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Cole Harris, until about March of 2018, he was the mystery candidate. I had been called by a couple of people months before with cryptic messages about some rich dude from LA County that was going to spend big bucks on a campaign for Lt Governor. I did not know his name until February.

All I knew about Cole Harris is that he was rich, had a Chinese Wife and two kids. Even after I was being paid by his campaign, I had limited biographical info on him.

I was hired for one purpose – to get Cole Harris qualified for a CAGOP Endorsement and then to deliver said endorsement. It was odd from the beginning, it is rare when a campaign hires me and then asks me specifically not to blog. Andy Pugno is the only other candidate I had that arrangement with.

The strange nature of the campaign did not stop there. It took sometimes 4 requests to get items I needed. Mr. Harris did not make his campaign official until way late in the game so to speak, so a tremendous amount of time and energy was spent trying to get out of the starting gate.

I personally remember two events: I was working for both John Cox and Cole Harris on their CAGOP Endorsement drills. I had a health episode for a couple days due to the stress and chaos.

Under all of that was the drama related to getting paid. This included an incident between myself and the campaign I will keep out of this post. I was paid about 4-6 weeks late and paid in four partial payments spaced about 5 days apart. If memory serves me correctly, I was paid about $13K by Harris. He does not owe me anything, but it was extremely difficult to get paid what I did get.

I had no frame of reference for this sort of stuff – as rich guys are eccentric, especially those self-funding their campaigns. John Cox was interesting, but was quite normal compared to the Cole Harris effort. Cox’ paid his bills on time after a slow start. He was also demonstrative in communicating with his people, Harris never called or emailed myself or most others he paid.

I met Cole Harris for the one and only time at the CAGOP Convention. I had a positive reaction to him. I was not taken aback by his “Gangsta” or “Ghetto” talk as I have several white friends from Suisun City / Vallejo / Fairfield that all talk like that. I was not taken aback by his odd shoes or getup. In fact, his unpolished behavior I saw as a plus. I figured he was some dude that struck it rich with a bunch of investments.

I did not know what Chris Faulkner and the others that worked for him were going through. Ironically, I met Chris Faulkner for the first time at the CAGOP Convention in May of 2018 as well. (Speaking of my writing about how many political insiders I’ve never met despite 20+ years in the business)

I knew so little about Cole Harris even by the time the May Convention happened. I knew what I was told to say about him and was given his stances on issues and the limited Bio.

It turns out there was a reason for all of this.

The first sign there was an issue is that I was let go right after the convention despite being in charge of a successful drill. I was at least able to get the guys I had making calls to gather signatures and proxies paid at the convention. I also got what was to be my last check at the convention. It is not common for an operative to be terminated after succeeding in a mission. It is not common for people to be paid a month late – especially since the guys I had helping with the signature drills were owed a paltry $600-$1200 a piece. Why weren’t they paid in a timely manner?

The second sign there was an issue was that Cole Harris’ TV ads went dark about a week after the convention. His wife was blamed as the culprit. I had known that his wife, and two other people had to sign off on all the money being spent. This was the reason I was told that payments were always handled in an odd and dysfunctional manner.

Now, a year later, I find out Mr. Harris may not be married and the money is all in China. I looked at Cole Harris’ campaign filings and almost all of the donations are from Chinese Americans. It appears that his whole circle were/are Chinese.

The third sign there was an issue is when Cole Harris’ Social Media suddenly exploded with photos of him wasted, partying and lighting him up for $1 Million Plus in unpaid bills. (Again, I got paid what I was owed) The social media posts have since been covered up, but articles about them remain.

4 time loser David Fennel who also sued everyone in the CAGOP years ago after one of his losing LG bids made a video about Cole Harris that is still up. Mr. Fennel has yet to accept professional help for his campaigns. As a result, his devastating video about Cole Harris that was before its’ time has only 4,759 views as of the writing of this blog. His attack website against Cole Harris was not easy to find.

Fennel asked about the Chinese money in the video from June 4 of 2018. Fennel also sent out emails to party insiders detailing Harris’ arrest record and harassment allegations. Fennel also used his anti-Harris website to attack staff of the California Republican Party by name linking to background info on them. It is clear that Fennel talked to several people in Cole Harris’ past…

Fennel also linked to a Chinese Video to underscore his points about Harris’ Chinese money issue. Harris is seen speaking in Chinese at a campaign event.

Fennel’s Site finishes with this haunting conclusion (remember, it was posted in May of 2018):

After putting up the initial video about Cole Harris, the David Fennell for California Lieutenant Governor campaign received multiple unsolicited inquiries and information from individuals who had been #MeToo victims of Republican Lt. Governor candidate Cole Harris. 

We would prefer to debate Cole on policy issues.  

However, we believe the emotional stories told by the #MeToo victims of Cole Harris and have found police & court reports filed by Los Angeles County District Attorney that confirm their stories. 

Oh mama.

Cole Harris is a predator & a fraud who has faked his background to receive endorsements from California Republican Party leaders such as Orange County Supervisor Michelle Park Steele, who we believe should resign due to her lack of judgement & vetting of Cole Harris.

Note Fennel’s language, he is vindictive and tries to destroy people that endorse against him even though he refuses to spend or raise money for his own campaign.

We encourage other victims or individuals who have been harmed by Cole Harris to send us information so we can forward the information to the proper authorities and contacts in the media. 

Due to the vast wealth of Cole Harris, which we are told is coming from his wife’s mainland Chinese father, and not from his own self made start-up, we understand some victims have expressed fear of retaliation by Cole Harris and his wealthy Chinese father-in-law from mainland China.

Again, written in May-June of 2018

Therefore we will keep information sent to us completely confidential.

In addition, a good investigative reporter should be able to uncover the truth. 

Because of my negative history with David Fennel, I ignored his attacks on Cole Harris. However, it appears that Fennel had some legitimate info on Harris.

Later, this year (2018) – Chris Faulkner lowered the boom on Cole Harris. He lit him up with a lawsuit that received mainstream press attention. The highlight of the lawsuit is the illegal foreign campaign contributions and money.

Check it out here. Katy Grimes did an excellent write-up.

I was reminded that my sudden exit from Harris’ Campaign was a blessing in disguise when I got to read the lawsuit filing.

“On or around May 14, 2018, Harris stated to Faulkner that the president of Better 4 You Foods, LLC (a business owned and/or controlled by Harris) would ‘come by [Harris’s] house with $200,000 in cash that [Harris] will deposit into the campaign account so we can get back up on TV,’ or words to similar effect,” according to the lawsuit. Faulkner was alarmed by this statement and asked for additional information regarding the source of the funds. “It’s my fucking company and I can take out money when I want,” Harris reportedly said to Faulkner, the lawsuit says.

This is pretty much all I needed to see in the lawsuit filing

I lambasted Peter Kuo over several dubious businesses he has in and related to China. He is now the elected vice chairman of the California Republican Party. I am seeing far too many parallels between his situation and that of Cole Harris. I want to be wrong about Mr. Kuo – but he needs to get his affairs in order and start being able to explain his business dealings beyond calling me a racist.

I do not want to have my blogs about Peter Kuo looked back on by people wondering why they ignored the warnings about Kuo similar to Fennel’s about Cole Harris in 2018. It is known that the Chinese are looking to influence American Politics. While Fennel has almost no traffic or network to use to get his message out, and despite what a jerk he has been in the past to people in the CAGOP (including attacking Cynthia Bryant personally for no reason), he did have good info on Cole Harris.

If you are still skeptical, look at the Cindy Yang situation, the national media are desperately trying to smear President Trump with it. Don’t think for a second that Cole Harris / Peter Kuo won’t be used against the CRP in a similar manner…

All I can say is at least I got paid…

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  1. Aaron–BEFORE the may, 2018 endorsement convention I wrote an exposure of Cole Harris. It was called “Cole Harris: The Manchurian Candidate”.

    For months he was refusing to talk to reporters, speak at GOP groups, just spent money. Still waiting for the indictments and more lawsuits–glad you got paid.

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