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You are probably asking yourself How did Travis Allen out-raise David Hadley? Beyond the obvious quip of Travis Allen being in Four Elections to Hadley’s Two, remember that Hadley was a major target race versus Allen’s Seat then thought to be “Safe”. Thus, you would expect money to pour in to Hadley.

The problem is when you remove money RAISED FOR HADLEY, by the CAGOP or others and focus on what Hadley raised himself… the true story emerges. It undermines the primary argument Hadley’s nascent chairman campaign is making.

Travis Allen and his plan for the CAGOP

For 20 years of being in CAGOP politics, the refrain has been the same. (Insert the name of Moderate here) is the best choice because (Insert the name of Moderate here) can raise money. Well, guess what? So can Travis Allen.

If you remove In-Kind and Party led contributions from David Hadley’s numbers – it Yields $2,693,069.91 raised. That number even includes Hadley’s 2 week long Governor Campaign which netted $191,607.19. Travis Allen’s Governor Campaign alone netted $1,715,678 when you remove the $72K head start from his leftover assembly money, and some in kind contributions. (I am simply looking at the reports and do not know what the in-kind contributions were specifically, just what if-any dollar value reported was)

In 2012, Travis raised a net $453K, in 2014, just short of $400K and $390K net in 2016. Add in $452K for Repealing the Gas Tax and $183K in to his Take Back CA PAC – you arrive at $3,596,126 – $900,000 more than David Hadley!

David Hadley can not claim to be a superior fundraiser to Travis Allen, at best he can only claim parity. This means then that the tie-breaker by any measure is the adherence to basic Republican Principles and ability to lead and inspire.

Some of you are wondering how I arrived at $-2MM for Steve Frank. I left out his failed Assembly Run from 1996 because that was more than 10 years ago. I focused instead on former CAGOP Chairman Tom Del Becarro who Steve Frank got elected as his top adviser and campaign manager. Once Del Becarro was in his role as CAGOP Chairman, Mr. Frank was either unwilling or unable to move the ball as the Del Becarro’s Chairmanship ended up failing spectacularly. Del Becarro left office, handing then incoming CAGOP Chairman Jim Brulte with $2MM in debt to have to cover. 

Mr. Hadley, once the numbers are properly analyzed is going to have to focus on issues and organization. Neither of these are his strong suits and as this CAGOP Chairman race gets fully vetted, time and time again all of the fundamentals will point to Travis Allen. 

P.S. Fundraising numbers are all public record, you can cross-check my data. 

To be continued… 

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  2 Responses to “David Hadley VS Travis Allen VS Stephen Frank By The $$$ 2.7MM VS 3.6MM VS -2MM”

  1. The Chair of the CRP is not a candidate raising funds for himself….The Chair is the leader of the party. Aaron your ramblings are just another attempt to put and ‘Arnie’ type in charge of the CRP!

  2. Can’t wait for the two be continued part, Aaron.

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