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Steve Frank has been telling people for several years that the leadership of the CAGOP are deliberately trying to lose. (CAGOP = California Republican Party)

With each passing day as I watch the “Oligarchy of Controlled Failure” in action, I am agreeing with Mr. Frank’s opinion more.

I am not going to begrudge people who are candidates, paid staffers or of average means not donating a lot of money. Heather Obernolte has had her Husband on the ballot a lot, Jessica Patterson was a career paid staffer for campaigns and causes for years. Jonathan Madison, Greg Gandrud and Matt Heath (amongst others) for example are regular dudes. Gandrud was an early Trump supporter who was a Trump delegate to the 2016 convention so I know he gave a lot of money to the RNC and other related committees. I’d assume that Peter Kuo did was well when he was a delegate too.
Marie Waldron, Shannon Grove and Doug LaMalfa are in roles where their money is donated to colleagues. Jim Brulte raised a lot of money for President Trump but did not donate his own to the President.
However, Mr McKernan and Hakes are both wealthy and connected. One is with the “Cal-Plan” and the other is the New Majority’s Money Man. Where are they? You can see that they are not trump donors either.
It has been a belief of mine based on the actions I am seeing out of CAGOP leadership that the money people and a lot of the consultants are still rabid never-trumpers. Andy Gharakhani, Molly Parnell, David Reade and Jessica stand to make a lot of money off of the RNC Convention drill – what an irony that the four of them are all alleged to be never trumpers with Gharakhani having interviewed for at least one erstwhile primary opponent to the President.
Many of you recognize Deborah Wilder who has yet to donate to President Trump. Remember this as she is also known to have aspirations to be the next Chair of the CAGOP. Recall how she argued against reforming the proxy system from the floor of the convention and how she has fought against the Conservative base of the party several other times. She also supported shredding the CAGOP Platform.
Harmeet Dhillon and Shawn Steel are the California Representatives to the Republican National Convention. Both have double-maxed out to the President. Some of the other board members with the means to should join them. CRP Secretary Randy Berholtz has given the President $1,000. I’d encourage other members of the CAGOP Board to open up their checkbooks and lead by example and donate to the President. Make sure you thank them for their leadership and support of the President (along with Gandrud and Kuo who again paid their way to the 2016 RNC Convention).
I do not get the CAGOP’s emails as my primary email account is a yahoo account and the CAGOP has been having problems with Yahoo and Gmail on their system. I did get one forwarded to me recently that really had me wondering if the CAGOP’s leadership were on some sort of suicide mission. If any of you reading get CRP emails, feel free to forward them to your intrepid blogger.
Take a good look at this email. It was clearly written weeks before the Golden Globes. Someone was asleep at the switch and did not pull this email down. For those of you unaware of Ricky Gervais – a far-left Trump-Hating comedian that tore in to Hollywood for their hypocrisy see here. It was stunning and had the world abuzz for a couple days.
Apparently, not the CAGOP. Make Award Shows Great Again it says – but that is exactly what Ricky Gervais did. But notice, the “T” word is not in this email. It has not been in the dozens of CAGOP Emails I have seen.
This disaster of an email is not the first time that the CAGOP has been caught with pre-canned content that was aged out before it’s reveal date. It suggests that they may be “Phoning it in” and going through the motions.
One of the biggest complaints I am hearing about the current Chair of the CAGOP is that she is not accessible to rank-and-file CAGOP delegates (you know, the Trump supporters). Leadership of a Membership Organization can not be done at range or behind handlers. The second common complaint is that rank and file delegates are noticing the Trump Avoidance and are talking among themselves about all the never-trumpers still in positions of consequence.
Beyond the commentary of the big money guys not donating to President Trump, and the political insiders slopping at the RNC Convention Trough while still resenting the President, the public communication of the California Republican Party does not mention President Trump.
Are they trying to lose? They have already lost two Assembly Seats to defections with more defections rumored and they can’t bring themselves to mention the “T” word?
I have been blistering and withering in my criticism of the way the Bill Brough scandals have been handled and the weakness in CAGOP Leadership has allowed a legitimate Republican primary challenge to occur in AD72 when we are trying to win back other lost seats in addition to the defections of Brian Mainschein and Chad Mayes – two of the three members of the alleged independent caucus.
It is going to be interesting to see how this plays out. I will be following up on this post with some detail analysis of Lesiglative Races and I will not hold back. It does not look good and it appears that the ‘leaders’ within California are attempting to position President Trump to be the fall guy for the years of the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure’s failure…
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  4 Responses to “CAGOP Update: Thou Shalt Not Mention the “T” Word – Are They TRYING to Lose the 2020 Election? Also Only Three Current Board Members Donated to Trump”

  1. I noticed this immediately after Jessica’s win and contacted her and one or two others on this list more than once through social media. I took screen shots of ALGOP Trump supportive comments and gave a comparison. Other State parties are consistent in supporting the WH America First Agenda and post frequently. His approval with Republicans is over 90 and his approval with all American voters is solid.

  2. Peter Kuo was not a 2016 Delegate in Cleveland and did not attend as a Guest, either. He was (and likely still is) 100% Team Cruz.

  3. Delegate list here: https://ballotpedia.org/Republican_delegates_from_California,_2016

    @John – I wonder why Peter or his people have not told me this. I heard from Peter himself he was a delegate!

  4. @johnyoung I was with Peter when he walked through the Castro San Francisco with his Trump bling. He normally wears a Trump something which is more than most people I know. We were in a group that was assaulted by AntiFa at Berkeley in November. He puts himself out there. FYI I did not know who he was until long after Trump’s election (late 2018) but I give him a bad time always about supporting Cruz. I mean who in CA didn’t love Trump’s June 2015 off the escalator announcement?

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