Jan 042019

We have already endorsed Travis Allen for CAGOP Chairman. 

Much along the same lines of logic behind supporting Travis Allen, Greg Gandrud and Peter Kuo represent a face-lift for the CAGOP. 

Peter Kuo is a full portfolio Conservative. He was a Candidate for State Senate, raising some $300k despite being in a 17% district. Kuo is a legal immigrant who waited 24 years to become an American Citizen. His story represents everything the Republican Party is about. 

BONUS! Kuo is a #RAIDERZ4LIFE member too!

There are other choices for Vice Chair – my friend and Retired Marine Colonel Charlie Schaupp, Corrin Rankin and at least one other rumored choice. I think Peter Kuo has the most potential and represents the biggest upside for the CAGOP – so my choice is Peter Kuo

My Choice for CAGOP Treasurer may surprise some people. I have never publicly endorsed a Gay Man for any office before. As an outspoken Evangelical Christian, I have strongly held beliefs. 

In the case of Greg Gandrud, I have a long time personal relationship and friendship with him. I’ve had a lot of discussions with him off-line. I know him to be solid on fiscal issues, solid on the Gun issue and he is also Pro-Life. This means then, that aside from his choice of spouse, he is a full-portfolio conservative.

Gandrud is a successful financial planner and accountant. He has also held office despite the area that he lives in being heavily democratic for years. It is clear that he has the skill-set to do the job as Treasurer for the CAGOP. In addition, he presents himself well and is articulate. 

I am unsure if the powers that be will recruit opponents for either of the above two. If they do, it only underscores the argument to support them both. Both are eminently qualified for the positions they are running for and both seem to be independent enough of the usual suspects to be trusted to lead at the state level.

Greg Gandrud was an early supporter of Donald Trump and #MAGA

  2 Responses to “Right On Daily Endorses Peter Kuo for CAGOP Vice Chair and Greg Gandrud for Treasurer”

  1. Greg Gandrud is very well regarded by SB Republicans/Conservatives.

    Travis Allen is a fine man, but Steve Frank is actually a better fit for the Chair position right now,

  2. Agree with all your picks! Steve Frank has been visual up and down the state and has been able to engage in the same faces, but Peter, Greg, and even Corrin represent the new energy that Travis Allen also brings to the party! It is time to resurrect the Republican brand in CA!

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