Jul 132020

The 1990’s era consultants are doomed to failure because they do note deviate from their pattern. (You will see more on that this week) Your intrepid blogger is on the case as the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure are driving the CAGOP Plane in to the ground.

If the GOP picks up any seats in Congress in California – it will be because of PRESIDENT Trump and not because of anything the CAGOP Did. Aside from the fluke in AD38, the feckless CAGOP is lagging behind in every competitive district. This would include SD23 – where they poured at least half their limited resources in to Rosilicie Ochoa-Bogh who may well lose to a well funded CADEM onslaught in that race. (The opponent has triple the resources of Bogh)

Tom Lackey AD36 has bailed on the GOP in a couple of key votes (knowing his situation in his district the nexus is clear) but drew the scandal-marred Steve Fox as the democrats could not clear their field.

AD36 and AD38 may well cloak the disaster in the rest of California – again because of nothing the CAGOP did.

But hey – never EVER mention President Trump (except to raise money off of unsuspecting email recipients that may not realize the money is going to the never-trumpers running the CAGOP and not the President)

Note that each email is coded individually so they can track who responded and how. This way conservatives can be marked by the CAGOP Leadership for targeting. The 1990’s era consultants running the CAGOP are going to die using the same worn-out control tactics. Exterminate undesirables and shrink the universe. Hence: “The Oligarchy of Controlled Failure”.

If you’ve been tracking the Right On Daily Blog – we’ve covered the following from the CAGOP:

  1. Never Ever mention President Trump – as reported in an interview Jessica Patterson gave the LA Times. (Patterson calls herself the Chairwoman of the CAGOP)
  2. Trying to ignore the AD73 Scandals surrounding the disgraced Bill Brough
  3. GOP Leaders like Shannon Grove attempting to Stuff several endorsements – such as CA-03 Tamika Hamilton
  4. CA-25 Stuffing Mike Garcia’s CAGOP Endorsement (at the behest of Kevin McCarthy) and then trying to take credit for his win
  5. AD72: Ignoring the corrupt Tyler Diep who was unendorsed locally – apparently, because he betrayed Travis Allen in favor of Jessica Patterson in her 2019 Chair election
  6. AD67: Completely ignoring Kelly Seyarto – the White Male nominee of the GOP who was endorsed by the local GOP pre-primary
  7. SD23: Wasting $1.5 Million picking a primary winner while SD29 and SD37 GOP Incumbents went under water
  8. CA-10 Screwing over CAGOP Nominee Ted Howze, aided and abetted by a paid consultant of the CAGOP
  9. AD-74: Ignoring GOP Nominee Diane Dixon
  10. CA-21: Ignoring GOP Nominee David Valadao until being repeatedly bashed for doing so (Valadao is regarded as the best chance for a pick up in 2020)
  11. Using Democrat talking points repeatedly in Social Media and Email Communications (see also re-framing the message)

To be continued…

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