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With the detonation of AD73 Assemblymember Bill Brough, at least two more alleged victims have come forward to your intrepid blogger regarding their stories. This brings us to a total of three women that your intrepid blogger is aware of. I have yet to meet the person that filed the claim with the assembly rule committee that appears to have been stuffed.

Two Women I know well will be talking to me shortly on condition of confidentiality because of the well known culture of retaliation against whistleblowers.

That said, at least two more people aside from the victims have confirmed seeing Brough publicly intoxicated and more than once acting rather “loose”. It appears that Brough has an alcohol problem.

Now, we are developing a pattern suggesting there are more women with equally as disturbing stories as it relates to the conduct of Bill Brough.


SD23 the Mike Morrell Seat. As reported by Steve Frank weeks ago, Lloyd White was told to his face by a Senate Leader (perhaps Mrs. Grove herself) that he was the wrong demographic to run for SD23. This is a Beaumont Councilmember that actually was not indicted or investigated while a dozen people around him we to prison for various felonies.

Lloyd White sounds like the prototypical law and order clean candidate. But, he’s white don’t you know.

SD05 – we’ve written about the train wreck known as Jesus Andrade. It appears he has easy to find financial issues, he may well have civil and criminal issues as well in his jacket. It appears that the lure of having a regional president of the Hispanic Chamber as a candidate caused campaign operatives to forget vetting while bullying Bob Elliot out of the race. Elliot is a white male. Bob Elliot actually had something like $250K raised for senate until Shannon Grove twisted him out.

SD15 – that mess appears to have a REP-Turned DTS – Now Returned Rep as the choice of the establishment. The candidate is a trump-hater, so former Assemblymen Catherine Baker should have a kindred spirit to assist out there.

CA45 – Retired Colonel Greg Raths is a Councilmen and Mayor in Mission Viejo. Well, he is not the chosen one. Someone with far less life experience, a resume as thin as a soda cracker, but she appears to have met the very short list of desired qualities. Mr. Raths, similar to Bob Elliott and Lloyd White were all told they do not fit the demographic. This is a PC way of saying Whitey go home. It is alleged that Shannon Grove told Mr. White this herself and Elliott is on public record stating his conversation with Grove.

Before the Orange County GOP endorse more losers, they probably should investigate their vaunted Rainbow Coalition of candidates for simple things like fraud, lawsuits, business failures, driving records, employment history, former relationships, divorces, bankruptcies, delinquencies, past blog posts, social media, etc.

New Way California: Today, 6/19/2020 – Two Republican Assemblymembers, James Gallagher and Chad Mayes refused to vote as SB27 passed out of their committee. This is the Tax Return bill to keep President Trump off the California Ballot. Remember, the consultant class (those that David Carney has not purged yet) think Trump is an albatross. Could they have influenced Gallagher and Mayes to string the GOP base out to dry?

Look at the websites of the preferred candidates of the CAGOP Establishment, they will downplay or not even have the party affiliation on them. The issues page will have no mention of Abortion, This is the #NEWWAYCA campaigning. It really takes little logical energy to extend the $250K rigged focus group disaster in to group think strategy to lose the next round of target elections.

AS you readers know, Steve Frank and I are not the best of pals. I will give him full credit for never playing his own race card in his race for Chair. He’d have been the first Jewish Chair of the CRP had he made it. What are we reminded of constantly with our current chair?

What am I reminded of as a 48 year old 22 year veteran of party politics? – I can’t run for office anymore because I am a white male. (BTW – don’t you dare think I am going to run for office, ever)

Is this the #NEWWAYCA? Or is this evidence of a different kind of bankruptcy within the ranks of CAGOP leadership?

In summary:

AD73 Candidate Bill Brough’s skeletons are coming out

Republican Assemblymembers are acquiescing and not voting on legislation aimed at depressing Republican turnout (by forcing Trump off the ballot). Is it because GOP leadership in California want to see trump off the ballot here?

White Males told all over the state to stay home.

The Trainwreck Continues…

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  2 Responses to “CAGOP Update: White Males Need Not Apply – Identity Politics on Acid While AD73 Continues to Erupt And is the GOP Helping Keep Trump off the March Ballot?”

  1. Nagasaki….Nagasaki…


    This article is spot on.

    Have we become the “Me To” PC party?

    White Men Need Not Apply?

    I say, not this candidate!

    Never Give In Never Give Up.

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