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The Rocklin Unified School District has issues. However, they did the right thing by filling the vacancy of Susan Halldin with Rachelle Price.

Apparently, Theresa Landon who is a teacher at Granite Bay High School has decided that now is the time to go on a leftist social justice rampage. Her husband is Joe Landon who is an executive at the Roseville Joint Union High School District. I remember him from several years back before my Mother served on that board as being opposed to parental notification and a host of other issues. While I do not know Joe Landon, I ascertained that he is a garden variety liberal educrat from his consistent opposition to parent’s rights that I have observed.

According to inside sources both Landons are quite liberal. It appears that Theresa Landon went running to the local media because she took exception to questions that were asked of her. This despite similar questions being asked of other candidates – including Rachelle Price who was appointed.

Apparently Mrs. Landon thinks it is sexist being asked about how she’d balance her job, being a mom and everything else with being a school board member. I’d expect the same questions about how I’d balance being a business owner and a blogger with serving on a board – it is a reasonable question. Apparently, this was all it took to spark Mrs. Landon in to a frenzy. (again, my opinion based on observations) In today’s hyper-sensitive world, those questions should be asked in pieces as the professional outrage mob is waiting to jump.

She rails about sexism and the fake gender pay gap in this facebook screed (the lie is that the pay gap does not factor for women who choose of their own free will to work part time or not work to raise children) – standard talking points of the left.

She got a local TV News outlet to run a story that conveniently omitted that the person appointed is also a mother of several (ahem 5) children. A local radio station ran a similar story replete with similar half-truths. I am also wondering if her husband who is an executive at the Roseville Joint Union High School District abused his media connections to plant these stories? Having been in the political game for over 20 years – I know how this stuff works – I recognize a pattern.

It is my opinion that Mrs. Landon outright lied to or misled the local media outlets with leftist buzzwords and got stories run to buttress her false narrative. This includes her quote about not being bitter. If she was not bitter, there would have been no media drill nor effort to gather signatures. She has every right to be upset about the question but omitting key facts – like others being asked similar questions and the fact that the district appointed another female with children like her is similar to her fellow democrats smearing political opponents on the national stage. If the media had this fact the narrative that Mrs. Landon is spinning would have been decimated as the “Patriarchy” appointed a Woman.

Worse, she is running around trying to gather signatures to force a special election. She is reputedly telling people that the special election would not cost the Rocklin School District any money according to at least one person who leaked information to this blogger. If this is truly what Mrs. Landon said, this is also a lie. No matter when there is an election the district in question pays for it, weather it is a special or a regularly scheduled election.

It is my opinion based on what I have been told by insiders in Rocklin that Mrs. Landon felt entitled to the appointment and left the meeting enraged after she did not get it.

Her behavior and tactics make me fear for the children she is brainwashing at the Roseville Joint Union High School District as she is a teacher there.

Smash Patriarchy? The RUSD APPOINTED A WOMAN!!! Equality??? That’s exactly what happened!!! 

Dear Supervisor Bonnie Gore – you may have wanted to get more information before joining in the hit parade. Just sayin’. This is how the left works, omit facts and yank on emotions and you got sucked in by it Mrs. Gore. I am not surprised to see Scott Alvord pile on, he is a democrat.

If there ends up being a special election, I will be forced to burn Mrs. Landon’s house down in a rhetorical manner due to the reasons laid out above. I do not like liars. I do not like leftist social justice warriors who use leftist social justice tactics to advance themselves.

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  4 Responses to “Rocklin Unified School District Update: One Woman’s Rampage in Rocklin – Because Another Woman Got Appointed to Fill A Vacancy”

  1. Let me start by saying I am a registered Republican and have been since I turned 18. I started the young republican’s club at my high school and still stand by core Republican values. As a husband, I can not condone the disparity in the questions posed by the RUSD board. I agree that it is a fair question to ask how time would be balanced but it is a question that should have been asked of all. It was not! If such a lack of decorum was shown in their interview questions it has to cast a pall of illegitimacy on their selection. I say let there be a vote and let local control decide who is the best candidate. There is a great chance that Mrs. Landon won’t be elected but at least that would reflect the voice of the people who represent this great town!

    Blogger’s Note: Read the transcripts again.

  2. Dane,

    You said: “I agree that it is a fair question to ask how time would be balanced but it is a question that should have been asked of all. It was not!”

    They did ask the question of others. In fact, they asked the same question to Rachelle Price (also a woman), and they awarded her the position.

  3. Rob,

    That is great they asked Rachelle the same question and awarded her the position, by all accounts she seems like a highly qualified candidate. Was the same question asked of all the men? I heard they were asked budgetary questions.

    All the candidates were excellent. This is not and should not be about questioning responsible citizens who want to make their local district a better place.

    Instead I think on the values I am trying to instill my child.

    I have been on many interview panels for possible employees. Never wuld a question like that have been allowed to only selective interviewee’s. Such sexist questions should have been forbidden by the superintendent unless asked of all.

    It is he who I truly question in this. If this his vision of leadership, I believe there are better options

  4. Dane – it turns out that our innocent victim is the daughter of an extreme left-wing former Assemblymember. A key fact ommitted by everyone, but that your intrepid blogger was able to turn up. This smacks of a set up.

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