Jun 262019

CAGOP Vice Chair Peter Kuo lied. I’ve made it clear I think he is a con man, here is the latest. In his campaign he claimed to have been a regional chair for the Trump for President Campaign in 2016.

Embedded in this blog is the actual list as posted a couple weeks ago by someone else on facebook. As I’ve been working on other issues, I just now took a look at this and noticed that the violin-wielding Kuo is NOT on this list.

It makes me wonder what else Kuo has lied about.

P.S. Bitcoin has been labeled the #1 most likely source of fraud worldwide. Click here to see the most common Bitcoin Scams.

Stay Tuned.


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  4 Responses to “Right on Daily Public Service Announcement: If You Claim to Have Helped Elect President Trump, You’d Better Be Able to Prove It”

  1. If I had just a nickel for every California Republican Activist I’ve met who single-handidly elected Donald Trump…I’d be wealthier than the Sultan of Brunai…

  2. I’ve been involved in a lot of efforts, but none have been as rewarding as working to get 45 elected. I’m even more flattered I was listed in that letter above. Every one of those folks (well most of them at least) worked their asses off. I’ll leave it at that, but once again, Mr. Park’s post is prescient and spot-on as usual.

  3. And that is despite the fact that with some of the candidates that we don’t mutually agree on, particularly those on a local level, that we can agree to disagree and still stay friends and act civil.

  4. You are absolutely 100% correct about Peter Poser. Keep digging. GOD Speed.

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