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On my Facebook Page, I have been treated to a disturbing display of moral bankruptcy by myopic NIMBY’s from San Clemente mostly. They are so fixated on stopping the toll road that is going to be built in Southern Orange County that they are attacking the female victims and willingly looking the other way regarding Brough’s fiscal maladies.

Perhaps Bill Brough’s email should have been disclaimed with a Paid for by “Harvey Englander and the City of San Clemente”… it appears that Harvey has been helping Brough write legislation and talking points.

In a previous post, I detailed how Republican “Leadership” have been keeping Jessica Patterson (the CAGOP Chair) and the party at bay. The Assembly and Senate Caucus are full of staff and members who still resent that the little people rose up and led to Chad Mayes’ ouster as leader over the Cap and Trade debacle. Also, there are a ton of staffers that are go along to get along types that want to avoid conflict and enjoy drinks with their democrat colleagues at night.

To Marie Waldron, Shannon Grove, Pat Bates, Harvey Englander and the City of San Clemente the game is save Bill Brough. The Foreclosure does not matter. The Bourbon Barrel does not Matter. The Cigar Humidor does not matter. The $1800 dinner for 4 does not matter. The $2500 plane ticket for a family outing to a RedSox Game does not matter. Brough’s drunken exploits do not matter. (Waldron is the Assembly leader on the R side and Shannon Grove is the Senate Leader on the R side)

The only thing that matters to San Clemente is that bill that would “audit” the Toll Road Authority. Well, it turns out that Bill Brough lied about that too (or perhaps the San Clemente residents are lying too) – the bill would abolish the Toll Road Authority.

I do hope Assembly Permanent Minority Leader Marie Waldron is proud of the leadership vote she has been protecting. I also hope State Senator Pat Bates is proud of her protege too. Perhaps they can call Harvey Englander for some donations and a call or two to some other morally bankrupt dem donors while they are at it.

The Media Celebrated the WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP of the CAGOP. Now, it turns out that two of the women have been running interference for a legislator that has been a bully and a bastard to several women – including an email today where he “Outed” two of his victims in likely violation of state law. What a joke these women leaders are being made in to. That’s right – Marie Waldron and Shannon Grove (and/or their staff) have both been alleged by several insiders to have been holding CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson back from publicly engaging related to William “Bill” Brough’s serial sexual harassment of women. (amongst other things) It is also possible, though no one I have talked to has said as such, that Fred Whitaker the OCGOP Chair may have also been getting pressure from Republican “Leadership” to lay off of Bill Brough as well.

If this is true, Jessica Patterson should be hopping mad and Fred Whitaker should call Pat Bates, Marie Waldron and Shannon Grove out. These women should be ashamed of themselves for putting their egos ahead of the needs of other women – especially since it is likely that all three of them have been mistreated themselves at some point in their professional lives!!! (I’ve yet to meet any professional woman that has not been harassed or physically contacted in an inappropriate manner at some point in their career)

Now the hero of San Clemente William “Bill” Brough can add bullying female harassment victims to his list of maladies.

In 2017, I called Jennifer Beall (then a staffer of Bill Brough) as I had been told about the Lisa Bartlett incident in 2011 and that there was a resulting complaint about it to Assembly Rules. Beall then spoke to Bill Brough about it and he denied the existence of a complaint. A reporter has also asked Assembly Rules for Public Records and was told there were none. We have since learned that was a lie – a complaint did exist from 2015 and Bill Brough knew about it. I did the right thing by contacting the subject of the misconduct’s staff to get comment and as such, I did not write anything about the Lisa Bartlett incident in Early 2018 because I had no proof.

The Assembly Rules complaint in 2015 was not filed by Lisa Bartlett as it turns out, it was filed by someone else!!! (who Bill Brough later outed in his screed sent out today)

Bill Brough sent out a rambling email to the Orange County GOP and likely several others attempting to defend himself. He used carefully selected statistics (Which I believe were provided and parsed by Harvey Englander) and partial statistics to trash the toll road for about 600 words and then a bunch of bashing female victims while claiming victimhood that included the following:


Regarding her 2011 allegation against me – Lisa Bartlett did not tell the truth. Bartlett repeatedly told the media she filed a complaint with the city. In fact, no complaint by Bartlett was ever filed with Dana Point, and her story has been ever-evolving.

Of the other unfounded and false allegations made against me, HXXXXX BXXX was found without merit, Maria Elena Banks told two people – an elected official and another individual – that “she was asked to do it by someone in return for a job,” the final person, JXXXXXXX (Wrong Last Name), I met once in 2015.

During the 2018 primary, Bartlett’s former campaign manager Jeff Corless (he also consulted for Ed Sachs in his 2018 campaign against me) tried to push the same story with a local blogger, Aaron Park. My campaign manager discovered this and the blogger decided to not write about the story then, but is now launching daily, personal attacks against me – all that are false.


(Please note: Jeff Corless / Venture Strategic was never Ed Sachs Assembly Campaign Consultant and are not now.)

Bill Brough just mentioned two female victims of his behavior by name despite their requests for confidentiality. As I have written previously, Women who make harassment complaints risk losing their jobs. This is also illegal and could very well expose Brough to serious civil liability for bullying and retaliating against people that made valid complaints related to his behavior. Perhaps Bill Brough’s Wife (who is an attorney) will defend him against the lawsuits – since it appears their talking points have been “Why don’t they sue me”?

It is also clear in what I believe to be an act of drunken bravado that Bill Brough believed he could bully the two women whose names I X’ed out in the snippet of his email.

It is also clear that Brough’s reputed substance abuse is taking a toll on his judgement. If you read Bill Brough’s email in its’ entirety and you are a would-be donor, you are likely going to look elsewhere for a beneficiary.

I will say it again, if political leaders do not stand up and defend women, who will? This blogger will defend all of Bill Brough’s victims and will stay on this developing train wreck as long as it takes for the Republican “Leadership” to take out the trash. 

Below is a sick, sad Irony from Bill Brough’s Facebook page – sponsoring an event for Women with Senator Pat Bates. Women’s Safety and Self-Defense. Imagine that.

P.S. The OCGOP Central Committee Meets on Monday 8-19-2019. I am sure Bill Brough will be a top topic of discussion.

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  One Response to “AD-73 Update: I do hope Marie Waldron, Pat Bates, Harvey Englander and San Clemente are Proud of Themselves! Bill Brough Attempts to Bully Female Victims by Shaming Them in a Blast Email”

  1. Marie Waldron is what I would call a huge disappointment yet she’s beloved by everyone. You say one word questioning anything about her and your attacked by every conservative.

    She epitomizes why we continually lose in this state. She’s my representative, endorsed center-left Jessica Patterson, endorses Patterson’s Trailblazers and has done nothing to grow the party. By grow the party, she hasn’t even tried to grow it. Sadly she’s an impotent politician in helping us in California by choice.

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