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John Thomas has been on my Radar Screen for a while. Apparently, he has made a lot of enemies as the last 5 days have seen my cell phone light up similar to the days of when I was pillorying Stan Sniff. It is my opinion (and should be yours too) that John Thomas is a bottom-feeder consultant that should never be taken seriously.

John Thomas has overtaken the crazed Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero (the former CA-12 Candidate that has contacts in the Trump White House getting her tweets re-tweeted by the President) for Grifter of the Year in 2020 (and it’s only May 6th). Deanna will be her own best advocate just like John Thomas is and she will be used to embarrass the President and the GOP when she has her inevitable detonation.

We wrote about John Thomas attempting to reinvent himself as a Medical Equipment supplier – starting a company called Blue Flame Medical along with a former GOP fundraiser. The post was entitled John Thomas Update, when ethical issues and electoral failure lead to Entrepreneurship. Thomas makes national news. John Thomas is making national news on a daily basis, only because he gives the media a whipping boy against the GOP with his unethical behavior and stupidity.

John Thomas is the Blue Flame President

John Thomas made it on to the Right On Daily radar screen for a variety of reasons. It is my opinion that he is a bottom-feeder political consultant as evidenced by the pattern of behavior I have observed from him. I wrote a piece about Mr. Thomas going 0-For 2020.

Thomas’ highlights: A Sheriff Candidate that lost his own home city despite being the Mayor there. A $500K Assembly Candidate that got 9.5% of the vote, A Congressional Candidate with $700K+ that lost to a Colonel with a $1.98, and a laundry list of candidates that fired him.

So why was I not surprised to learn that John Thomas is branching out? His political acumen is on display as he calls himself the “Blue Flame President”. I guess he is proud of bending over and lighting his farts. Someone needs to teach this guy how to do ads, it might have helped his CA-45 candidate in 2020.

The leftist hacks at Politico have a crappy track record with articles, having routinely posted inaccurate information about PRESIDENT Trump. However, the article the hacks wrote about John Thomas appears to have checked out based on some follow ups your intrepid blogger has done. I also remember Alex Isenstaat from the “politiker” blog a decade ago. While he is a flaming leftist, he has exhibited some journalistic integrity. (integrity, take notes Mr. Thomas)

Over the last 14 days I have built another business outside politics and will be focusing my full attention there,” he wrote in the email, which was obtained by POLITICO.

The company, Blue Flame Medical LLC, was formed Monday in Delaware, according to state records. Its website says it sells coronavirus testing kits, N95 respirator masks, “a wide selection” of personal protective equipment and other “hard to find medical supplies to beat the outbreak.”

Asked how he’d managed to procure such equipment when there are shortages in hospitals across the country, Gula said, “I have relationships with a lot of people.”

Gula started Blue Flame with John Thomas, a consultant who until recently worked as chief strategist for Don Sedgwick, a Republican who ran against Rep. Katie Porter (D-Calif.) but lost in the primary earlier this month. Gula’s firm raised money for Sedgwick, according to campaign finance records.

The abrupt move to shutter Gula’s firm has set the Republican operative world ablaze, with many in the business wondering about Gula’s intentions and how he was able to move so swiftly.

Thomas declined to specify how he and Gula had managed to obtain masks that have become so rare that some hospitals have resorted to reusing them or having health care workers tie bandannas or scarfs around their faces. “It’s just relationship-based,” he said. “I can’t say anything else.”

Relationship Based? Like the $500 Million they got from the State of California only to have the State of California Claw it Back?

Update May 6, 2020: After this story posted last night, The Washington Post reported this morning that the U.S. Justice Department has opened a criminal investigation into Blue Flame Medical. The Post’s anonymous sources said the inquiry is focused on the firm’s troubled contracts with California and Maryland, and that Blue Flame’s attorney declined comment on the federal probe.

On March 26, as the coronavirus pandemic was mounting and governors across America scrambled to secure medical supplies, the state of California wired almost a half-billion dollars to a company that had been in business for just three days.

The recipient: Blue Flame Medical LLC, a Delaware-based company headed by two Republican operatives who jumped into the medical supply business on March 23. The pair — Mike Gula from Washington, D.C., and John Thomas of Southern California — had vowed, in their words, to help “fight Covid-19 with the industry’s broadest product selection from hundreds of suppliers.”

The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and Politico see an opportunity to use John Thomas lack of ethics as a chance to smear Republicans in general as I doubt they would go this far if a firm of democrats was doing the same thing. That said, the Washington Post Article and the Cal-Matters Article have a theme – John Thomas Overpromised and then delivered nothing.

Within hours of the enormous wire transfer, the deal was dead and California was clawing its money back — $456.9 million, nearly half of what the Legislature had allocated for the state’s pandemic response. The payment to Blue Flame and cancellation of the deal six hours later were revealed in copies of checks, wire transfer receipts and emails obtained by CalMatters through a public records request.

It’s unclear why California decided to make such a large purchase for 100 million face masks from a new and untested company. Days ago, Maryland canceled its own order with Blue Flame and asked the state attorney general to investigate the company for its failure so far to deliver the supplies. And California Democratic Rep. Katie Porter also has raised questions about the company’s credibility.

Katie Porter (DEM CA-45) is simply another politician with a ghastly ego taking advantage of an opportunity to get even with political opponents – but John Thomas Makes it easy. I am going to enjoy hammering Katie Porter if I get a chance to.

Back to John Thomas: It gets worse. A Wall Street Journal Article about Blue Flame adds a bunch of nuggets: (Gula is Thomas’ business partner)

Since launching the site, Mr. Gula has struggled to complete some deals. He lost a deal with Henrico County, Va., outside of Richmond when procurement officials balked that the $300,000 cost of shipping equaled the size of the order. An Henrico County procurement official said that office worked instead with another vendor who provided the supplies more quickly with lower shipping costs.

Mr. Gula inked a contract with state officials in Alabama, but those officials said Friday that Alabama’s deposit on the order had been refunded and that the state’s order for equipment was no longer in process. It couldn’t be determined whether Alabama or Blue Flame initiated the cancellation.

Virginia, Alabama, California and Maryland. This is the typical behavior of a political grifter – they move around a lot in order to keep finding new gigs. Maryland? Read on:

The state of Maryland has canceled a large order of coronavirus supplies from a politically connected company and asked state law-enforcement officials to investigate the matter, Maryland officials said.

Procurement officials with the state said they took action after waiting for more than 30 days for $12.5 million worth of masks and ventilators the state ordered from Blue Flame Medical LLC, a company launched a few weeks ago by a one-time fundraiser for the Republican party.

The former fundraiser, Mike Gula, sent a letter to Maryland officials showing that the state’s order for roughly 1.5 million N95 masks was seized by government officials in China, where they were manufactured, according to a copy reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. Mr. Gula switched to a new supplier and plans to deliver the masks shortly, along with a separate $4 million order for more than 100 ventilators to the state, according to a Blue Flame Medical official.

The Blue Flameout. Except this time it is not ripping off candidates who have little or no recourse after getting screwed, it is appearing to run a scam with medical supplies to governmental entities.

The Coup D’Etat: The Washington Post – one of the least reputable media outlets that has been sued successfully for smearing people and has been forced to retract several straight out lies about President Trump – prints a line that will appear in Democrat campaign pieces for the rest of the year:

Blue Flame was started in late March by Michael Gula, a Republican fundraising and lobbying consultant in Washington, and John Thomas, a California political consultant.

Before entering the medical supply business, Gula was known in GOP circles for his political fundraising skills. His firm has raised campaign money for Sens. Patrick J. Toomey (Pa.), Steve Daines (Mont.), Ron Johnson (Wis.) and dozens of other influential Republicans. He startled some longtime clients in March when he announced he was quitting the fundraising world during an election year to start the medical supply business with Thomas.

The Democrats think they can unseat Steve Daines in 2020. Thanks John Thomas for your assistance.

Also take note of how every article references anonymous sources. Basically, people in government leaking to the presstitutes trying to set fire to John Thomas and his business partner.

Now back to the opening sentence of this blog:

Apparently, he has made a lot of enemies as the last 5 days have seen my cell phone light up similar to the days of when I was pillorying Stan Sniff. When I wrote about the former Sheriff of Riverside County, Stan Sniff (who I think should be in prison for what he did) this blog got about 2 Million hits that were likely due to that coverage. During the height of that effort, we had days with 14,000+ hits on this blog. The number of emails, instant messages, text messages and phone calls related to these articles about John Thomas matched the busiest days of taking out Stan Sniff. That means something to me let the sheer volume sink in.

Some people call it Karma. Some people call it fate. I call it God settling a score. John Thomas has apparently left a trail of deceit and destruction behind himself from his years as a political consultant and a lot of people disdain him. It remains to be seen if Thomas gets in real trouble over this scam – but if he escapes legal consequences his name is still mud. This is just another case of the GOP not taking out the trash before it metastasized in to a public spectacle. Good things happen to good people.

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