the whole lot of these groups need to merge efforts and quick as these people in the CAGOP are coming for us all.

I have set aside my personal disdain for a lot of people because it is clear that Conservatives are being hunted in to extinction by Jeff Randle, Tom Ross and crew. Mr. Randle and company took a run at me over a decade ago (think Meg Whitman for Governor days) and failed to wipe me out. I know the pattern well.

Saving the conservative movement is my goal, if that means helping people I don’t like and supporting the CRA, so be it. Now do you think that makes your intrepid blogger less dangerous or more dangerous?

Bonus – Jessica Patterson is also never-trumper as uncovered by your intrepid blogger as her professionally directed social media scrubbing left a side door I was able to access information and proof through. If you still don’t believe she is a never-trumper, look at all the people around her.

Lynching Republican Nominees
Insider Control Games
Obscene Salaries
Never Trumpers
Exclusionary Tactics
A Sheltered / Unaccountable Party Chair
Losing elections
De-Chartering GOP Volunteer Groups

This is Jessica Patterson’s platform for re-election, no wonder why Tom Ross, Jeff Randle and crew want to mail in the 2021 convention.

Somewhere Chad Mayes is looking at all of this and saying: “See, I told you so.”

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