Sep 122019

Bob who? He who skips board of supervisors meetings to go to campaign events – that’s who…

It appears that the RNC / NRCC Leadership and their counterparts in the socialist party know who the front runner is in CA-10. (Hint, it is not the race-baiting trump hater whose campaign is staffed with trump-haters, nor is it the above pictured San Joaquin County resident)

Josh Harder confirmed what we all knew:

Leroy — Josh has several opponents running against him in 2020 in our “toss-up” district, but one stands out from the rest. There’s a reason we call Ted Howze the “#1 GOP opponent in the country.” Just in the last few weeks, he has:
  • Been named to the National Republican Party’s “Young Guns” list of target districts for 2020, ensuring he’ll receive the support of Republican mega donors.
  • Aligned himself with President Trump when he said millions of Californians are voting illegally in every election.
  • Attacked Josh’s support of Medicare for All on Twitter
We have to take this seriously. Ted Howze has already loaned his campaign $600,000 and has the most money to spend of any Republican challenger.
We certainly don’t have six-figure checks sitting around if we fall short of fundraising goals, and Josh won’t ever take a dime of corporate PAC money.
So we’re asking you, our biggest grassroots supporters: Can you help us by rushing a contribution of $5, $10 or whatever you can today so we can hit our end-of-month August fundraising goal?
At the moment, we’re still $(some random number) short of where we should be by midnight on the 31st.
Thanks for all of your help.
— Team Harder

Sorry Bob – you probably skipped that Board of Supervisors meeting for nothing. Sorry Madam Trump-Hater, fly away.

It’s time for Ted in CA-10.

P.S. IF you were at the CAGOP Convention and saw Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale speak, you’d have heard him promote Ted Howze for CA-10.

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