Mar 122020

Update: I was also informed that John Thomas listed CA-07 Candidate “Buzz” Patterson as a client until he was terminated by Patterson as well. The churn and burn business model. 

I have never met John Thomas. I have only heard about this guy through third parties. None of it has been good, so I went looking on my own for data.

Hi – I’m John Thomas and I ripped off PK Dhanuka for at least $100K in Fees and Commissions.

That’s right – PK Dhanuka, the NPP challenger in AD-01 got hammered and torn in to a bazillion pieces. His consultant? John Thomas.

Did you know that “Marine for Congress”, “Say no to Kaepernick”, CA-08 Candidate Jeremy Staat was also a John Thomas Client? Staat, a former NFL player fired Thomas and his fundraiser in a typical first-time candidate move in January. Staat re-registered Republican from NPP to run against Jay Obernolte and worse, I had video of that loser supporting Kaepernick. I never nuked him because he was never viable… due in large part to the strategic brilliance of John Thomas. (And Staat being Staat)

John Thomas may point out that he elected DA Todd Spitzer in 2018, but it took $1 Million and Spitzer’s massive name ID to do the job. In that same election, Dave Harrington finished 3rd in the Sheriff’s race and even FINISHED THIRD IN HIS OWN HOME CITY. You have to be brilliant to have a Chief of Police lose his own home city that badly. Add to this OC Supervisor Shawn “Marijuana” Nelson who finished 7th in the 2018 CA-39 primary. #EPICFAIL How does a sitting supervisor go up in smoke like that? John Thomas.

John Thomas also worked with Melanie Eustice in AD-73 before she wisely dropped out and Eric Early who fired him in CA-28. Early, who is very smart and who has run an excellent campaign, recognized that John Thomas was trying to bleed him dry of cash. (My opinion based on evidence and OTR conversations) Early’s campaign erupted AFTER Thomas was terminated and the quality of stuff coming from his camp skyrocketed in January post Thomas termination.

Thomas also “managed” Amy Phan West in CA-46. Her campaign was largely on Facebook and accounts from other people in the area indicate that she was difficult to work with. Thomas didn’t care, he took her as a client and her money. Phan West finished out of the runoff by a mile to John Briscoe. You could bet real money that Thomas made sure he got paid first before any of the vendors.

The most egregious campaign failure of John Thomas (beyond PK Dhanuka who was a doomed moron) has to be Don Sedgwick in CA-45. Sedgwick raised a ton of money, something like $700K and Greg Raths thumped him. Raths did not raise much if anything. How do you lose in that scenario? John Thomas figured out how to. But, I am sure that Thomas cashed in for another 6-figure payday similar to leeching PK Dhanuka dry.

The issue is not the gigantic paychecks, it is the results. It is also the fact that John Thomas will work with anyone who pays and does not seem to care that he overextends himself and gets fired before election day by half the candidates that hire him. It appears that similar to other bottom feeder consultants I have written about that this is Thomas’ business model.

Thomas loses almost everything he touches and charges obscene amounts for his services. Now this is how it is similar to my criticisms of the massive salaries that CAGOP Vendors are earning to lose elections as well.

—- what I am watching in the fall —-

Please note: I am watching Tim Clark in SD37 like a hawk. John Moorlach’s showing in the primary was so-so at best. Clark has gotten $35,000 from the Senate Caucus that was confirmed to be both his retainer and payment for services rendered to the current CAGOP regime. (Remember, Clark directed some of the team Trump supporters to Jessica’s camp in the 2019 Chairman’s election. It is my opinion that the ghastly $10K a month retainer he is getting is partially due to this as usual and customary for a State Senate Race is $5k a month)

I am also watching Matt Klemin, the Senate GOP Caucus “strategist”. I’ve used him as a punching bag and will continue to do so until he stops making poor decisions.

I am also watching Axiom, aka Duane Dichara. Dichara is a skilled and talented consultant who has also demonstrated ethical standards of conduct over the years. Therefore, I have a higher regard and hope for the results of his efforts. Dichara/Axiom is part of the Assembly side of things in 2020 as he is a consultant for the Assembly Caucus. Dichara is working with Scott Wilk, the most likely vulnerable GOP Senator to survive, June Cutter who is surprisingly competitive in AD77, and worked with Kelly Ernby in AD74 whose campaign performed better than most expected. It is my opinion that Dichara did well in the March 2020 primary with the exception of Tyler Diep.

It is the opinion of this blogger that Dichara being the consultant for Tyler Diep and Brian Watkins (also a consultant for the CAGOP) relationships with Tyler and the CAGOP are the reasons why the CAGOP ignored the OCGOP’s removal of Diep’s GOP endorsement. This is not a good look for the CAGOP in the conflict of interest department.

In SD-23, David Carney, the $25,000 a month Assembly GOP strategist, appears to have brought in Murphy Nasica West to that race along with Victory Enterprises. I will be watching SD-23 closely because of the jam down of the endorsement pre-primary, the false rationale for directing $1.5 Million in to that district and the connections to the Texas based firms. I detest insider politics and pre-ordaining / coronation of candidates.

Some familiar names are still on the docket, Meridian Pacific in AD-35 (Cunningham), Jim Nygren helping Ling Ling Chang in SD-29, Steve Presson helping Andrew Kotyuk in AD-42. All three are well established GOP Consultants who have made a ton of money from the CAGOP / Caucuses over the years. Like most on the R side in California, they have been on losing streaks lately. Here’s hoping all three break that in the fall. Regardless of how I feel about Ling Ling or John Moorlach, I want them both to win. (Note: Nygren was Megan Dahle’s Consultant in her drudding of the John Thomas NPP Trainwreck in AD-01)

Regardless of my criticism of GOP leadership, I’d love nothing more than to see them win in the fall despite themselves.

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  2 Responses to “BAD CONSULTANT ALERT: John Thomas Edition. How Do You Lose a Primary With $500-$800K in the bank? Hire John Thomas + Consultants I am Watching”

  1. As long as the CAGOP accepts, promotes and rewards commission driven consultants, we’ll continue to lose ground.

  2. I enjoyed your article tremendously. As for the CAGOP
    once the realize it is not about endorse a candidate but endorsing themselves and rebranding the Republican party losing will be what continues to happen!!!
    More educating, informing, and mobilizing beginning at home.

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