Sep 152018

Hey, why not? One of Sniff’s donors totaling $7,000 is a convicted felon. Another dude with a felony in his past, tried to entrap Sniff’s opponent, still others are under investigation and a retired endorser of Sniff is sporting a prostitution bust. Even his NRA buddy is going to be on court again on his very own domestic violence restraining order! Team Sniff!!!

Alfredo Ortega is a convicted felon. He is a past owner (his daughter is on the documents now) of the restaurant, however he is still on the title to the building.

We profiled Alfredo Ortega in a previous post.

Alfredo Ortega according to inside sources with training and knowledge of the meaning of the code, was convicted of a felony DUI in 1997. In addition, he was picked up for Felony Drug Possession in 1997, but inexplicably that case was dropped.

Sniff has a convicted felon donor. He has an endorser sporting a prostitution conviction. Sniff has a string of people no law enforcement official would be proud of promoting, yet there they are.

Mr. Ortega for his part is also sporting THREE, domestic violence restraining orders in his past. In the sad, shrinking world of Stan Sniff, the bench is getting a little thin in the support network.

It is alleged, but I can’t see the proof that the dismissal of the felony drug possession may well be due to Ortega becoming an informant. As I lack the training to make that determination, I am relying on the opinions of insiders that have looked at this stuff.

The one felony conviction is undeniable.

The three domestic violence restraining orders are linked here.

DV Order 1

DV Order 2

DV Order 3

Great job Stanley!

P.S. The business license expired in 2017, too. Imagine that.

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  6 Responses to “Restraining Orders? Felonies? Yes, you too can host a Fundraiser for Stan Sniff!”

  1. Word in town is that Scratch n Sniff has caught many of them smuggling or trafficking drugs ( Oscar Sandoval Garcia ( aka: Oscar Garcia Sandoval ), Alfred Ortega, and others but for some unknown reason charges were NEVER filed. However, those thugs are allowed to CONTINUE doing their dirty deeds but with a shield protection of Stan Sniff, because they are under the classification of ” Working in partnership ,( aka : INFORMANTS) . If you look up Oscar Garcia Sandoval or Oscar Sandoval Garcia is case in the Riverside Superior Court is under security lock, however, before it was locked a print out of his entire case was secured. This vato was arrested along with other at Mariscos Mazatlan couple of years back for Cocaine Position ( lot’s of it between all of them ). The guy never served time. But was heard bragging around town ( Moreno Valley) that if he ever runs into trouble, all he has to do is call a ” specific deputy at the Riverside Sheriff ) and they will come and assist him.

    From what I have been told, Stan Sniff wants to be like the ex- Mexican Chief of Police by the name of , El Negro Durazo. Google : El Negro Durazo.

    Yup, that’s the world of Stan Sniff……

  2. There are similarities between Sniff and El Negro, they both collected “Taxes” (in the form of donations) from those individuals that exhibit documented criminal behavior, and gang affiliation, aka the Raahauge’s. Stan manipulates the political, and civil process, and destroys anyone that does not go along with his skewed way of thinking. And Stan’s behavior only benefits his own self-serving desires with no regard for the welfare of his fellow man. But a question for a higher power is, who is more guilty of these sins, he that sits at the head of that table (Stan) or those that willingly sit at his table (his second floor goons) that do his vile dirty work for him? Never in the history of,”Riverside Country” has there been such anarchy in the election for Sheriff as their has been in this race. This will be Stan’s, and his minions legacy for all time.

  3. And yet there are department members STILL holding on to their hope Sniffcompoop will win and remain Der Fürher of Riverside County.

    Do we need anymore proof this guy’s tenure as our sheriff has long run its course? The canoodling with known felons, thieves, sex offenders, and wife beaters, should be enough FOR ANY REASONABLE PERSON TO SAY, “I am supporting Bianco!!”

    But this department is not run by reasonable people and many of the rank and file drink from the poison well. SAD

    If this administration was doing right by the rank and file, the taxpayers, etc., there’d be no contest. Sniff wouldn’t be facing a run off this November. THAT fact should awaken those who, up to June 5th, were supporting Der Fürher.

    Let us make the changes necessary to move forward and VOTE FOR BIANCO THIS NOVEMBER.

  4. Why would a Stan Sniff have a fundraiser in a building owned by a convicted felon.?

    Why would Stan Sniff get his hair cuts at Sally’s Barber which business is owned by a convicted felon and the building of Sally’s Barber owned by Carmen Mariscal ( her brother arrested by the feds for possession of high-performance weapons without a permit) .?

    These are questions we need to ask in November 2018….. Vote for Chad Bianco …

  5. Shrimp Girl: You heard the saying, “Birds of a feather flock together.” This applies to Sniff being the dodo bird (add the other dodos who make up the 2nd Floor here) and them
    flying around with their beaks in each other’s butts oblivious to reality.

    Sniff associating with these people on the dark side and not getting penalized whilst deputies being terminated for the same associations is another example of (I’m full of sayings today) “Do as I say and not as I do” management style that has been the normal for over a decade.



  6. We can only hope the feds are building a case against Sniff and his supporters (this includes the second floor staff, and eggplant). Sniff ran on a platform of transparency, honesty and integrity, but history has shown is that Sniff and his executive staff are void of those qualities, and have ruled by threats, intimidation and retaliation, and deserve the consequences for their actions. They have promoted their friends and buffoons they can manipulate into their way of management, and ran the Department into the ground. So remember this when the feds come knocking on your door looking for an interview.

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