Sep 302019

There is a reason why OC Tax designated the California Legislative Irish Caucus for its’ Radish Award. It appears that the Irish Caucus was set up as a way for Bill Brough to subsidize his lifestyle. In today’s installment of the “tour-de-brough”, let’s have a look at the behested contributions being used for the “Irish Caucus”.

It must be nice to collect more than most people’s annual income from donors blind to your behavior (or who don’t care because you’re the incumbent) and go on two week junkets in 5-Star Hotels. I wonder what the Civil Justice Association of California thinks about their donations right now? Microsoft or Chevron?

Chevron, A name that appears regularly on the Right On Daily Blog. They consistently pour money in to the establishment. (Which is probably a reason why they get away with selling their gas for $.50 a gallon more than everyone else)

Altria and AirBnB check in to the 2017 report funding the Irish Junkets.

There is nothing illegal at all about this. However, take a look at this and realize the kind of lifestyle many in public office can have at the expense of donors and taxpayers. It makes perfect sense for why these people begin to believe they are above the law and entitled to behave like slimebags. It also explains why these people have to be dragged out of office (literally sometimes in a bodybag), as they’ve never had it so good.

In the case of Bill Brough, he has no job to return to once he exits office. It appears his companies were shells and that he has no marketable job skills. I’d imagine any background check done by a perspective employer on Brough would reveal a rash of issues.

This, ladies and gentlemen as the anatomy of a Radish Award from OC Tax

To be continued…

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  2 Responses to “AD-73 Update: Bill Brough’s Gigantic Slush Fund (The Irish Crockus)”

  1. Talk about a scam to obtain free travel to Europe on the tax payers dime, this is beyond insane. As a result of our so called business relationship with the Emerald Isle, California has generated 40,000 jobs for Irish companies, but in return, Ireland has only generated 10,000 jobs for California, talk about a disparity in business capital. But from a technical aspect, any jobs created in Belfast are actually jobs for the U.K. market and not the Irish Republic, so how many jobs are really going to Ireland? Additionally, this brings up another point, what is Bill Brough’s experiences in business, and Bill Brough lists his degree from the University of Connecticut, but does not state what his major is. So how can Bill Brough have California’s best interests in mind when he himself is lacking in this area of expertise. I say “throw the bun out of office.” And for all these companies that continue to give him money is beyond embarrassing.

  2. What’s really embarrassing is that Bill Brough may only have SSI to look forward to when he loses his seat. And Assembly members do not get a retirement. But at 53, he has a long way to go before getting anything. Let’s hope his wife continues to work as an attorney, or else they will be standing in the cheese line (again). Can you picture Bill and Stephanie standing by the mailbox at the first of each month waiting for “Uncle Sam’s“ check to arrive.

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