Jul 172020

Western El Dorado County has similar demographics to South Placer and Northeast Sacramento County.

As you know from reading the Right on Daily Blog – Gavin Newsom’s children’s school costs 25K a month per kid and was still open as of his edict this morning 7-17-2020.

It is well known in the capitol that Gavin Newsom is selling his residence in Fair Oaks / Carmichael – also a mansion with a 7-Figure pricetag, a gate and guards and moving to the “Serrano” area of El Dorado Hills. I believe it is no coincidence that El Dorado County despite its’ proximity to Sacramento is NOT on any COVID Watchlist. This is alleged to be the location Gavin is buying. I am not sure this is exactly it, but this is consistent with the McMansions in the Serrano area.

We also know that Gavin’s winery was magically on the right side of a line on the map and allowed to stay open until public scrutiny caused it to shut down.

You read on Right on Daily about Gavin’s Children’s Private School still being open. What Newsom did with his edict today was left the door open for all private schools in “watchlist” counties to get waivers in order to re-open. Watch as the exclusive private schools the state legislators send their children to all get waivers. (I’ve been told for example that the school where Lorena Gonzalez sends her children is also open)

This deception in Gavin’s order was done so he could claim even his kid’s school was affected by his order – while ignoring the gigantic trap door. What self respecting school administrator is not going to apply for a waiver coupled with the presence of the children of the powerful?

To be continued…

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  43 Responses to “Gavin Newsom Update: He’s Moving to an exclusive community in El Dorado County – That Happens to NOT be on the Shutdown List”

  1. Just another example why this moron needs to be recalled.

  2. Don’t expect anything else from Newsom. It is all about money and control for all of us but his family and friends do not have to follow instructions. So sad. CA in going down the toilet in a hand basket because of this man

  3. Newsom just shut down California again and he is moving to an open community and the hell with everybody else in California shame shame shame on Newsom

  4. Old Gavin didn’t want his kids (well, the kids of his best friend whose wife he slept with) seeing homeless bums at the Governor’s mansion, so he stayed one night and moved to Fair Oaks. Then he didn’t like people protesting his place there and will now move the sh*t show to EDH. Up on a gated hill where he doesn’t have to see their faces. All Nancy’s nephew cares about is doing for everyone but taxpayers. Anything for votes.

    Make no mistake… he’s running for the presidency in 2024 and people need to see this silver spoon’d hypocrite for exactly what he is.

  5. Well………….we have the address!

  6. This is an issue yeah because moving counties is just a way around his own edicts. Private schools have the same mandates as public schools until the governor added a loophole for private schools to his edict. Gavin Newsom’s winery is in a county not affected with numbers that cause for shuts downs… yet. (But we don’t know if NAPA County’s numbers are accurate or being misreported as a lot of rich donors have wineries there)

  7. I don’t like Newsom, but why post a picture of a house in EDH that you don’t know is his purchase. By the way, this house you’ve listed is still on the market. Blogger’s Note: Newsom’s Fair Oaks house does not show on the MLS either. This is common knowledge from the capitol.

  8. Yes that is the correct house. It is a double lot. Original owner didn’t want a neighbor to the one side so they bought a second lot.

  9. I guess he figured out that the area is rife with law breakers and homeless. He got out of Dodge quick. lol Too many of the convicts he let loose roaming around the valley area. Can’t have that can we?

  10. There is an online petition to recall him..act…print it, get some signatures, mail it, if enough signatures, it goes on the ballot.

  11. I signed the recall petition months ago – in person. He is driving business after business out of California and giving anything and everything away to illegals. Pretty soon there will not be enough taxpayers left in this state to support all the freebies. There will be nothing left of this place for my kids. Whats worse is that he doesn’t care about California – it’s just a stepping stone to the big white house.

  12. Out of all the many comments that I’ve read about Gov. Newsom, there was only one that
    was positive. He’s extremely unpopular and with good reason. He is either related to other unpopular people or he associates with them. I’d like to see all of them gone. Poof!

  13. The recall petition is new so make sure you sign the newest one.

    I don’t like him moving up here, El Dorado County has a great Sheriff and Gruesome Nuisance will get some good Republican representation from El Dorado county for his vote. This is one of the really RED counties in California, feels great up here.

  14. I signed a recall two weeks ago in So,cal. And have seen several more hope they keep it going so we can after 80 yrs get this evil family out of controlling California!

  15. He has allowed anarchists and Marxist liberals to highjack our public schools. His goal , like his relatives and pals in Washington is to destroy this country. California is going to be left with illegals and Hollywood. People need to wake up , speak up and vote these lunatics out of office. Remember, if people regain their dignity and prosperity from working to earn it themselves, the Democrats as they stand today will be out of a job. They keep oppressed people down with the promise of “ free “ everything, which kills ambition , incentive and progress to self sufficiency.

  16. Gavin is a dyslexic former cocaine addict who upon high school graduation could not even academically qualify for admission to a Cal State University, much less a UC. This from Patricia Kathleen O’Brien, his former babysitter. The only reason he gained admission to the University of Santa Clara was because he could throw a baseball. Wow, I really want these qualities in my Governor.

  17. All of your comments reflect your right wing bigoted agenda. It is clear that you all are a bunch of hateful republicans. You dare to speak about the country being destroyed as you support a criminal who currently occupies the White House. You should put your energy towards getting that hateful idiot out of the White House and leave Gavin alone.

  18. The ReCall of our Governor has failed twice. This new attempt of a ReCall will be the third try. The reason why it is not passing is because they are saying that most of the signatures are not valid. He will never be recalled and with Prop 13 at risk, most of us will be losing our homes, just like before this law was passed most of CA lost their home. This is why it was put on the ballot that passed in 1976. CA.gov is not done creating new tax laws to help it’s citizens lose their homes and add to the homeless population.

  19. This is what it is like being a good democrat. I have what I want, and I will tell the rest of you what you can have. Gavin Newsom yea he cares about all of us! What a joke!

  20. Maxine, hmm, radical left never dies….by the way can you explain the criminal in the White House? What did he do?

    Meanwhile, Obama bought a $12 million house on Cape Cod in cash. He must have had some real good investments. Gavin buys $5.5 million but where is your outrage over these people? We know you are blurred by your leftist ideology. Bias sees only one side of the road.

  21. Why does Gavin wear the same suit and tie? at his news conferences ?

  22. He is going to destroy El Dorado County. He will bring all his liberal trash with him and they will slowly start buying up the area and flood EDC with liberal voters. I worry about that.



    Blogger’s Question: Until say 11-4-2020?

  24. This is indeed a factual report!

  25. He’s not going to be very welcome in this county.

  26. He’s not going to be very welcome in this county.

  27. The only thing I raise an eyebrow at is the statement that his kids tuition is 25k per MONTH. Maybe per year, which is still insane but 25k per month is more than college. It’s just not a realistic figure, gotta be a typo

    It is not a typo. The total cost for his kids is $25K a month. It’s good to be king. Note – the school will be able to apply for a covid exemption as well.

  28. He will not be welcome in this county or community. In fact, I’m pretty sure everyone there will make his life a living hell. It’s funny to me how he can afford such an expensive home. Go give all your money away to others and live in a box. What a piece of shit. Him and his aunt should be put on a boat and sent out to sea to never be seen again. Fuck em both.

  29. I live in EDH. I know that a lot of people up here do not like Newsom. He’s a pos. It’s no coincidence that’s he moving up to a non-locked down county after enacting another lockdown on other CA counties. He’s got some nerve moving up here after he and his family destroyed SoCal, I have to say.

  30. Time to recall the son of a bitch he’s all part of the Newsom/Brown/Pelosi crime family. Time to remove them from office!

  31. To Maxine: Trump is not the criminal; but Biden IS! He sure did help his family get rich when he was Veep, especially his son, Hunter!
    Ever notice how Demrats never have anything nice to say? Everything that comes out of their mouths is negative!
    Where is Gruesome Newsom getting the money to buy this new multimillion $ home and pay $25,000 per month for a private school? Ever notice how Dems in politics enter poor but come out rich?

  32. Folks… the only reason Newsom is leaving his compound in Fair Oaks is because of the homeless population. That area in Fair Oaks is inundated with a large population who are very near his compound.
    He is related to Pelosi!!!! I hv signed his recall three times! He is truly ruining this Golden State. He has done nothing to be a leader of this State. He doesn’t care about the mass exodus of Seniors moving out of this state. He lacks moral character, integrity…need I go on!
    I just want to know how much we are paying as tax payers for his new place????

  33. Well EDH will turn into a slum before long…………..it seems that all the cities in CA where there are lots of low income, crime, etc. are all controlled by Democrats..It has been that way for many years. I recognized the pattern in 1973.

  34. Hell for Newsom. The rest of us hopefully can recover from his mess. And NO not Trumps fault that all this happened. I agree with all the comments that have been said about Newsom and his crime family. When will they all be held accountable for there sins? God will answer my prayers soon.

  35. I hope we start to push back to keep America free. Covid might make us sick but Newsom is killing us! To close churches and arrest Pastors but release felons because they might get sick!
    I can’t believe I don’t have the choice to disagree anymore
    But those on the left do. The left is not in there right mind
    Go Trump 2020. As for Newsom maybe He and Maxine can move to China and take all the masks with them

  36. Instead of Newsom moving to El Dorado Hills he and Maxine should move to China with all the masks

  37. Maxine,

    Go cry to Sleepy Joe. Newsom, Pelosi and Biden are all weak minded, weak hearted and do not represent what my forefathers , my grandfathers/grandmother’s and current Patriots stand for. President Trump is doing a very good job. People don’t like him because he’s straight up he has no time for nonsense and he means what he says. The last time we had a president like that was George W. Bush Senior and Junior. All the fodder afterwards was just like who is running against our current president right now, Sleepy Joe. He and his running mate would have this country completely destroyed within one month if they were elected which is highly highly unlikely. Gavin Newsom is a disgusting human being and he deserves Serano and Serano deserves him. There are a few normal neighborhoods in Serrano with working class people in it but most of it’s filled with pseudo elitist transplants from the bay area that want to consume everything around them and give nothing back so enjoy your new digs Gavin where did you pick the wrong county to move to and our sheriff isn’t going to appreciate your liberal nonsense bull .

  38. He needs to be recalled before he destroys California at our expense!

  39. Why is he not in prison? After the non declaration of the gifted multi-million dollar Fair Oaks mansion, you would think he was above the law, right? Any of the rest of us would be wearing an orange suit for lying by omission. Crook.

  40. There is no school in EDH that costs $25K a month, that’s ludicrous. My neighbors kid attends a daycare in EDH with his kid and no way on earth does she have THAT kind of money, she can’t even afford another car, fake news. BTW I’m a moderate Dem and even I signed the recall… he’s too progressive and left even for me.

    The school is in Sac County. Separate issue.

  41. My daughter is dyslexic and mentioning it as a negative is just cruel. If you consider yourself Christian reread the Bible.

  42. Newsflash – Newsome’s winery IS OPEN

  43. Pharaoh Newsome

    LET MY PEOPLE GO !!!!!!!!

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