Jul 042020

IT looks like Scott Alvord is going to run a nasty campaign after all.

For those of you not up to speed: Scott Alvord is a democrat City Councilmember in Roseville. His District is far west Roseville where Jack Duran Lives. Alvord has endorsed against Congressman McClintock and against Assemblyman Kevin Kiley.

Jack Duran got hammered by Bonnie Gore in 2018 by around 20 Percentage Points. It appears that Jack Duran, the Mazareti-Driving Trial Lawyer has not had has ass kicked bad enough. Duran, on behalf of Scott Alvord channels his inner communist with a slew of hyperbolic comments about a man who is not even a candidate for Roseville City Council. It also appears that Duran is bitter and hates Republicans as a breed based on his blanket comments.

Unfortunately for Scott Alvord, this is a lead weight around his neck as Roseville City Council District 5 breaks down as follows:

District 5 (Alvord)

Total – 23,469

Rep – 8,710

Dem – 7,816

No Party Pref – 5,406

NPP voters do not take kindly to extremism. They also do not like Trial Lawyers as a breed (Duran is a personal injury attorney). They also are not thrilled with the extreme left and their rage against Cops – including the Personal Injury Attorney’s cheap shots at a former employee of the San Jose PD that had nothing to do with the actions of the 4 accused. Duran obviously got his law license for reasons other than his test scores or grades in law school as any amateur jurist would know better.

One thing Alvord can count on is that Republicans will find out about this sort of rhetoric coming out of his campaign. It is a bad look. The correct course of action would be for Alvord to tell Jack Duran publicly to stop attacking police and his Republican constituents.

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  One Response to “Roseville City Council Update: Scott Alvord Surrogate Jack Duran Libels Local Charter Review Commissioner”

  1. This is an odd post. I’ve never run a dirty campaign and Jack is not on my campaign team, so how am I responsible for anything he or anyone else says? You live in my district too. Does that mean I am responsible for all the negative posts you make about others? Seriously?
    Get your facts straight. You’ve got my contact info and you know I’m willing to respond to your questions. So far, I’ve never endorsed anyone running against Kiley, but McClintock is a different story. Very your facts straight. You and I both know that McClintock isn’t our best choice in most elections, especially this one.

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