Jul 132020

But hey! You can get a neat CAGOP T-Shirt!

If ANYONE reading this blog sees any communication from the CAGOP mentioning Donald Trump please email me immediately at [email protected]

Sometimes I get forwards of CAGOP “Talking Points” emails. They are carefully parsed and worded by the squishes that are the control agents of the CAGOP. They hide behind others, such as how Jessica Patterson never answers tough questions in the media and hides behind staff so she does not have to deal with the rank and file of the CAGOP.

These deliberate actions are why CAGOP volunteer groups frequently run circles around the feckless over-consulted CAGOP leadership.

This resolution is simple and should have been adopted by the CAGOP weeks ago.

Board of Directors
California Impact Republicans
July 8, 2020
WHEREAS, we believe in the rule of law enforced without bias toward all law breakers, be they looters or police officers;
AND, WHEREAS, we believe all police officers have a dangerous job protecting citizens;
AND, WHEREAS, we believe very few officers violate their oath of office;
AND, WHEREAS, we believe in the first amendment right to peacefully assemble;
AND, WHEREAS, businesses are just now reopening and rioters destroying property under the pretense of police misconduct have caused
business, especially small business, to close or delay their opening causing incalculable harm to the owners and employees;
THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the California Impact Republicans praise all law enforcement for the difficult jobs they perform
but condemn the few who violate their oaths by breaking the law and encourage their prosecution. We encourage all police agencies to institute
policies, procedures and training to encourage good community relations and at the same time discourage any tactics where the outcome could lead
to unwarranted serious injury or death. We also ask those policies include the requirement officers who observe other officers in a situation where
unwarranted serious injury or death is occurring to intervene and/or notify the appropriate level of supervision immediately.
AND, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the California Impact Republicans believe that the first amendment right to peaceful assembly, like all our
rights, should not be abridged but we urge the prosecution of those who abuse this right to destroy public and private property.
This occurs with Marie Waldron – the Permanent Minority Leader of the Republicans in the Assembly openly promoting early release of felons. (With little of no mention of law enforcement support anywhere in her social media)
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