Oct 182018

1. March 13, 2017 – Karen signed letter supporting SB 1 on behalf of the Corona City Council. This is the very tax she claims to oppose now. Did her connection to Donald Dix get her a free pass to participate in this event? Did the Riverside GOP know about this?

2. Southern CA Association of Governments (SCAG) RTP/SCS – Karen Spiegel voted for final report on April 7, 2016.

These sources include adjustments to existing state and federal gas tax rates. Value capture strategies, potential national freight program funds, tolls for specific facilities and private equity participation. Pg. 131

Revenue Source – State and Federal Gas Excise Tax Adjustment to Maintain Historical Purchasing Power

Description – Additional $.10 per gallon gasoline tax imposed at the state and federal levels starting in 2020 to 2024 to maintain purchasing power.

(She is supporting an additional Federal Gas Tax increase in addition to the one at the state level)

Revenue Source: Mileage Based user Fee (or equivalent fuel tax adjustment)

Description – Mileage-based user fees would be implemented to replace gas taxes – estimated at about $0.04 (in 2015 dollars) per mile starting in 2025 and indexed to maintain purchasing power.

Actions to ensure availability: (automatically increase)

3. Riverside County Transportation Commission Vote – January 26, 2018

Karen Spiegel left the room before a vote to oppose the Repeal the Gas Tax effort rather than standing up and taking a position.

4. Signed letter supporting Cap and Trade on behalf of Corona City Council.


5. Voted for $350 Ambulance fee

6. Voted for a 1% cable tv tax

7. Property Tax Bond Authorization

So what will Carl DiMaio do when he finds out the TRUTH about Karen Spiegel? Will she still be allowed to speak? Will someone have the guts to stand up to Donald Dix and his crew related to their financial interest in Spiegel? (I am sure Dix won’t shake my hand at any future events now, but at least he will have a legit excuse now)

Someone has to hold the Riverside GOP accountable for ignoring their own platform. Will you?

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  3 Responses to “Karen Spiegel is a Fraud! Look at all the Taxes She Endorsed and Voted For! Mileage Tax. Cable TV Tax. Indexed Gas Taxes. Ambulance Tax. Bond Taxes.”

  1. Gas Tax Karen would support a tax on the air we breath if it keeps her in office. Corona City employees protested the cuts to their take home pay, the police department has vacent positions she won’t authorize to fill, which puts the lives of city residents in jeopardy with less cops on the street, and the McKinley Street overpass would have caused harm to the businesses, and loss of revenue to the city, and she thinks she deserves a spot on the Board of Supervisors, you have to be kidding, she is a disastrous public official and does not need to hold office. And if Donald Dix thinks she deserves a seat on county government, I will vote independent because there is no way I would vote for such an inferior candidate as Karen Spiegel. She belongs at Green River trailer park, and maybe so does Doland Dix.

  2. So Donald Dix decided to imitate his hero, my boss, and pull a “Kurly.” What’s next, Mr. Dix congratulating fat Bodnar in how he is destroying morale in Moreno Valley. Mr. Dix can act like a Philistine as a private citizen, but he was acting in an official capacity as a representative of the Republican Party, and as such, he needs to explain himself because it appears he took a page out of the Hilary Clinton playbook, which is unacceptable behavior for a Republican. Maybe RSA should reconsider their support of Donald Dix because he may not have our best interest at heart. So what’s next Mr. Dix, a Kurly style meltdown on Jefferson Avenue at the next GOP meeting. Was Mr. Dix acting on behalf of Ali, because if Mr. Dix is a loyal friend of Ali Mazarei, he is no friend of RSA. Maybe Independent is the way to go until the Republican Party comes to its senses.

  3. I do not understand how they can support Karen after all the proof that she supported the tax increase then when caught she walked it back with a bunch of BS, the other taxes she has supported FACT CHECK IT.

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