Mar 102020

But, there’s a catch. One of his (Jeff Wilson’s) top Lieutenants Jennifer Miszkewycz is running the show now.

We have received an outpouring of information related to the conduct of Jeff Wilson once he was rumored to be a leading candidate for the Placer County District Attorney’s appointment to fill the vacancy of Scott Owens. It appears that the complaints have reached critical mass. Admin leave is the prelude to firing a public employee.

This email was sent to me by so many people, I now feel comfortable publishing it. I have also been alerted that the local media are finally taking an interest in this story.

This important message is sent on behalf of Todd Leopold, Placer County Executive Officer:

Good morning,

I appreciate your ongoing commitment to service and professionalism as the Board of Supervisors continues the selection process to identify a District Attorney appointee to complete the remaining term.  Pending appointment of a District Attorney, Jeff Wilson has been placed on paid administrative leave.  Jennifer Miszkewycz has agreed to lead the office in a temporary work-out-of-class assignment as the Chief Assistant Deputy District Attorney.  Jennifer Miszkewycz, Douglas Van Breemen, and the Supervising Deputy District Attorney leadership team are committed to continuity of service and staff support during this transition period.

My office, the Human Resources Department and County Counsel are also available to support and assist during this time of change.  Although no one can comment on specific personnel matters, you are welcome to contact your leadership team, CEO, or HR with questions or concerns.  Acknowledging that each of us deals with change in different ways, you are also welcome to contact Managed Health Network to utilize your Employee Assistance Program benefits if you prefer to speak with someone outside the County.  Managed Health Network is available by calling (800) 242-6220 or via their website (registration code:  XXXXXXX).

Thank you for your dedication and commitment to Placer County, the District Attorney’s Office, and the communities that we serve.


Your intrepid blogger is not in celebration mode yet. I still have a lot of questions that remain about the office, the management and the candidates for Placer County District Attorney. Please do not let off and continue to email me at [email protected], remember, you can remain anonymous.

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