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Did you know that the feckless weak-kneed spineless weasels at the top of the CAGOP’s court of squishes are letting Politico and Media Matters pick candidates? Perhaps there is a revenge motive? Or a financial motive? Let’s take a look at what’s happening…

So would this social media post get me banished by Her Majesty and the Court of Squishes?

In the opinion of this blogger there are several reasons why Jessica Patterson, David Reade, Jeff Randle et al are hunting down GOP Nominees.

The first and most obvious is the Convention in 2021 where Her Majesty is running for re-election (unless the court of squishes determines she can’t win, in which case she will be encouraged to move on). Ted Howze #CA10, Mike Cargile #CA34, Kathleen Hazelton #SD25, Buzz Patterson #CA07 will get delegate appointments. All are not supporters of Jessica Patterson even before they got on to the list. The squishes behind the curtain know that if they can drive down their election numbers, this can shave delegates off of them in Feb 2021.

I’ve seen these squishes do this for years, including last minute filing a second Republican to knock all the Republicans out of the general election.

Very important: Jessica Patterson has called every GOP nominee of 2020 in an effort to try to con them in to supporting her in 2021. Her talking points are ironic: Anti-Establishment, and how party leaders have failed in the past. I know of two specific instances of her talking to nominees. It appears that Hazelton was not buying what Jessica was selling – thus she was in line for execution. 

Jessica Patterson will not return phone calls from several county chairman key people to organizing and winning elections, but is calling former write-in candidates that qualified for the fall election? Yeah, she knows how to count votes and knows her base is eroding due to her terrible performance and the surrounding circumstances.

The Second and less obvious is revenge. Kathleen Hazelton filed as a write in so no one saw her coming. I am aware that Scott Winn (who we burned as the author of the letter to do in Ted Howze) hates Ted Howze (who would not hire him). I was told by Mike’s people that he actually interviewed with Scott Winn regarding a consulting arrangement. Cargile did not hire Winn. I am also aware that #CA07 Buzz Patterson may well have interviewed Scott Winn as well.

Your intrepid blogger has been told by insiders that Buzz Patterson and a couple other GOP Nominees are on the list to get lynched.

The cover story for lynching Ted Howze, Mike Cargile and Kathleen Hazelton was due to alleged “Racist” posts. Perhaps now that the Scott Winn connection is being vetted and the leak of the CAGOP’s Board Meeting agenda to your intrepid blogger we can see that this 1990’s era consultant drill of trying to screw party nominees not known to be loyal to the regime will be thwarted.

There is a third nexus that is overlaid in all of this. Q Anon. Media Matters has been obsessed with this (more so than the paranoid conspiracies of Q anon themselves). They have been systematically smearing and “outing” Q Anon candidates. Kathleen Hazelton is a Q Anon supporter. I do believe that Media Matters, politico and the LA Times have been tipped off regarding Ted Howze and Mike Cargile in terms of the specific opposition research being sent to them on a tee. The timing was too compact, the articles too easy and the reaction from the court of squishes was way too quick for there to not be some sort of coordination – and Jessica gets to exterminate delegate appointments from the CAGOP gene pool to protect her paycheck in 2021.

Remember, Media Matters are proven liars funded by George Soros amongst others. Yet, Jessica Patterson and crew are using them for cover as they lynch candidates they perceive as not being loyal to the regime.

Consider the above and watch carefully who the next candidates the leadership of the CAGOP are going to try to lynch. It is clear that Jeff Randle and company are already sweating Jessica Patterson’s re-election. These people are ruthless and play for keeps. If you google my name, you will see age-old smears dating back to 2009, 2010, 2011 when Randle, David Reade, Karen England and crew tried to kill me off. Ironically, My second career as a paid political operative and blogger was launched by the publicity these people got me when engineering smears in the local media. Many people that get smeared like this are not as tough and crazy as I am and usually fold. This is what these people are counting on when they trash and destroy Republican volunteers.

If you care about the future of the CAGOP – pay attention to the long game. Andy G, David Reade, Jeff Randle, Tom Ross, Jessica Patterson, etc are all lining up their next paychecks for 2022 and beyond. They are attacking on multiple levels while people are focused on the here and now.

Here is the moral to the story – get to know your Republican nominees. Make sure they are protected if they are not Jessica supporters. If they are Jessica supporters or have been called by her, find out what was said and why they bought in to it.

Get to know your local GOP Chairmen. The best hope to dealing with the court of squishes making tens of thousands of dollars off of losing elections is with the County Chairs, they get a ton of delegate appointments to the CAGOP. Trust me, the court of squishes probably are already tracking their movements. When I worked for Travis Allen, I knew that Jessica’s convention staff had every delegate pegged with 12 votes. (They did not know that Antonio Sabato and others were going to bail on Travis)

Get to know the people getting rich off of the failure of the CAGOP. It is not hard to uncover Six-Figure salaries. Andy Garakhani, Tom Ross, Jeff Randle, David Stafford Reade, Jessica Patterson, Matt Klemin, Rebecca Luby, Molly Parnell, etc. Why are they being paid so much to lose elections? How come their salaries, fees and conflicts are not better known to the rank and file CAGOP member?

When “leadership” are trying to get business done on short notice, there is a reason. This is typically done to ensure an outcome. Pay attention to this and make sure other CAGOP delegates – even those friendly to Jessica know about the dirty insider tricks. Fair-minded people resent these sorts of things.

The court of squishes have written the CAGOP’s by-laws and they know them. (and how to circumvent them) If you want to write the rules in the future, you are going to have to beat them at their own game.

Meantime – if you are thinking about running for office, if you interview Scott Winn you had best don a flak jacket if you don’t hire him. (There are other GOP consultants like this as well, I may write about them in the future)

P.S. Kathleen Hazelton was not notified she was going to be lynched before the CAGOP Board Meeting 7-25. Mike Cargile was not notified before being lynched in June. Ted Howze was not notified before his lynching and even John Briscoe #CA47 (not John W Briscoe of CIR, different person) was not notified that the report drafted about him was going to be acted upon on 7-25 either. Think it through and ask questions.

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