Jul 282020

Click here to see the FEC Filings as of 6-30-2020. This details how Andy Garakhani and Kaite Wheeler are cashing in on the RNC Convention Drill.

Note – Katie Wheeler has been paid roughly $100,000 a year by the CAGOP for the last few years as best I can tell from reading the reports. There are several committees  – such as Grow Elect and California Trailblazers that also paid a lot of these people (despite those both being absorbed in to the CAGOP now) – thus making it difficult to ever know how much these people are getting paid to lose elections.

I’ve been told that Andy G. has made as much as $500K in a year off of his insider connections, we are told Jessica Patterson is being paid $250K a year but not all of it shows up on the Campaign Reports. I was told that Matt Klemin may well be getting paid the same $250K along with Rebecca Luby. Again, the daisy chain of PAC’s and Committees makes it extremely difficult to track. Molly Parnell (aka Golden State Strategy Group) has made ten times that as she has been paid fundraising commissions (meaning she has raised a ton of money for the party). Any time you ever see anyone anywhere near the CAGOP leadership talk about Transparency, they should be tarred and feathered for being lying hypocrites. Remember, in their mind, your intrepid blogger is the villian for writing about this as it is their right to get paid massive salaries regardless of the repeated electoral disasters in California for the GOP.

To see the fundraising summary click here. The delegation drill has raked in nearly $600,000.

As you can see, as of 6-30-2020 $160K-ish of that money has been paid out in consulting fees.

We first started to expose this cash cow for establishment GOP political consultants with this piece. Back in October, we wrote about Andy Garakhani being handed the RNC Convention Drill despite his rumored job interview with William Weld for President.

Question one – it appears that the RNC Convention account has about $350K in cash. With the RNC convention being cancelled, people are lining up for refunds. Will these people get their money back?

Question two – will the firms making consulting fees return their payments as well? 

I ask these questions because insiders have been adamant with your intrepid blogger that Andy Garakhani and Jessica Patterson have bristled at the notion of refunding delegate fees.

For the first time, I can confirm, courtesy of a confidential informant on the inside of the CAGOP cesspool that the RNC Convention Drill was the lynchpin of Andy Garakhani running Jessica Patterson’s CAGOP Chairman campaign. Part of and a big part of Andy’s compensation was to have been a gigantic haul off of this convention account. As you can see, he had another $350K to play with until COVID came along.

Many people have talked to me about their experiences with Andy G in the last 2 years and have bemoaned the fact that it appears he is getting away with mistreating people while getting rich doing so. Sometimes, there are equalizers.

Remember the long game though. Jessica Patterson, Andy Garakhani, Tom Ross, David Stafford Reade, Jeff Randle, and anyone else your intrepid blogger has mentioned on the inside of the CAGOP stand to make a ton of money in 2022 off of the campaign of Kevin Faulconer for Governor. Many of the decisions they are making are the typical 1990’s era political consultant control games preparing the battlefield for Meg Whitman 2.0. All of these people made a ton of money off of Meg’s $150 Million disaster.

They learned nothing as they are retaliating against people, excluding people, picking moderate nominees, attacking conservatives, exterminating dissent, shrinking the universe to control things better and most importantly losing.

Anyone requesting a refund for their $1200 RNC fee (which used to be $900), please let your intrepid blogger know how that goes. [email protected] you can remain anonymous. If you were retaliated against and excluded from participation despite your loyalty to the President, we need to hear from you as well.

P.S. I got this email forwarded to me from several people. Perhaps the court of squishes and Her Majesty realize they are going to have to issue a bunch of refunds!!! Be sure to help pay Andy Garakhani’s Salary!

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