Oct 232019

We warned you. We warned Supervisor Bonnie Gore she was being used. Now community insiders are telling your intrepid blogger that Joe Landon used his connections in the community and goodwill in the community to help his wife’s rampage. The Rocklin Unified School District is now going to have to spend $350,000 on a special election because Theresa Landon went psycho (my opinion) over questions asked of her.

Thanks to Bonnie Gore, Scott Alvord and others (most who may well have NOT been aware of the Landon’s endgame) who joined in the pity party – the social justice warriors in Rocklin have turned in about 1,000 signatures to overturn the RUSD’s appointment of Rachelle Price (a mother of 5 by the way). This rampage will steal  about $350,000 from the classrooms of Rocklin.

Lie #1 told by Theresa Landon – the Special Election won’t cost the district any money. This was repeated to me multiple times by sources within the Informed Parents of Rocklin.

Lie #2 told by Theresa Landon – the District discriminated against women. Ahem, Rachelle Price is female with 5 children and she was appointed. Campaigning for equality in the face of a female mother of 5 getting appointed is a bald-faced lie. People that clicked like on her rants enabled this lie weather they intended to or not.

Lie #3 A lie of omission by Joe Landon – abusing his contacts to run the signature drill against the Rocklin USD. (It is the opinion of this blogger, BTW, that Joe Landon abused his contacts and misled people in to believing his wife was victimized) It is clear to this blogger that Joe at the very least leveraged his relationships in the community to gather symapthy for his wife whose lie-infested rampage is going to steal $350,000 from the children of the Rockin USD to assuage her extreme left-wing paranoid conspiracy theories. (Again my opinion based on facts I’ve ascertained)

Did you know that Theresa Landon is the daughter of far left former Assemblymember Susan Bonilla? That’s right – now you understand why the far-left #ANTIFA / #OCCUPYICE people in Rocklin joined forces to gather signatures. Susan Bonilla was defeated in her bid for State Senate by Steve Glazer – a liberal in his own right. Bonilla was supported by all of the far-far left groups against Glazer because Glazer was allegedly too moderate.

Joe Landon and Theresa Landon appear to want an extreme left wing democrat in that vacant seat on the Rocklin USD. People in the community should hold Joe Landon accountable for his role in robbing the Rocklin USD of $350,000 to stage a special election just to assuage a paranoid fantasy of his wife’s. They claim publicly that this was just about justice and a good old boys appointment process – it is the opinion of this blogger that is garbage.

What normal person says “#SMASHTHEPATRIARCHY”??? Only an extreme left-wing wackjob.

We are also being told that Theresa Landon may well be recognizing that she is 2200 degrees Fahrenheit politically and may well be retrenching behind another fringe applicant for the vacancy. We will identify the stooge that Theresa and the Rocklin #ANTIFA movement are supporting.

UPDATE: Theresa Landon is on Social Media asking for a referral to a printer. It appears that the shameless left-wing wackjob is going to run after all.

The real victims here are Rachelle Price – a mother of 5, who was deliberately ignored in the media drill that the Landon’s ran (because it decimates the patrimony / discrimination narrative) and the children of the Rocklin Unified School District who will be screwed out of $350,000 in badly needed funds because of this rampage.

All of Joe Landon’s community work may as well be up in smoke after this stunt, because unless he raises $350,000 for the RUSD to replace this money – he joins the ranks of leftist political hacks that scorch the earth to advance their hegemony. (there’s a word for ya, Theresa)

To be continued…

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