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Sometimes the silence of the leadership of the GOP is a good thing. It is not good as it relates to AD73, CA-50 or the impending shredding of the CAGOP Platform. However, on the flip side was a media hit piece featuring Mike Murphy written by the usually fair Joe Garofoli of the SF Chron. This smear job on Trump supporters was beneath Garofoli, but, however is par for the course for the nearly psychotic coven of liberal Republican Consultants that were rendered useless by the Trump Train.

They attempted to ensnare CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson and she did not oblige.

It has to suck to be Mike Murphy. Meg Whitman spent $150MM under your watch and got hammered. But, hey you took home a couple million for your trouble, right? The $110 million spent by the Right to Rise PAC on behalf of Jeb Bush? Ouch, 4 delegates.

My experience with Mike Murphy has largely been negative. He is known to disdain conservatives – including his open hostility to his former client John McCain because he picked Sarah Palin as his running mate.

Since 2010’s colossal failure, the most noteworthy parts of Mike Murphy’s life have been attacking Republicans and being a talking head for the leftist media. People like Mike Murphy, Tony Quinn, Steve Schmidt, Mike Madrid and others willingly allow themselves to be used by people that want to destroy America because their egos crave the relevance they get from selling out to the enemy.

The SF Chron article was replete with regurgitated lies from Mike Murphy – but what else would you expect from a man who advised Governor Arnold to attack GOP LG Candidate Tom McClintock on the eve of the election when McClintock was up 3-5 points in polling? (McClintock lost by 4 in 2006) It is the opinion of this blogger and has been for the last 13 years that Murphy could not allow a known Conservative to win statewide in California lest the liberal Republican narrative get shattered about how you have to be a social liberal to be viable. Secondly, it is a not so well kept secret that Mr. Murphy allegedly had a win bonus based on percentage victory and he is alleged to have scorched the earth on more Republicans than just McClintock to get Arnold over 60% (which was allegedly worth tens of thousands more dollars in bonuses to Mr. Murphy). Murphy’s betrayals of Conservatives were talked about for several years after the 2006 elections.

It should also be noted that Luis Buhler and David Stafford Reade – both leading the effort to shred the current CAGOP Platform, worked with Mike Murphy on the Meg Whitman for Governor Campaign in 2010.

I believe that Mike Murphy attempted to leverage his past relationship with Jessica Patterson (particularly on the Whitman Campaign) in an attempt to box her in to get her to join in the chorus against President Trump.

Murphy, who worked with Patterson on Whitman’s losing 2010 gubernatorial campaign, remains a fan of hers. He said that despite her silence, “I’m sure she gets it.” But he doesn’t expect her to go public.

“If she started doing the right things — buck Trump, buck the hard dogma on immigration — she’d be fired,” Murphy said. “There’s not really a lot she can do here besides raise money and try to elect as few lunatics as possible to the safe districts that are left in California, then wait for the national brand to improve.

Note to Mr. Murphy – Jessica Patterson was elected Chair of the CAGOP with an outright majority over two funded opponents. Your claim she could get fired is an outright lie.

Right here you get to see that Mike Murphy is stuck in the 1990’s. He believes that defending Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley – all three confirmed jew-hating, white-hating racists was warranted. He is in good company as David Duke was singing Ilhan Omar’s praises too. Perhaps Mr. Murphy believes the black Americans at President Trump’s rally were “blackground”?

Quoting Mike Murphy, Mike Madrid, Tony Quinn, Steve Schmidt or their ilk about the GOP is like asking sex offenders about the age of consent or having an alcoholic taste-test beers. Outlets like the SF Chron can fulfill their inner desire to get a “republican” that will give them the sound-byte they want and the “republican” who whores themselves out to the enemy can get a soothing ointment for their personal butthurt.

Mike Murphy, like his ilk think Trump supporters are the “Dregs of Society”, (see also Joe Biden), “Committed Racists” (see also buttgeig) or people he wants to punch. (see also Cory Booker) You never see Murphy criticize these people because he has hitched his wagon to his torched ego from the humiliation of the 2016 campaign.

The SF Chron performed a journalistic abortion labeling Trump’s “Go Back Where You Came From” tweet as racist. People like Murphy and the SF Chron are stuck in a feedback loop. See the 81 Times the Media outright lied about President Trump here. Many of these lies are still cited as fact by people like Murphy and his buddies in the media. I suppose Mike Murphy would have been a Vietnam war protester had he been old enough in the 1960’s as people used to say “Love it or Leave it” as a retort to the war wimps then. People like Murphy and the SF Chron assail that as racist today – like damn near everything else.

“The problem of the California Republican Party has is that it is not in the California business, it is in the Republican business,” said Murphy, who is the co-host of the (a podcast) with David Axelrod, who was a top strategist for former President Barack Obama.

“The only politics they play in is Republican politics. And in that world, it’s the cult of Trump,” Murphy said. “Now, the Trump cult is a little overrated. But in politics, perception is reality. And so they all retreat into cowardly silence.”

So Mike Murphy called Jessica Patterson a coward and called President Trump’s supporters a cult. I guess my conclusions have a lot of merit. People like Murphy despise rank and file Republican voters for not following the script. As Murphy is intransigently stuck in the 1990’s how about some of his buddies in the media that ran polls for a reality check?

Gallup says Immigration is now the Number One Issue for the first time ever. Well, Mike – there goes that attack line. Speaking of your buddies in the media here is a colossal lie (#52 on the list of 81) for you Mr. Murphy:

52. June 21, 2018

Time magazine and others used a photo of a crying Honduran child to illustrate a supposed Trump administration policy separating illegal immigrant parents and children. The child’s father later reported that agents had never separated her from her mother; the mother had taken her to the US without his knowledge and separated herself from her other children, whom she left behind.
Mike Murphy has a lot of friends in the national media – so it also serves his ego and need to be relevant to continue to attack the GOP, including Jessica Patterson someone he used to consider a friend. I guess she became expendable.
Some people may remember when I used to type “Cult of Trump”. Unlike Mike Murphy – I chose to RESPECT the WILL of the GOP Electorate and I threw in with Trump when Dr. Ben Carson (newsflash Murphy, he’s black) endorsed Trump.
Just in case there was still lingering doubt about how out of touch and drunk on their psychosis Mike Murphy, Mike Madrid, Steve Schmidt, Tony Quinn and others are – take a look at this poll from the leftist NPR(!) Marist Poll:
On health care for illegals, 62 percent say it’s a bad idea, including 47 percent of moderate Democrats and 67 percent of independents. That’s a kryptonite issue. Sixty-seven percent are opposed to the Democratic plan to decriminalize illegal border crossings, with 47 percent of Democrats, 68 percent of Independents, and 63 percent of minatory voters opposing the left-wing push for open borders. Oh, and 37 percent of progressive Democrats, the Alexandria-Ocasio-Cortez wing, also agree; decriminalizing border crossings is a trash idea.
Once again, Mike Murphy is as clueless as he was when he wasted over $250 Million on behalf of Meg Whitman and Jeb Bush on their way to a trainwreck.
But hey, I am sure (fill in the name of media here) will love quoting him!
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