May 272019

During the CAGOP Chairman’s Race, I wrote extensively about the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure. They are a group of operatives and consultants that have been wielding the levers of fading power in the California Republican Party.

Several things are going on right now – the platform fight, the fight amongst consultants for the shrinking pie of election races, leadership drama within the shrinking GOP Caucuses and of course welcoming David Carney to California.

According to your intrepid blogger’s research, David Carney worked for George H W Bush and later Governor John Sununu of New Hampshire. Carney is a heavyweight in National Republican Politics. He is also from New Hampshire. Some think he is a tool of the Bush dynasty, smart people realize that he is a hard core Donald Trump supporter and believer.

According to whistleblowers and confidential informants – there are several reasons for Carney’s sudden emergence in the California GOP Scene.

  1. President Trump is well aware that a lot of so-called Republican Insiders are blaming him for the 2018 election results and have had group-think as it relates to trying to publicly distancing themselves from him in campaigns and Party Communications
  2. President Trump does not want to lose California by 4 Million Votes Again.
  3. The National people had told the 7 remaining members of Congress they were on their own. It appears that part of Carney’s Job is to help defend the remaining 7 members from the siege that awaits them
  4. Discipline within both shrinking caucuses of the CAGOP is gone and it is basically everyone for themselves. Teamwork is basically gone. Somehow, Carney has to figure out how to get the term limit babies to be team players again. Recently, Chad Mayes and Jordan Cunningham – rumored to have been mulling bolting the GOP voted multiple times for Tax Increases. Both are public opponents of President Trump.
  5. National is aware that most of the Volunteer Groups in the CAGOP and the Central Committees have been overrun with consultants and paid staff. They are going to have to create their own structure out of the decimated shards left behind by a generation of people seeking control at the expense of effectiveness.
  6. The Oligarchy of Controlled Failure is being put on notice by the national people that they are aware of who the players are and what the failures are. This is why we are seeing new, out of state consultants (albeit, not top national firms) showing up on press-releases for also-ran candidates in several Southern California Congressional Races. Second and Third Tier candidates are finding themselves on the prospect list for every remaining consulting firm in California…
  7. As the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure was dividing up the pie, telling Republican Candidates for Office to hire XXX to run your campaign (or the Caucus / Third House won’t support you), the National people got wind of this as well.
  8. The Oligarchy of Controlled Failure was poised to gut and amend the CAGOP Platform in accordance with their long held bias against socially conservative values.

Based on conversations with confidential informants with national ties, David Carney has been sent in to California to clean house. The National political team for President Trump realized that the people he had on payroll in 2016 were incompetent (see also Tim Clark) and did not perform. Team Trump is aware and upset by the fact that people like Chad Mayes, Kristen Olsen and others have successfully sold insiders on the notion that Trump is the biggest problem the CAGOP has. Team Trump is also aware and upset by the mega bucks spent by these same people on creating a false narrative about shredding the CAGOP Platform.

Carney is supposed to make sure people that have failed are fired. He is supposed to make sure that Consultants stop getting rewarded for Failure. The platform fight very well could end with a whimper as the National people are not going to tolerate fratricide that was being set up by several political insiders. Carney also has a near impossible task of trying to attain cohesion within the ranks of Republican electeds in California.

According to other confidential informants – most of the major Consulting Firms in California are not happy and are rather nervous about what Mr. Carney has in store for California in 2020. Kevin McCarthy is reputed to be livid at this development as his reign as king of the CAGOP turned out to be short-lived with the insertion of Team Trump in to the equation.

One of the ongoing issues with the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure has been the California Republican Leadership Fund. Bottom line – it uses a string of Central Committees as a sidestep for the normal procedures for funding races. Apparently, more the one of the committees tasked with receiving and distributing money did not have any votes of its’ membership to authorize said actions. Similar to the large fines handed out several years ago for similar actions, it appears that once again the FPPC has been alerted to a variety of issues, commingling, earmarking, among others. The CRLF is how they attempted to exert control over who the preferred candidates for office were + enforcing discipline and making sure that the right consultants got the preferred contracts.

Look at the list of people involved in the CRLF – it is a who’s who of the oligarchy of controlled failure.

Using CA-10 as an example – Charles Dossett who I lit up multiple times as the preferred candidate re-registered Republican right before getting appointed as a CAGOP Delegate. Dossett made the rounds but failed to convince people he had what it took. He is gone. At the same time, a supervisor in the area named Bob Elliott was running for Senate District 5. Elliott got muscled out in favor of Jesus Andrade, because that is who “leadership” wanted in the race. There was no accounting for Elliott’s superior resume or ability to fund-raise. Elliott now finds himself in a crowded field for CA-10. Marla Livengood, (whose consultant is the same as Mr. Andrade’s) appears to be the choice of the Oligarchy as well despite evidence suggesting otherwise. I do not have a horse in SD05 nor CA-10 but have been watching the machinations with interest as the insider activity is following the same patterns I have seen for years. Mr. Carney has to be aware of this and similar activity by the old guard of the CAGOP Oligarchy in other parts of the state.

I don’t envy David Carney’s job. He has to deal with people like Chad Mayes and Kristen Olsen who are on a suicide mission to prove themselves right. He has to deal with consultants jockeying for paychecks scorching the earth in their wake. He has to deal with a shattered party infrastructure – because that is how the consultants wanted it. He has to terminate people. He has to tell people no. He is going to have to create and execute a plan with several people resisting him, rooting for him to fail.

Given what I have learned about David Carney and how people are reacting to him, I am going to sit here and roast some political marshmallows while cheering him on to success. The rest of you who supported Travis Allen or Steve Frank, who wanted to serve on a county central committee, wanted to be a CAGOP Delegate, or wanted to participate in a grassroots club but were told no thanks should also be cheering Carney on as he crushes the grip of the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure. The people that ran good people they could not control out of the CAGOP, are themselves in the cross-hairs of accountability.

Oh and the Platform? The insiders have changed their tune in the last month… now they are all talking about keeping it the same. Yup. David Carney. Donald Trump. Burn it down guys, it needs it badly.

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  6 Responses to “CAGOP Oligarchy of Controlled Failure Update: Trump Brings in David Carney, FPPC Complaint Filed, Caucus Discipline Gone”

  1. Very interesting, sounds like a novel from George Orswell, so where is this new and long due “Savior” is working from right now, Sacto, L.A, or Rio Hondo. As a first and long time supporter of President Trump I welcome the intervention, and give the kick to the neverTrump, pro taxes couple Mayes&Olsen.
    Keep the research and accurate information going….

  2. Great information, Aaron. I wish David Carney all the best. I will support him all the way. CA definitely needs to take control of the Oligarchy that has run the CA GOP and the Central Committees for far too long! As a HUGE supporter of President Trump, I wish David Carney great success! He has a tough ride ahead of him! Keep us informed of what we can do to help and what successes he is gaining ground on in CA. Thank you for your information.

  3. As usual Aaron, you make political news great again, and fun to read. We can see a strong national Trump strategy developing including the other big news this morning that the president says Roy Moore must go.
    Early in the last race it was clear to me that Trump was conducting a brilliant campaign. All of the worries we plebes have like social media killing those of us on the right, and the kids coming out for Bernie we can see now that professionals are running the race and that Trump intends to win the popular vote too.
    May the heavens assist us in making it so.

  4. Former candidate for the Republican party in SD05, Samuel Anderson, can do much better than Jesus Andrade ever can if you want to win the Senate seat. He should also be considered to run for Congress against McNerny. He got 17% of the vote all on his own and earned it without funds. He’s doing something right. Back this person up and you’ll have a fighter. He was a supporter of Trump from the very start when all the never-Trumpers were for Cruz. He’s better educated than Jesus and can handle the pressure while he hits back. Start backing fighters for Americans and not suck-up wimps to the party of failure.

  5. Wow – hopeful article – my husband and I are both delegates and are part of the conservative movement in CA for 10 years – my husband was elected for the newly forming Platform committee but we were told only 2 strong conservatives made it on the ‘drafting committee’! This is a battle! We are also part of the Judeo/Christian Caucus and state and national prayer calls. Statistically 75% of Christians don’t vote! Strategy to take back CA is to get a ‘Salt and Light ministry’ and voter registration in every church – SUPER EASY

  6. It’s really sad what has become of the CA GOP. I tried working with the Los Angeles GOP and basically they said they had no money to support anyone running locally. I hope a serious purge and renewal happens soon. The CA GOP cannot attract qualified candidates if it offers no support at the local level.

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