Apr 272020

Hat tip to the Washington Examiner for covering this story. As of the typing of this blog, they are the only outlet to do so.

California Assemblywoman Christy Smith, a Democratic candidate for the state’s 25th Congressional District special election, mocked the military background of her Republican opponent, Mike Garcia.

In a video that surfaced from an online Indivisible Day of Action last Saturday, Smith spoke candidly with supporters about her thoughts related to Garcia’s time as a Navy fighter.

“Did you guys know he was a pilot? … That escaped me,” Smith said.

“Really? I read about it on his campaign website,” an unidentified supporter of Smith’s replied as giggles could be heard in the background.

“A pilot?” A female supporter asked, as more laughter is heard and Smith began to smirk and laugh as well.

Note that CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson completely avoided lighting Christy Smith up for her callous comments. The consultants advising her are mostly moderates that view conservative as a bigger problem than democrats. This sort of thought process manifests itself at the moment of truth – instead of slamming the DCCC sock puppet Christy Smith, Madam Chairman tries to get clever.

Smith began to describe Garcia, saying: “I texted my team, and I’m like, ‘OK, he’s got pictures of planes behind him. I’ve got constitutional law books — the irony.”

The male supporter responded, “I love the fact that being a pilot gives him experience and knowledge in international affairs.”

Smith paused for a moment, and another male supporter interjected, saying, “But Amy McGrath is a former fighter pilot,” the man said, referring to the likely Democratic opponent this fall against Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in Kentucky.

“But she’s not qualified,” Smith said.

It appears that Christy Smith also slammed fellow Democrat Leadership sock puppet Amy McGrath. (I guess there is no honor amongst empty shirt democrat sock-puppet recruits)

The refusal of the Consultants within the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure to show leadership in this situation should get everyone’s attention that cares about the CAGOP.

We were supposed to celebrate a Millenial Latina “Chairwoman” of the CAGOP (BTW – get Robert’s Rules updated, they still use Madam Chairman which is the term your intrepid blogger uses), and instead of taking on Christy Smith she puts out the oft-used Republican “Thank You For Your Service” lead in on social media. The Oligarchy f Controlled Failure was also silent about the arrogant, condescending editorial in the Los Angeles Times as well:

The Los Angeles Times editorial board recently endorsed Smith’s campaign, claiming Garcia “is simply not a good fit for Congress at any moment.” The board went on to say, “We can see why Republicans might be attracted to Mike Garcia.”

“The former Navy pilot and Raytheon executive has an unusual resume and a nice backstory as the son of a Mexican immigrant. But having a good origin story doesn’t translate into legislative competence,” the editorial board added.

Ninety-six military veterans currently serve in Congress, including Republican Reps. Dan Crenshaw of Texas and Brian Mast of Florida, who blasted the editorial on Twitter.

In addition to his military and business background, Garcia also has a master’s degree from Georgetown University in national security studies.

If the “Chairwoman” of the California Republican Party can not stand up and call out a democrat regarding their contempt for Military Veterans everywhere – then who will? Simply thanking Mike Garcia for his service is not enough. Sitting silent while the LA Times trivializes Mr. Garcia is tacit approval of this slime. We deserve better as a Major Political Party.

Perhaps the OCGOP should take over the CAGOP? – at least they showed public moral clarity with regard to taking out two of the biggest losers within the CAGOP structure. (Bill Brough and Tyler Diep)

There’s more coming, as we’re going to be talking about some of the “Volunteer Training”, between that trainwreck and the lack of public leadership you almost wonder if the coming destruction of what’s left of the CAGOP is deliberate.

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