Oct 172018

Sniff complains about unions spending big against him, but fails to acknowledge his history of taking union money.

He’s against employees contributing to campaigns, unless it’s to him.

Over the years, Sniff has happily accepted nearly $200,000 in union contributions.

Specifically, Sniff has taken over $140,000 from the Riverside Sheriffs’ Association.  Snif has also boasted in past campaigns that the RSA (his employees) have endorsed and supported him.

See for yourself the $30,000 check Sniff took. (He is on Camera lying, stating he only took $20K total from the RSA. He got $30K in one check)

See for yourself the report that states Sniff’s $94K Haul from the RSA in a single election.

Now, he complains about union money being spent against him.

Here are the total contributions Sniff has taken from unions.

Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers                        $200

Riverside Firefighters Legislative Action Group                   $250

Palm Springs Police Officers Association                            $500

Plumbers & Pipefitters Union                                      $1,000

CA Correctional Peace Officers Assn                         $1,000

Service Employees Intl Union                                     $2,500

Riverside Police Officers Association                         $4,400

Southwest Regional Carpenters Union                      $11,000

Laborers Intl Union North America                             $31,500

Riverside Sheriffs’ Association                                    $140,650


TOTAL                                                                         $193,000

When the Sheriff is a proven liar, who are the honest people in Law Enforcement? That’s right, the 90% of the rank and file that want Chad Bianco and are pouring their money, time and talent in to him.

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  15 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update (As Not Seen in the Desert Sun and the Press Enterprise) About that UNION Money…”

  1. Let’s see…previous years RSA union contribution to Sniffles – $140,650. Bianco in 2018…RSA union support @ a whopping $339,647.40. Can you say..W I N N I N G.

  2. Aaron, you gotta check out the latest Sniff bafoonery


  3. Gawwwd… Bafoon doesn’t begin to describe this moron’s stunt video. Narcissistic much?

  4. It’s obvious the Sherifff’s executive staff is not looking out for the Department’s interests, let alone Stan’s own reputation. Becuse if they were, they would have told Sniffy-Sniff,”Don’t do it.” Granted you can’t reason with a megalomaniac, but the second floor command staff knew this was a bad idea, but still allowed him to do it. So who is more guilty, the person being an idiot, or his compatriots that knows it’s an idiotic idea, but still allows this to occur. DoYorio knows better, Vest knows better, “Peckerhead” Wood knows better, even J.J. knows better, but they took no action to protect the Department, which is their responsibility as executive staff members. They should all be standing in the cheese line for this. If a Deputy had done this, they would have walked him out and burned him to the ground.

  5. The prank video is about Sniff taking a helicopter to the WOW event -/ wonder of women gala in Rancho Mirage.For Op Safehouse. Anti Human Trafficking (HT) collaborative. That video was the same year and month I critized Sniffs collaberative for being too political and ineffective. Right after that it turned out the collabertive members unknowingly approved child placements with a human trafficker named David Yoder. People including the Mayor f Indio wanted change but Sniff opposed it. I did a lot of work with prosecutors and LE personnel in order to present a plan to modernize the HT collaborative. Obviously this is all a big joke to Sniff. As shown by hos spoof helicopter ride to the Anti Human trafficking gala in Rancho Mirage.


  6. Regarding Aaron’s post about Stan Sniff not only accepting, but also soliciting Police Union endorsements and monetary contributions, it’s common knowledge that he tried like hell to get RSA’s endorsement and monetary support. To hear him try and turn it into something negative just because it wasn’t for him is so typical of Stan Sniff. He’s a liar and a master of deception and everything an elected sheriff should NOT be.

    Regarding his mentally retarded video he made using tens of thousands of taxpayers’ dollars to try and make himself look like something he is not is just another example of how reckless he is when it comes to spending public funds. He has done other stupid videos like this in the past and not one of his stupid marionettes has had the balls to stop him. Not his Undersheriff who lays claim to being responsible for the day to day operations (if this is true then DiYorio is a worthless piece of shit), Not Lyndon “The Executioner” Wood, not Jughead Vest, not Ford, Horton, Cleary, none of them. None of them have the balls to grab the old man by the arm and tell him no!

    Every one of them who had knowledge of this is as equally culpable for not slapping Stanley in the back of the head and preventing him from doing it. All of you need to be sent packing. Corruption runs wild under Sniff’s regime and he has already castrated his underlings.

  7. Look behind him in that video. Every photo is of him. Who in their right mind fills their office with photos of themself? Only a megalomaniac would.

  8. Hey Bobby D, check out the pictures on the floor behind Eggplant. I think Sniffles is packing his shit already!!

  9. Just another observation, why is our American flag shoved on a messy shelf? Look at the frames all over his office, and only pictures of himself. Who does that? What a tool.

  10. Notice the Elect Sniff sticker , partial view, near the clock

  11. Once again, this is proof positive that Stan Sniff is a LIAR. We can not allow LIARS to hold an office of public trust.

    Sniff smells bad for Riverside County, it’s time to DRAIN THE SAMP

  12. My god, can someone tell satin (Sniff) to clean up his office. Place looks like poop. Unorganized, messy, shit stuffed where it doesn’t belong , just like his time being a Sheriff a total disaster. Well when you have no family and the only “friends” you have are the people that donate to your campaign to help their own cause , might as well place pictures of yourself everywhere. PS. Sniff is a liar.

  13. Did the Board of Supervisors hold Sniff and the second floor accountable for this waste of taxpayer money, if not, they can go down with him. Morons. They too should be interviewed by the feds for the waste and abuse of public funds.

  14. You know the K9s wanted to send their dogs after him and the helicopter crew wanted to push him out… I have not met one department employee that wasn’t a high ranking butt kisser that wanted Stan as Sheriff. Chad for change. The lives of our LEO’s depend on it.

  15. Western cop: That’s right.! Only pictures of himself. No pictures of his wife or dogs. Well, we all know he has no kids must of thought having kids is nonsense.

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