May 222019

Funny isn’t it, that a young man who once touted his work for the California Attorney General’s office as a centerpiece of his campaign folded like a cheap lawnchair when voters were reminded it was Kamala Harris. The shrill cry, “Brian Dahle is lying, I never met Kamala Harris”

Interesting how PG&E is the boogeyman even though there is no evidence they gave a dime to any expenditures on behalf of Brian Dahle.

There is more evidence that Young Mr. Kiley is a roughneck Ivy League Cattle Baron though…

Mr. Kiley’s campaign sent out a mailer tying Dahle to an unrelated contribution by PG&E from a couple years ago. Then because the original source moved some money around it had to be Brian Dahle that did it? See how that works?

It is an outright lie as any money given to anyone by PG&E would have been well before it was known that Kiley or Dahle were running for SD01. Another simple check shows PG&E has donated nothing in 2019.

I guess Kiley’s next move is to imply that the Russians are funding Dahle’s real ranch.

Kiley sent out a mailer attacking President Trump, Brian Dahle and former CAGOP Chair Jim Brulte. This is called scorching the earth. It is consistent with stories I am being told about the way Kiley is treating people he disagrees with.

Kiley’s behavior in this campaign is also causing me to reconsider his and his brother’s role in retaliating against me at Bridgeway Church. I had previously believed they may have had nothing to do with running my wife and I out of there because of the 2016 Assembly campaign. (Brian Kiley is an assistant pastor there) I am not so sure now given that Kiley is accumulating an enemies list.

Any doubt I ever had that helping the campaign of Bill Halldin against Kiley for Assembly was the right move has been erased by Kiley’s behavior being on full display in this campaign.

I have attacked Kiley in the past for being a fraud conservative – refusing to answer simple questions about simple issues. He was also an out-of-the-closet John Kasich supporter. Based on this move, I’d say it is a safe bet he supports William Weld, Justin Amash or John Kasich for President in 2020.

It is also clear that Kiley is deep in debt and has had to go back to the well of liberal democrat donors from the Bay Area.

It has been my experience that haymakers like this come from campaigns that are “On Tilt”, have polling data showing it slipping away, etc.

I can’t speak to Young Mr. Kiley’s position in polling – what I can speak to however is that attacking President Trump in a heavily Republican District is idiotic. (Perhaps this was the price of getting some money from his liberal democrat benefactors again?)

Side Two of the Mailer is here for your perusal. And, remember Kiley is winning, just ask him he will tell you (while avoiding specific answers to specific questions about issues…)



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