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I’d like to thank the retired RSO employees that have been giving me information. It has been corroborated and is deadly accurate. Being able to rip the veil off of Corruption and unethical behavior within the Riverside Sheriff’s Office is a public service I appreciate you helping me do.

It appears that the Undersheriff William DiYorio has quite a few skeletons of his own beyond getting brought back from the great beyond to spike his pension with an Undersheriff Story. Undertaker Diyoyo as we call him clearly had the qualifications across the board to get that position. He is universally loathed, but recent information indicates that he has the personal corruption angle covered as well.

The undersheriff is the SECOND IN CHARGE of the Department! This should scare us all!

… when Diyorio was Captain at Moreno Valley he used to have deputies make repairs of damaged property at suspects residences or random residences when the accord forms were filled out addressed to the county for repairs.  Since he wanted to get promoted the forms never got to the County he would have a specific Deputy do the work.  One time it was fixing drywall at a residence that was damaged by the swat team during a search warrant.  Talking about putting people at arms way.  He would also have deputies assist his girlfriend with a variety of things she was assigned to do.  I believe she was in charge of the Hispanic Chamber of commerce in Moreno Valley. (SNIP)  She personally told a few people she was banging him.  D would also take his Harley Davidson, while working, to get worked on the City of Riverside several times…

No wonder why Undertaker Diyoyo is universally loathed!? Imagine executing a search warrant and then being forced to repair the same place days later? Note, DiYorio was married while having a Girlfriend, pretty much a prerequisite to be on Sniff’s Management team.

Then there is this – Correctional Sgt. Martin Tochtrop returns to RightonDaily after a hiatus as well…

Correctional Sgt. Tochtrop was an instructor at the Corrections Academy. While there, he started a relationship with a female recruit who later became his wife. He was removed from the Corrections academy and sent back to the jail. His recruit girlfriend was then assigned to that same jail and Tochtrop had to be moved to a other jail. Tochtrop was always attending special training classes throughout California and the country. He would take his girlfriend with him despite the fact she didn’t have vacation time saved up. This resulted in her being fired for falsifying her time cards. Tochtrop lied during her PERS but Diyorio refused to fire him. Diyorio did the same thing for several other people, letting them stay on despite lying in PERS, including Joe McNamara.

I spoke to someone that was on Homicide at the time, who saw the reports on Tochtrop. The homicide team was assigned to investigate Tochtrop for Fraud and Perjury. They had him dead to rights on the offenses. Add this to the list of reasons why Undertaker Diyoyo is universally loathed in the department.

Also note that Christopher Brandon Ford did most of the work on the Tochtrop investigation and people recall how upset he was that it was stuffed. Ford appears to have sold out completely, later becoming part of the Ratt Squad, apparently being involved in covering up the Cheating Scandal (along with Diyorio), having an affair of his own and now has residence on Floor Number 2. (When he is not attempting to intimidate Chad Bianco at campaign events)

Lt Mark Bostrom? He matters because he was a leader in the Internal Affairs Department and was a reputed Stan Sniff hatchet man for years before being sent to the Ben Clark Training Center because his tactics were getting the department sued. (Please note that I have edited the email sent to me by the informant in order to protect the identity of the informant)

Sgt. Bostrom at the time was a victim of a burglary.  They stole thousand of dollars in property from his residence.  The case was assigned to a burglary team.  They ended up solving the burglary. His wife told them what jewelry was stolen.  They went through pawn slips and noticed jewelry on a pawn slip that matched what his wife had told the team.  Sure enough they went to the pawn shop (Empire Jewelry and Loan) in Moreno Valley, and asked Bostrom to show up with his wife to see the jewelry.  The Bostroms confirmed it was theirs.  The owner paid out $2000 to the crook for the purchase of the jewelry obviously not knowing it was stolen.  The victim unfortunately has to pay the pawn shop back and then sue the suspect for restitution.  Well Bostrom did not pay back the owner.  We know this because the owner told the team.  It happened in 2006 or 2007.  He’s a P.O.S. (referring to Bostrom) All the jewelry was returned to the Bostrom’s and the owner of the pawns shop was out $2000 because Bostrom did not want to pay him because he was too cheap.  The team asked Bostrom several times to give the owner some money and Bostrom ignored the requests.

Mark Bostrom is norotious for saying “Investigate to Terminate” with regard to cases he used to pursue whilst doing the Sheriff’s bidding. Now we know Bostrom should have been Terminated for stealing $2000 from a Pawn Shop Owner.

When the Second in Command of the entire department is corrupt, is it any wonder that people farther down the food chain in the department feel empowered to be corrupt?

It needs to be cleaned up. Fire Stan Sniff, he hired William Diyorio and he should be held accountable for the corruption that has ensued under Diyorio’s watch (In addition to his own).

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  1. Tochtrop is a Brady issue, but someone on the second floor (DiYorio?) decided to protect him (why, we don’t know) and Drinkwater was fed to the sharks. And in the process Drinkwater sued the County, and made case law in the process that went against the Department (way to go second floor). And with the escape attempt, the story goes that when it came time for the inmate to be released, the inmate saw all the deputies in the lobby, and confessed he was the wrong inmate, but in true Tochtrop fashion he told the inmate,”You’re going out” and pushed the inmate out into the lobby. And yet Tochtrop and Delker are Lieutenant material. No wonder the Department is going down the drain. Tochtrop and Dekker were both complicit in the escape, in addition to Tochtrop laying hands on an inmate when no use of force was was necessary.

  2. Marty T was also involved in a knock down drag out fight with an Ad-Seg inmate named Tony Reynolds. Who was on the medical floor. For those in the know, you remember Reynolds. For those of you who don’t know, Reynolds was a sex offender who murdered a pregnant woman and her baby. And Ad-Seg, is Administrative Segregation. It is a classification for inmates who are a danger to self, others, or are high profile. Basically it’s for inmates with issues. This fight happened while Marty T was a sergeant at RPDC.

    It all started when Reynolds refused to give back a food tray. Marty went to the door and told Reynolds through the window in the door to give up the tray. Reynolds refused to listen to Marty and hung a sheet up to block the view. Marty got pissed and hatched a plan. He would open the door and snatch the sheet. Well, he opened the door and snatched the sheet. Now Reynolds is pissed. So, you have a pissing contest over a food tray and a sheet. Reynolds wanted his sheet back, and Marty wants the tray. So, they come to a compromise. They will exchange the items at the same time. Marty opens the door without backup or notifying Central Control or another Sergeant. Which is policy with Ad-Seg. The inmate should also be handcuffed behind the back. And another staff member present. Well, the exchange doesn’t goes as planned, or does it? Marty opens the door and the fight is on. Reynolds was known for having issues. So, Marty knew what was going to happen. The door opens and Marty and Reynolds go at it. Marty is hitting Reynolds and Reynolds is gouging Marty’s eye out. Marty took Reynolds to the ground and starts ground and pound on his face. Reynolds refused to stop gouging Marty’s eye. After several forearm strikes Reynolds let’s go. The fight last for a minute before it is broken up.

    Marty was not disciplined for his gladiator cage match with Reynolds. Despite the fact that he violated multiple policies of opening the door while he was alone, not cuffing Reynolds, and not notifying another staff member to be present when he opened the door.

    Another example of covering up poor decisions, policy violations, excessive force, assault under the color of authority, and cruel and unusual punishment The last two are felonies and civil rights violations. But nothing happened to Marty T, he even brags about what happened. That’s how I know what happened. He told me this story from his own mouth.

  3. Continuation to my last post:

    Oh and if you’re why Reynolds didn’t sue. Well, like I said he had mental health issues. He was found guilty and sentenced to death. He made his way to death row where he sped up the process by hanging himself.

  4. There is also a story going around that Marty was the subject of an I.A. for giving a stiff arm “Nazi type salute” while in the classification office at the Southwest Detention Center. Granted even if it was done in jest, it was in very poor taste (if the story is true). I just wonder how the J.D.L. would take to his behavior. Or that of the executive staff in not only protecting him, but promoting this individual that appears to continue to make poor decisions. Marty’s reputation among the sergeant’s is,”If you have an I.A. and you’re not sure how to proceed, ask Marty because he has either done the I.A., or has been the focus employee of the I.A.” But the person that protects him is Correctional A.S. Jerry Gutierrez. They are best buds. Marty is in the same category as Dekker, he may claim the title of Marine, but he forgot the values that go along with that title as he slithered his way to the top.

  5. Tochtrop did a lot of stupid things, yet the second floor still promoted this cretin to a position of management. Like the time the Captain of the SWDC jumped into then Correctional Lieutenant J.J. Gutierrez’ “business” for Tochtrop conducting random cell searches in Ad.Seg. at 0130 hours, in addition to activating ERT to assist in removing the Ad. Seg. inmate from the cell. L.A. County was sued for similar behavior, and the jail commander needed justification for the cell search at that time of the morning if the inmate was in his cell and there were no existent circumstances which required his response. But of course J.J. agreed with the Captain in his office, and then worked with his buddy to come up with some B.S. justification. J.J., you created this situation. Instead of holding Marty accountable, you allowed his behavior to deteriorate to the point where you allowed him to become a liability to the Department, and to your reputation. So remember this when Marty takes you down with him because you have no one to blame but yourself.

  6. Tochtrop is anything but a good leader, he is rude and disrespectful at times toward subordinates, and makes poor decisions, but the second floor goes to great lengths to shield the “good ol’ boys” in the organization. Like the time Tochtrop was at SCF and a female staff member made claims to running a 4-minute mile. Instead of Tochtrop letting this go like everyone else, he made Issue with it, and in front of everybody he said he was going to open the gates to the roadway adjacent to the housing units on graveyard and have the staff member run the quarter mile loop from P-1 down to transpo, past intake and down the housing units adjacent to the dog run to the Admin. Building four times. Now, what are the new deputies going to think, that this is acceptable behavior for a supervisor? For Tochtrop to make the statement that he was going to open all the gates to the facility just to prove her wrong, that is a neglect of duty, poor common sense, poor judgment, and failure to perform as a supervisor. But did management hold him accountable, of course not. And the second floor thought so highly of his “fine example of leadership” that they promoted Tochtrop to a management position.

  7. Bostrom has always been a man desiring compensation for his lack of external manhood. His ego and arrogance alone were responsible for the widening of the PSB doorways. His own wife left him after she couldn’t stand what a dick he was. Bostrom was notorious for making sure that any cases that got brought into PSB ended with termination. And when given the opportunity he brought his puppet, Jon “muffin-man” Bodnar, with him to aid in his compensation quest. Bostrom went so far as to tell deputies that were being investigated, that if they brought a specific RSA attorney to the table then he would put all hands on deck to ensure termination, but if they came in alone and played nice then he’d show leniency on them…which ultimately ended in their termination nonetheless. It’s abhorant to see the type of corruption and scandal that occurred on the 2nd floor. Deputies, who were amazing cops and refused to bow to Stan, had their careers cut short because of vendictive management. Brandon Ford himself opined in a specific deputies termination letter, that the deputies sexual desires were such that caused the deputy to be a poor, underperforming deputy and there was no room in the department for a deputy involved in on-duty affairs. Well isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black, except Ford lived on to see a grandeur promotion, but the deputies life was turned upside down. The interesting part of Fords opinion in the termination letter was that it was learned two weeks before termination, this deputy received an exceeds standard eval that John “Swinger Extraordinaire” Anderson approved and signed off on. All this to say, the corruption ran deep with Stan. His minions lost site of what really mattered and as soon as the butter bars were pinned on then all their past sins were forgotten about. Chad appears to be a breath of fresh air within the department and the new found energy at station briefings is something new for the department.

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