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When I search for information on Carl DeMaio – the sordid allegations of his personal life always come up high on the searches. That said, Carl DeMaio is trying to reinvent himself as a conservative. The neurotic Trump-Hater Paul Singer is certainly trying to help.

Note: CA-XX = California’s XX Congressional District.

The Club for Graft (Growth) has dropped $300K in to the leftist Carl DeMaio they claim because of some single issue – but I am of the belief that it is because they know Carl DeMaio is a never trumper who has been publicly critical of the President.

Politics makes strange bedfellows. Literally and figuratively:

American Unity PAC is focused exclusively on protecting and promoting candidates for U.S. Congress who support freedom for all Americans, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. American Unity PAC is a federal, independent-expenditure only committee (or super PAC) that is registered with the Federal Election Commission and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

It appears this PAC is mailing to democrats on behalf of Carl DeMaio – at least they have properly identified Carl. This PAC is only about LGBTQXYZABCDEFGHIJKLMONPQRSTUVWXYZ Rights. They attack conservatives on behalf of liberals and basically have an extreme social liberal litmus test. Given that Carl DeMaio has said publicly that he wants to “change” see also shred the GOP Platform, this is a marriage made in hell.

California’s March 3rd runoff in the 50th Congressional District provides may be the most compelling opportunity and challenge this cycle for pro-family activists.

That’s because it features a Trump-style conservative in Darrell Issa, who’s supported by pro-family conservatives, and liberal Republican Carl DeMaio. The result of this Republican fight will have a huge impact on the House balance of power and the future direction of the Republican Party in notoriously liberal California.

If Issa’s name is familiar its because he was a leading antagonist of President Obama’s administration.

DeMaio was slammed and rightly so for his leftist ideology by the National Pulse, a conservative blog and news website. This website has a robust following…

But his opponent, Carl DeMaio, has been equally bad on our issues.

DeMaio called President Trump “a disgusting pig” in the 2016 election and campaigned for his Libertarian opponent.

DeMaio is proudly pro-abortion, saying we don’t need any restrictions on abortion, and claiming the Republican Party “needs to get out of the culture issues.”

Carl DeMaio even supported sanctuary city policies when he ran – and lost – for San Diego Mayor.

DeMaio gives every indication that he is a liberal, social justice warrior, and would be no friend to conservatives if elected to California’s 50th district.

Just last week he [DeMaio] said he’d support the Fairness for All Act.

This bill is a liberal sop to the radical Left, and as the Heritage Foundation states, the Act “would force individuals and institutions to bow to transgender ideology, threatening privacy, safety, and fairness for women and girls.

Carl DeMaio can not claim to be a conservative when he supports stuff like ENDA and the Fairness for All Act – both would effectively throw employers and Christians in prison for daring to bow to the LGBT+ agenda. IT is clear that DeMaio only cares about being a conservative until it is some sort of personal issue – then he wants to use the full force of government to mandate compliance…

… which is why the only logical and plausible explanation for the Club For Graft supporting DeMaio is rooted in their continuing viceral hatred for President Trump. There is no way they believe Carl DeMaio will be a reliable vote on anything given his record and his personal life…

To be continued…

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