Jan 072020

Apparently, PAC donors love paying for Bill Brough’s Bar Tabs

As we detailed last week – a handful of PAC Donors have donated to William “Bill” Brough in defiance of local Orange County Political leaders.

It appears that high-priced Fundraiser Anne Dunsmore may well be yielding some results. Brough got $1000 from Google and $2500 from an indian tribe on 12-31 in addition to the $22,200 I detailed in a previous post.

Perhaps UPS and Google need to hear from people about the monster they donated to? So Cal Edison? This is the exact swamp that President Trump railed against.

Listed in the Daily Reports is $4700 from the Building Industry Association. (BIA) They and the Orange County Realtors have told people they are going to stick with Bill Brough. Jeff Montejano (sp?) who is a honcho at the Orange County BIA was Bill Brough’s Chief of Staff during the time period within which two of the known complaints against Brough were said to have occurred. In fact, Mr. Montejano was Brough’s roommate in Sacramento. (at the place I refer to as Brough’s Rager Pad)

It is the opinion of this blogger that the poor decision by the BIA PAC and the Orange County Realtors (one of whose members is a publicly known victim of Bill Brough – woman #4) was done at the behest of Montejano. Perhaps the Orange County Realtors should explain to their female members their rationale for trying to keep this monster in office – I’ll wait.

This is how the swamp works and this is also a reason why it took super-human efforts to move Republican “Leaders” off of Bill Brough despite the scandals.

The Swamp is protecting their investment

Did you know that Republican Assembly “Leader” Marie Waldron has done nothing to Bill Brough, even though she is allegedly no longer supporting him?

Bill Brough still has his ‘party office’ in the Capitol that has a nice patio. It is alleged that Brough and crew crack open the Bourbon Barrel (bought with donor money) and party down in that office. Sean Doherty and Bill Brough were reputed to be drinking buddies and close – until Doherty was terminated by the Assembly Rules Committee for his outrageous and criminal behavior (my opinion of Doherty).

Marie Waldron has done nothing. Brough has the same office and the same access – there has been no sanction.

Bill Brough is also still on the GAO Committee. This is the number one Committee for fundraising – called a “Juice Committee”. In fact, Brough’s top two committees are the ones you’d want to be on if you were a Republican Incumbent.

Does this mean that Waldron is actually undermining the CAGOP, the OCGOP, the OC Lincoln Club, the New Majority and other prominent local leaders? Does this mean that Marie Waldron is STILL protecting a leadership vote? (meaning that Bill Brough is one of the 18 remaining GOP members that will vote to keep Waldron as Assembly Permanent Minority Leader)

I’ve had political insiders tell me straight out that the reason Waldron, and others were blocking and tackling for Brough until recently was 100% because of his support for Waldron as leader. (and they are also seat-mates)

I have been told reliably that CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson is indeed engaged in trying to assist Laurie Davies. This is a split and is an example of Jessica Patterson doing her job as CAGOP Chair.

Do not forget the Assembly Rules Committee Complaints from at least 5 known victims and as many as 12 that we believe the democrat leadership are stifling in order to gain political advantage in AD73.

In related news, Your intrepid blogger is being told of a potential purge in the State Senate side of things. We’ll follow up as events warrant.

In the mean time – Right On Daily will continue documenting the disgusting actions of the political world that seeks to protect the guilty. To be continued…

P.S. When I can get corroboration, your intrepid blogger may be setting fire to a PROMINENT local Republican Elected who is helping Bill Brough out behind the scenes purely out of spite. (Hint, this elected is in local level office, not partisan office) It is alleged that this elected may well have aided Brough with one or two of his swamp PAC donations..

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