Nov 062018

Bill Halldin is staked to a sizable first-place lead in Rocklin. His wife Susan Halldin is also in first place for Rocklin School Board. Republican Derek Counter is in Second in Rocklin.

Krista Bernasconi is way out ahead in Roseville, along with Pauline Rocucci.

The results are such that I am in doubt about Bruce Houdesheldt being appointed. It looks like Jessica Morse’ turnout drill against Tom McClintock brought voters out for David Larson who finished 3rd. Stephanie Dement and Bruce Houdesheldt are not separated by very many votes at all.

Measure B will pass almost 2-1.

Lincoln City Council yields another interesting result – 3 time candidate Dan Cross finishes a distant 3rd behind Alyssi Silhi and Holly Woods Andrieatta.

With the result of Ted Gaines’ latest election basically known, Assemblyman Kevin Kiley is jumping to his next office and will be announcing his run for State Senate.

The Citizens of Roseville have given John Allard, Susan Rohan, Scott Alvord and the other two a mandate. Let’s hope they spend the money from Measure B wisely and deal with the contract negotiations well.

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