Aug 112020

Get a good look, Mike Cargile could not be more opposite than the extreme left-wing communist sympthizer from the home of MS-13 Norma Torres (Barillias)

Perhaps the blonde hair and blue eyes is why the CAGOP Leadership Lynched Cargile?

The visceral reactions to this blog show me that not only are the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure nervous, so is the Norma Torres-Barillias camp. They should be worried, Torres has never faced real scrutiny. This stops now that your intrepid blogger is looking for answers as to why Media Matters (see also George Soros) and the CAGOP Leadership decided to assault Cargile.

Torres worked as a LAPD 9-1-1 dispatcher, where in 1994 (age 19)  she led a campaign to require the hiring of bilingual 9-1-1 operators. She was an active member of AFSCME,  serving as local 3090’s shop steward. She served on the Pomona city council prior to being elected the city’s mayor in 2006. In 2008, she endorsed then-presidential candidate Barack Obama before Hillary Clinton withdrew from the race, and was a superdelegate to the Democratic National Convention. She was elected to the State Assembly in November 2008, filling the vacancy left by former legislator Nell Soto, who retired. She earned her mail order bachelor’s degree in Labor Studies from the now defunct National Labor College in Maryland in 2012 at the age of 47.

Norma Torres’ Congressional District covers gang-infested east LA.

Throughout her career in elected office, Norma Torres has been a loyal liberal Democrat with a predictable left wing record. Torres is a longtime resident of the Inland Empire. She resides in Pomona with her husband Louis, and their sons Robert and Matthew. A stated supporter of the US military, her third son, Christopher, is a veteran of the United States Air Force, but an opponent of US policy to  oppose communist aggression in Central America. Torres received a questionable bachelor’s degree in Labor Studies from the now defunct National Labor College in Silver Springs, Maryland. 

On May 25, 2018 Giffords, the gun control organization founded by liberal anti 2nd Amendment former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and husband Mark Kelly, announced its endorsement of Congresswoman Norma Torres’ reelection campaign for California’s 35th congressional district. Congresswoman Norma Torres has been a fierce anti 2nd Amendment advocate but ironically refuses to endorse deportation of illegals convicted of gun crimes.

Basically, I believe Norma Torres has a fake College Degree and her birth records are sketchy at best. We are not even sure Norma Torres is her actual name or that she was born in 1965.

At the international level, she has been an activist for opposing the US backed governments in the Northern Triangle (Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua), as well as supporting “compassion for refugees from gang violence” without mentioning the violent gangs like MS 13 from her home country.

The opponents to those governments are communists – including the communists that founded MS-13. Barillas is where MS-13 and Norma Torres are from.

Sometimes, when people like the CAGOP have knee-jerk reactions or short-term thinking (such as trying to limit the number of delegates Mike Cargile will get in 2021 if there even is a convention) has consequences.

There is still more coming on Norma Torres. She is more than a back-bencher auto-rantinic leftist moonbat. She is also trying to create a political dynasty while undermining national security. Meantime the CAGOP are upset about a facebook post.

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  One Response to “CA-35 Update: After Our Introduction to Norma Torres-Barillias, some of her moonbats went berzerk. Well, let’s look at the Norma Torres Record (of supporting communists)”

  1. I saw one guy stanning hard for Lil Miss Norma in your last post. He blames America for Guatemala’s ills, yet lives here. Can’t wait to see him sperg out in an ALL CAPS rage again.

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