May 222020

Yes sir. The same people that shredded #CA10 Republican Nominee Ted Howze (more on that soon, by the way) at the first sign of trouble are out ahead of the 2022 Governor’s race. A Fundraising solicitation was sent to your intrepid blogger. Note – I am still not receiving any CAGOP Communications at all. Further note, I’ve had two more confirmations that Jessica Patterson, Jeff Randle and others are maintaining a blacklist of undesirables.

If you want to send me tips and information but fear retaliation by Jessica or anyone in her crew – email me at [email protected] YOU CAN AND WILL REMAIN ANONYMOUS.

It is clear that the favoritism and blacklisting applies globally. In a future post, we are going to lay out some details about the inconsistent decisions and favoritism by the current regime in charge of the molten ashes of the CAGOP. Take a look at this email:

May 22, 2020
165 Days Until the November Election

Can you believe Gavin Newsom and the Sacramento Democrats? After years of touting a surplus in the state’s budget, Newsom is now asking President Trump to bail out California. 

This comes just weeks after Newsom issued stimulus payments to illegal immigrants, and he’s threatening that first responders will be the first to be laid off. From the boondoggle High Speed Rail Project to millions for enforcement of the job-killing bill aimed at flexible workers, Democrats have proven they can’t be trusted with the state budget. The out of control and irresponsible spending by the California Democrats must be stopped.   

Municipalities with Republican leadership, like San Diego, take fiscal responsibility seriously and work hard to balance their budgets. We need to stop the Democrat supermajority in Sacramento and bring in new, responsible leadership.

Be a part of the change California needs in 2020, (NAME HERE). Contribute today and your donation with be 3X Matched. Thank you,


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Paid for by the California Republican Party.
Not Authorized by any Candidate or Candidate’s Committee. (Except Faulconer for Governor)
1001 K Street, Fourth Floor, Sacramento, CA 95814
P 916-448-9496 | F 916-448-9497
Federal ID# C00140590 | State ID# 810163
1001 K Street, 4th Floor, Sacramento, CA, 95814 US
This email was sent to: (NAME HERE)

Kevin Faulconer was appointed state finance chair despite the presence of Doug Ose and John Cox in the 2022 governor’s race. Faulconer has been a long time client of some within the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure. Was the appointment of Faulconer a deliberate action to avail him of what’s left of the CAGOP’s resources at the expense of John Cox and Doug Ose?

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  2 Responses to “CAGOP Update: Using Party Resources to Promote Kevin Faulconer? Should I File an FPPC Complaint Against the State Party?”

  1. Sorry CAGOP but Faulconer is too well-known for all the wrong reasons outside of San Diego, and COX also has proven to be highly ineffective and unmotivating. Trump 2016 supporter Ose would be the candidate with the synergy to be supported by the real Republicans (not the Never-Trumper Swamp).

  2. West – I like John Cox a lot, even before I took a retainer from him. That said, Doug Ose could be a viable candidate. Anyone but Faulconer.

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