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I’ve been told by several that David Stafford Reade is trying to make sure the CAGOP Platform comes through the committees largely as is.

To that end, he recruited legislative staffers and political consultants to run against Conservative Activists in several areas of the state. As I’ve learned repeatedly, control is an illusion and Reade’s drill that included recruiting known liberal Republicans for his team about backfired on him.

I had committed to Charles Moran that I was going to support the Chartering of the Log Cabins, I ultimately gave away a proxy because I could not get to peace with making that vote myself. In the back of mind always were thoughts about how that group may work to change the traditional values of the GOP. I was told that the Log Cabin Republicans rank and file members were over-represented in the Platform Creation Process and made a full scale attempt to re-write the values portions of the platform.

By a 43-46 Vote a Preamble to the platform was rejected. This was the first sign of trouble, as the one-page document was basically the CRA or CIR’s principles in a one pager.

(Note – Roxeanne Beckford Hoge’s preamble was adopted. It was different than the one above that failed)

It was relayed to me that Reade was texting like a madman during the meeting and apparently was coordinating with Betsy Mahan and Deborah Wilder amongst others.

An Amendment to add in Parental Notification only passed 50-39. At that, the amendment was watered down significantly from its’ original form. Were those 39 the same ones that wanted to gut pro family and the pro life plank? Or were they conditioned to vote no on everything at the behest of Reade who ran the original drill to try and control the composition of the committee?

90 of the 150 Platform Committee Members were present. Note that most of the votes do not add up to 90. (See my rant about conflict avoidance and cowardice in GOP leadership)

An Amendment stating the GOP opposes Racism and Xenophobia passed 65-22. Does this mean the GOP supported those things before? Or, was this a swipe at the President? Or was this just stupid pandering? You don’t need to tell anyone you oppose Racism and Xenophobia unless you live your life like a defeated idiot worried about what people think of you – otherwise said attacks are idiotic and stupid when juxtaposed with the character of 99.99% of society.

Another amendment sought to use the word sex rather than Gender. That amendment failed 25-59. Remember, the progressives started using the word Gender instead of Sex about 10 years ago as a preparatory move towards the latest chaos inflicting social change. (aka your anatomy does not mean anything anymore)

An amendment that was purportedly from the Log Cabin Republicans seeking to redefine what comprises a family failed 42-44. David Stafford Reade came that close to a disaster with this micro group of insiders that do not represent a real cross-section of the party almost stepped on a land mine.

I want to thank Susan Van Der Schaff from San Joaquin County for speaking eloquently and forcefully related to the issue. Given how close the vote was, I am sure her passion made an impact.

Lastly, as expected David Reade had pre prepared his controlled entities to rebuff any attempts to oppose the crowning achievement of the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure – an amendment opposing Proposition 14 failed 32-51.

Addendum from a comment:

Please update on the position that was rejected to oppose mandatory vaccinations and restrictions on travel and commerce if not within Unconstitutional Orwellian compliance.

The Platform Committee voted against the 5th and 14th Amendments.

This is the sort of disaster you get when the delegates are selected for loyalty and control rather than party service.

There is another possibility, Reade and Jessica Patterson did not care about the disposition of the Gay Marriage and Family Values debate. I lean against that one because Reade has been overheard saying he does not want Jessica Patterson’s legacy to be defined by major leftward changes in the party platform.

That said, Kevin Faulconer was a keynote speaker at the CAGOP Convention. He is a known Trump-Hater, is Pro-Choice, Pro-Gay Marriage, a Gun-Grabber and likes open borders. He comes from the same lineage as Nathan Fletcher and Brian Maienschein. I am old enough to remember when Fletcher was billed as the future of the GOP, when I met him the one and only time I was taken aback by his ego and pomposity. I never Met Maienschein, but once insiders started talking him up, about 15 minutes of research revealed how far left of the GOP he was before he followed Fletcher out the door.

Only in the minds of the squishes and country clubbers can candidates use the GOP to promote themselves, bleed out campaign money, lecture people on how wrong they are and then when they bolt the GOP to serve themselves – people who never participated in their election or campaign get blamed for the defections.

When I see Faulconer, I see more of the same squish factory that produces the unprincipled.

Apparently, I am not alone in my opinion of Faulconer.

He’s just not very good at getting the job done.

If this week wasn’t his worst yet, it’s only surpassed by the weeks his initial inaction and the bungling of his administration contributed to 20 deaths and 406 hospitalizations during the 2017 hepatitis A crisis. It’s hard to believe Faulconer was considered gubernatorial material 18 months ago.


Wednesday, a signature-gathering campaign spearheaded on his behalf by labor, business and civic leaders fell embarrassingly short of the signatures it needed to put Faulconer’s No. 1 priority — the convention center expansion — on the November ballot, despite a campaign that cost more than $1 million and an effort that backers called “Herculean.” As the mayor who called the convention center measure “the most important decision before voters in November” and who vowed to “work tirelessly with the coalition to get it passed,” Faulconer merits some but not all of the blame for this failure. But he should have managed the project better and — all together now — seen this coming.


It appears that the convention is fairly lightly attended (about half what was there in March) – but the results are basically the same. Promote (fill in the name here) liberal Republican for statewide office, rah rah stuff and a committed group of insiders lerching the party leftward.

P.S. CAGOP Vice Chair Peter Kuo (and senior adviser to Congressman Ro-Kanna D-Bejing)  has been spotted with someone who is carrying his Violin for him.

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  3 Responses to “CAGOP Update: Liberals Nearly Succeed in Gutting the CAGOP Platform, and CAGOP Promotes a Trump Hater as the Future (while Trump’s Campaign Manager is also present)”

  1. Please update on the position that was rejected to oppose mandatory vaccinations and restrictions on travel and commerce if not within Unconstitutional Orwellian compliance.

    The Platform Committee voted against the 5th and 14th Amendments.

  2. I do not intend to engage in an ongoing debate here, but since you mentioned my name, I feel compelled to set the record straight. I am a volunteer, and no one controls what I choose to support. There was no communication between David Reade, Chairwoman Wilder, and me during the Platform Committee meeting. You have it so mixed up as to who was supporting which amendment because you are speculating to try and advance a false narrative. I am proud to have helped pass a platform that called for a parent’s right to opt out of age-inappropriate, sexually explicit curriculum for young children, as well as calling for the repeal of AB 109, Props 47 and 57, and the preservation of the bail bonds industry. There were many other amendments as well that made the platform relevant for the 2020 election year and a helpful tool for candidates. I encourage you to read them. Betsy Mahan

  3. There was communication and coordination before and during the drafting. That is irrefutable. It is also irrefutable there were strategy phone calls and Mr. Reade was present and texting incessantly.

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