Aug 072018

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Sniff likes to claim that crime has been decreasing during his administration. However, a quick look at the numbers reveal yet another lie in hopes of convincing voters to to re-elect him.

The following numbers are for the unincorporated areas of Riverside County and were taken DOJ website. They are complete, not cherry-picked like Sniff’s fake numbers from February of 2018.

Overall violent crime has increased during the last four years.

Overall property crime has increased during the last four years.

Unlike the numbers that Sniff’s lackeys in the Riverside Press-Enterprise used in February, these numbers are infallible and complete.

The year 2014 was used as a baseline since it was the last year Sniff campaigned for reelection.

During that 2014 campaign, Sniff ran on a platform of lowering crime, increased cost savings and improved employee morale.

He can’t honestly run on any of these issues now, but he’s trying to. Take a look at the numbers and decide for yourself.

CRIME                  2014            2017        CHANGE
All Violent Crime    749             767         2.4% increase
All Property Crime 6718          7529        12% increase
All Crime              7467          8296        11.1% increase
Homicide                17               19          11.7% increase
Rape                        51              52              4% increase
Robbery                 144            167            16% increase
Aggravated assault 532           520             2% decrease
Burglary                 1972         1668        15.4% decrease
Motor Vehicle Theft 1041       1211        18.2% increase
Larceny/Theft         3705         4815        29.9% increase

Stan Sniff lied. He claimed a 10% reduction in crime that was regurgitated by the Riverside Pravda-Enterprise.

As we’ve learned, the truth is negotiable in the Sniff Regime.

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