Mar 272020

John Thomas is the Blue Flame President

John Thomas made it on to the Right On Daily radar screen for a variety of reasons. It is my opinion that he is a bottom-feeder political consultant as evidenced by the pattern of behavior I have observed from him. I wrote a piece about Mr. Thomas going 0-For 2020.

Thomas’ highlights: A Sheriff Candidate that lost his own home city despite being the Mayor there. A $500K Assembly Candidate that got 9.5% of the vote, A Congressional Candidate with $700K+ that lost to a Colonel with a $1.98, and a laundry list of candidates that fired him.

So why was I not surprised to learn that John Thomas is branching out? His political acumen is on display as he calls himself the “Blue Flame President”. I guess he is proud of bending over and lighting his farts. Someone needs to teach this guy how to do ads, it might have helped his CA-45 candidate in 2020.

The leftist hacks at Politico have a crappy track record with articles, having routinely posted inaccurate information about PRESIDENT Trump. However, the article the hacks wrote about John Thomas appears to have checked out based on some follow ups your intrepid blogger has done. I also remember Alex Isenstaat from the “politiker” blog a decade ago. While he is a flaming leftist, he has exhibited some journalistic integrity. (integrity, take notes Mr. Thomas)

Over the last 14 days I have built another business outside politics and will be focusing my full attention there,” he wrote in the email, which was obtained by POLITICO.

The company, Blue Flame Medical LLC, was formed Monday in Delaware, according to state records. Its website says it sells coronavirus testing kits, N95 respirator masks, “a wide selection” of personal protective equipment and other “hard to find medical supplies to beat the outbreak.”

Asked how he’d managed to procure such equipment when there are shortages in hospitals across the country, Gula said, “I have relationships with a lot of people.”

Gula started Blue Flame with John Thomas, a consultant who until recently worked as chief strategist for Don Sedgwick, a Republican who ran against Rep. Katie Porter (D-Calif.) but lost in the primary earlier this month. Gula’s firm raised money for Sedgwick, according to campaign finance records.

The abrupt move to shutter Gula’s firm has set the Republican operative world ablaze, with many in the business wondering about Gula’s intentions and how he was able to move so swiftly.

Thomas declined to specify how he and Gula had managed to obtain masks that have become so rare that some hospitals have resorted to reusing them or having health care workers tie bandannas or scarfs around their faces. “It’s just relationship-based,” he said. “I can’t say anything else.”

Imagine being one of Gula’s Clients and getting an email like that informing you that you are getting dropped. John Thomas did not have to send more than two such emails as most all of his clients are former clients. (see also losing their elections)

I am going to disagree with Politico – these two guys bailing out of the political cesspool has likely brought many people a feeling of relief. ‘

His note to the lawmakers he’d worked for was blunt, informing them that Thursday “will be my last day working for you.” It arrived right before the end of the quarter, during what is typically a hectic time for fundraisers that’s now quiet because nearly all events have been canceled.

“After this email, I will be unreachable,” he wrote. “I wish you the best of luck in politics and life.”

One person who received Gula’s out-of-office email response shared it with POLITICO: “Mike Gula no longer checks this email account. If you wish to get in touch with Mike please contact him at his new email ____and his new cell_____, and yes it’s blank for a reason.”

So John Thomas has figured out another way to make some easy money because bleeding candidates dry for 3rd place finishes just was not a growth industry. It appears that Thomas is going to Blue Flame people for medical supplies. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?

I don’t know – just ask all the candidates that just got dropped abruptly.

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  1. I think Young Kim even used him as a consultant in 2018. Wonder if she would of won her seat that year if she did not use him.

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